Breast Sweat Solution?

Breast Sweat Solution?

it’s go time what is this viral product that ladies are climbing their new breasts friend online what you’re looking at is called the Tata towel so apparently it’s a towel that helps combat under breast sweat so you sling it the we each got one go ahead swing it over your neck and it’s supposed to hold up your breasts preventing the under breast sweat would you ever do it though you know when I first saw this I thought it was ridiculous Travis I wear mine here [Applause] this is actually a really great idea because any of you who’ve ever nursed ever been pregnant you know everything comes down and then as a dermatologist when skin goes on skin we see this terrible intertrigo rashes where people look at heat rashes and yeast especially people who are older or diabetic patients who’ve had breast cancer and are getting radiation this is actually a pretty inexpensive very reasonable way to lift things up absorb so I actually give this a buzz because I think that this could actually be a pretty reasonable solution because remember if you have excessive sweating and it’s a tough area because it gets cotton that fold and it’s a woman it can be very uncomfortable and it’s not the breasts are more sweat glands so there are three sizes in this so depending upon your breast size other under boob sweat options so you could do Botox which would interrupt that signal that tells those sweat glands to release sweat you could do a higher concentration aluminum chloride which is available over-the-counter and prescription strength as antiperspirant but this is a pretty chemical free easy much less expensive solution and if you are someone who’s who’s really especially living somewhere where it gets really humid and hot in the summer I actually think this is a really ingenious way to go yeah an excellent you started cups I see they want to wear a bra that also has a wicking effect to help if sweating is a problem for your breasts you

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  1. I think women should be allowed to go topless like men. Their chest is bigger with more fst so it would get hot faster.

  2. Klima Health Solutions has great products to help battle chest/breast sweating. We have Bust Dust which is a great antiperspirants powder for breast sweat, or we have Hyperdri, which is an amazing aluminum free antiperspirant that is safe to use pretty much anywhere on your body!

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