BTS – 피 땀 눈물 Blood Sweat & Tears Comeback Stage Reaction [ENG SUB]

BTS – 피 땀 눈물 Blood Sweat & Tears Comeback Stage Reaction [ENG SUB]

Arul: We did BTS MV reaction earlier, now we are going to react to their comeback stage. Arul: Anyone’s excited? Arul: Let’s see how cool it could be. Arul: How cool it’d be? Nisa: How cool? Puji: As cool as we are. Puja: How Jimin looks so good here? Arul: His hair is silver! Puja: He’s handsome! Yasmin: Oh, my baby brother. Nisa: How can he look so handsome? Yasmin: Yes, right! He’s different. Puja: But they look like gentlemen, I swear. Puja: And Suga look so cute! Puja: Are they wearing batik? Nisa: Pekalongan’s batik, right? Puja: Did Jhope change his hair colour? Yasmin: It was brown before, I think. Nisa: Our tone is increasing. Yasmin: Oh my God, Kookie! Nisa: He’s so handsome! Puji: Let’s replay it!!! Puja: It’s crazy, Mnet’s cameraman knows what fangirls need. Puji: I think the cameraman is a girl. Yasmin: Because the shoot’s is on point, right? Puja: Shoot on the right moment. Yasmin: They know what we are craving for. Puja: Oh, I like Jimin’s hair. Yasmin: The colour and style is on point. Nisa: That choreo is so nice. Yasmin: I think their choreography is so nice. Yasmin: And sexy. Nisa: He’s so into his role. Yasmin: He’s so sexy. Yasmin: Why are they moving like they were in Hindi movie? Yasmin: They’re jumping many times. Yasmin: Jungkookie is so tall now. Puja: The song is nice. Arul: He’s not too weird in here. Arul: If he hides his eyebrows. Nisa: I swear their choreo is really nice.
Yasmin: Yes! Yasmin: And suddenly Jungkook is in the back. Nisa: Who is he again?
Yasmin: Jin! Nisa: Oh, right. I’m sorry. Yasmin: Oh what’s happening with them?
Puja: Oh God Jimin is so handsome! Nisa: Oh I swear they are so handsome. Puja: No wonder my friends been blabbering about them– Yasmin: Oh damn, Kookie’s expression! Yasmin: Kookie, maknae tastes like oppa. Puja: Damn, Bighit! (((SCREAMING INTENSIFIES)))
$%^&*(*&^%$#@ Puja: THE ENDING! Puja: Mnet’s cameraman is the best! Yasmin: They should give the cameraman an award at MAMA. Nisa: They are so handsome, I swear! Arul: Their comeback stage was so cool. Nisa: I really… Nisa: I really like the beginning part. Puja: Which part, Nis? Nisa: The cameraman was so clever. Arul: When the camera did a close up shoot, we can still feel their choreography. Arul: Other boyband, when the camera shoot them in close up, it’s like they’re not doing the choreography. Arul: Understand? Yasmin: You mean the choreo is–
Arul: I mean, their choreo is still visible, we can see the whole choreo through one member’s close up. Arul: Maybe because they’re keep dancing? The other group would be just singing without dancing. Yasmin: Maybe it’s because their expressions (during the close up shoot). Puja: Their choreo is like–a story, isn’t it? Puja: And their expressions were all on point. Yasmin: And they’re really sexy. Yasmin: In MAMA, please have your own stage and time. Arul: This one’s probably gonna be up for MAMA later this year. Yasmin: The most important thing is Kookie you look so handsome, baby. Arul: Their comeback stage is satisfying. No wonder they got six million views in less than 24 hours. Nisa: It was good, it was really good. Yasmin: Yes and the song is good. Puja: Damn, they hit 20 mil views in less than a week. Nisa: Wait for my BTS photo editing.

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  1. Astagaa gue kaget sumpah tiba" pada teriak, pas diteliti lagi ternyata teriaknya pas kamera lagi nyorot 'bagian bawah' BTS,. HAHAHA ngakak beut disitu

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