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  1. this is the only WOD dance that Briar wore a skirt in. and girl she KILLED IT. it look so pretty when she spun 😍

  2. Shes a great dancer but i just wish she would make some dance routines more soft and romantic and not so much like an olympian.

  3. Don’t get me wrong but I personally don’t like that she does not really dance, she is just doing acrobatic elements that are all impressive and excellent but it lacks dancing

  4. Ryan Reynolds was better lol idk she moves to fast seems the speed and heart of the song isnt the same as her movement

  5. Where does all these talents go after not winning or being the first one? You need to look for ways of deviding the million dollars into at least the best 6 performers so that talents doesn't go waste…and people not to loose hope with what they can do

  6. To me Derek is the literal only judge who can have the credibility to score contemporary and basically majority of other genres minus hip hop

  7. Absolutely love this dance. I just lost my grandma and when i hear this song i feel her love. And i just dance harder❤❤❤

  8. I'm not the biggest fan of all the tricks, I think they are amazing, but I wish there was a bit more "dancing" in it for a song like this.

  9. She had me when she opened with a freaking double axel.😳
    There’s so many talented dancers on these shows but she she had me saying wow over and over again. Just like that girl in the front row at 1:10 😆

    Also can we talk about the aerial to her knee? How did she not just land in a heap?🤯

  10. I have a sincere and probably stupid question as someone who is not a dancer but has been watching these videos and is blown away by the talent….

    ….the moves where they land on the ground and then seamlessly transition to the next move…. doesn’t it hurt when you land? Like do you just have to take it in stride and keep going without letting it show at all or is part of the technique knowing how to land so it doesn’t hurt?

    I understand training and pushing your body to be flexible beyond nature but laws of physics like gravity just seem hard to work around.

  11. I absolutely love this dance so much passion and technique but I don’t like how most of the dance is just tricks like jumps turns and outher stuff and less dancing, movements the that are aren’t jumps turns flips. But then again that’s what really gives it a wow factor to the gp

  12. NE-YO ——–
    HIP HOP: 100, amazing, mind-blowing, absolutely crazy… BEST DANCE EVER

    CONTEMPORARY: that was pretty okay, I guess. Wasn't exactly World of dance quality, 87 seems like a pretty good score…

  13. Honesty, I have watched a lot of dance and this is one of the most beautiful pieces of dance that I have ever seen. Speechless…

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