BTS – 피 땀 눈물 Blood Sweat & Tears MV Reaction [ENG SUB]

BTS – 피 땀 눈물 Blood Sweat & Tears MV Reaction [ENG SUB]

Yasmin: Puja, you stanning Suga now? Puja: Yes. Puja: I like the fierce type. Puja: Finally after we waited for a week. Yasmin: Oh, finally I can see Jungkookie. Yasmin: Who is that?
Nisa: I still can’t hear the song. Arul: See? His brows is so weird.
Puja: Why is V doesn’t look like V? Yasmin: It’s because his brows.
Arul: Yes. Puja: What’s with his brows?
Arul: He dyed it too. Puja: He looks nothing like human. Puja: Suga is so cute. Arul: Is he wearing batik? Puja: I swear he’s so handsome. Really handsome. Yasmin: He IS handsome.
Puji: A fly is flying around me. Puji: Oh, he’s Jin? Puja: Yasmin, this is us when we were visiting Sotheby’s art exhibition. Puji: Was it a sculpture exhibition? Yasmin: They’re using artsy theme here. Puja: My friend said there is “onde mande” part.
(Onde mande is one of Indonesian folk languages (Padangnese) phrase). Arul: I told you last night, Ja, Arul: it sounds like Padang’s song. Puji: Padang’s song?
Puja: Is it? Puji: His voice is funny. Arul: I think it’s a trend, doing that thing. Arul: Like he’s flying. Yasmin: Like Jinyoung. Arul: Like Blackpink. Puja: Suga is so cute. Puja: Oh I swear he’s so handsome! Arul: He looks like… someone–with that black hair. Puja: Rapmon is handsome doing that. Nisa: Oh just like you said, Min… Puja: Jhope always… Puja: He looks really different. Yasmin: He look Japanese, isn’t he? Yasmin: Jongkook, remember you’re still a kid. Puja: What’s he eating? Puji: Like Padangnese restaurant. Nisa: The setting’s like in Alice in the Wonderland. Puja: It’s kinda mystique something. Puja: It’s very artsy. Nisa: They are all handsome. Yasmin: See? V looks like a Japanese guy. Puja: It’s because his face is already look like manga character. Puja: And especially with those eyebrows. Yasmin: The video is nice, isn’t it? Arul: Oh, look at his nose! Puja: He’s basically not a human. Nisa: Is he eating ice? Puja: But Jimin look really good here, isn’t he? Arul: Is that it?
Nisa: Is it? Puji: No, it’s not. Nisa: The video is really good. Yasmin: Is he still singing?
Nisa: Increase the volume. Puja: Is this the end?
Yasmin: No it’s not. Yasmin: Jin hasn’t kiss the statue. Puja: Oh, my God, Suga. Yasmin: In this story, Jin probably has an issue. Puja: Yes. It’s like he’s the only one that sad.
Nisa: I swear the video is really good. Nisa: I swear the video is sooo good. Yasmin: They really theoretical.
Puja: Yes, they are. Puja: Bighit contains too much theories. Puja: I swear I don’t understand the music video. Puja: Oh, he has wings? Yasmin: The wing’s beautiful. Puja: Damn, the budget for this mv must be really expensive. Puja: Look at the size of the statue! Nisa: The video is really, really good. Nisa: I’m curious what will happen next. Yasmin: He kiss it.
Nisa: Really? Yasmin: The statue is luckier than us. Nisa: He’s probably imagining it. Puji: I don’t mind being a statue. Yasmin: Oh, he’s an angel. Puja: He’s really handsome. Puja: Damn! Nisa: He’s so handsome, I swear. Puja: Why is it bleeding after he kissed it? Puji: Because the song’s title is… Yasmin: I really want to go violent to Jungkookie. Puja: Jungkookie is a grown up now. Yasmin: Kookie is mature now. Puja: I still don’t understand it. Why did he kiss that thing and then it explodes? Why? Puja: And he’s bleeding… Nisa: It’s like a horror movie.
Arul: He’s cracking. Puji: No wonder they won. Arul: What’s winning? Puji: In the US?
Arul: Top chart? Puji: Is it not winning? Arul: Their music sounds a little different from usual kpop song. Puja: Yes, you said this one sound like Padangnese song. Arul: No, I mean, the music is not so kpop. Something like that. Puja: The vibe’s different. right? Puja: It’s good. Like it makes you think, but I don’t understand the meaning. Yasmin: Maybe because we haven’t read the album’s theories yet. Yasmin: They have plenty of theories before releasing this mv. Puja: Oh, right. Before this one, there are something released first. Yasmin: Yes, and in this album they have one solo track for each members. Yasmin: I think that idea is really brilliant. Puja: Suga, you really are as cold as ice. Puja: Suga oppa. Nisa: I like that part when Jin kissing the the statue. Yasmin: Are you planning to Photoshop that part? Nisa: Or that scene where Jin looking at the painting. I’ll replace the painting with our picture. Yasmin: The mv is already reach 20 million views in less than a week. Yasmin: And that the first kpop mv to break that record.
Puja: Damn!! Arul: It hit 6 million views in less than 24 hours. Puja: When will our video? Arul: Later when we could. Arul: Alright, we are going to… Arul: their comeback stage in our next video Arul: Wait for it.

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