[Music] the second time filling in the wrinkle water for this one highly highly highly highly highly highly highly requested video we saw a reaction to the sweat tears dance the actual music video I never like practice man I love them I love the requesting so sometimes you guys requested on videos that you shouldn’t request them on you guys go crazy but I love it anyway watch till the end we got a lot of time let’s go jump into a yoga dance practice oh I love this let’s get into weightless yeah that’s what it tears all right yeah yeah press that playboy what they they dirty in the pose slow home oh what a little body control so like which twist switch places click the past I like the level up and down Hitler oh that’s a little nutbrown like goofy old it in with your hands in July okay oh yeah slow down one time [Music] no bottom there my little body rule under knees though what’s up with that lie down see that slide out is super sweet because it opens up like a window to the person in a bed that looks epic and I like how they all do it for everybody doing a thing whoo oh that’s lies oh the girl love that all girls are dying right now I’m dead right now that’s quick that like quick to it that’s a little quick man I’m telling you that’s amazing for dancing nutbrown huh get it jump and how deep it will go from hotter like an ear explosion as to like just spread out these are levels and like just different for everything man this I like that kick out that they do like yeah that’s cool and it gets lower fast the whole time obvious how to use a shirt thumbs up yeah you almost fell down yeah that’s Doha everybody separated SEP for once but they’re going based off what he does hello and he separates as a big [Music] that’s been out Oh doing it like Spade with you those nights like a hand to a body rule on the ground is built to not that move right there that’s like what brings them back together I’ll grab the MJ right there yeah you can definitely tell that bgs implement huh wag I like that jump way flap this part right here I miss the dollar footwork cool right Hey – it doesn’t normally go outside wait are you looking what I don’t got it I like that fast man they dig ensures they’re they’re killing us well how they brought him down like that the plane what the level is always interesting to me I like the shapes of this on right now sliding it out I am right out oh man killing it oh hello this is my favorite utensil her there has been a couple man this is definitely older but there’s been a couple that have been really good I just like this for the smoothness of the body roll they’re doing like all types of body rolls and nut groves and look how they ended in a perfect d-formation bro yes man y’all just brought talent all around like the music the dancing man oh your ad was probably the highlight and then the whole know grabbing it when they jump into like a you know that I wasn’t the one that was number one right there I was like their highlight moments right within this year and yeah lets the know look like when they do it no look not grab like this boom – oh but it’s like a double twist yeah but they were playing with the speed the whole time and under using like this shirt to do that and they always bring it back to this that’s not really merge again but I thought it was pretty interesting or impressive the fact that they’re they’re close-knit like that and I will send they just they’re explode like in a matter of two seconds they’re like way out exploding yeah and I like the fact that when they explode one separates and it’s doing their thing by themselves but like the group is still kind of going along – what to do so why he does this it brings it back like the rest of the coop does that like moves witty so it’s like really die agree and the last thing to notice was the album obviously the sound with blood sweat and tears yeah the album was called wings no and remember there was a time when there was like a and they did all that to the wind but anyways we’re rambling guys we could talk about this holiday that was definitely causing that yo this was great definitely going to get to some more BTS dance practices that’s part of the announcement we’re gonna do some more BTS stuff but we’re gonna get some more reactions like hit the stage yeah more hit the stage hit the stage is dope because they’re just killing it everytime Optimo yeah oh yeah check out the 50,000 subscriber yeah you still unbelievable still don’t believe it we’re already past I mean we’re reaching like what 56 56 already so like just you guys you better keep us updated on what else you guys want us to watch because we love it especially more dance practice stuff because you know I always though the dancer loved that and I appreciate again all the support that you guys been showing me on my soundcloud on Instagram and everything like that and on the channel salvia family until next time yo yo no no not again about you [Music]

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  2. "Ohhh that slide! The girls like that!"
    "The girls are dying right now"

    Tbh, I'm already dead!😌💓

  3. you guys wish you could dance like this i can see you trying to follow along with the dancing. and omg if you could see how a bts fan watches this video.. youwould be surprised. we FLIP OUT

  4. start of reaction 0:51 your welcome and I love your reaction this is also my favorite song and dance because it has a dark meaning and also a sharp and beautiful choreography

  5. 저도 바지춤 잡을때가 섹쉬하고 좋더라구요 으흐흐 ㅠ😂말하신 2군데 포인트 안무 정말 인상깊죠 ㅎㅎㅎ

  6. If you think they've really been influenced dance-wise by MJ then you should see their Black and White stage performance for BTS Festa 2018!!

  7. Lol why I get the feelings that this is another copy of BTS from EXO's EVE dance, geez! I think EXO should sue BTS with many copied things…lol

  8. 저는 안무 영상을 볼 때 그냥 보는 편이라 “대단하다.”라는 느낌밖에 없는데, 춤을 추는 사람들이 리뷰하는 안무 영상을 보면 “아, 이 부분이 대단하구나. 이게 어려운 부분이구나. 이런 표현을 하는 것이구나.” 이런것을 알 수 있어서 좋네요!

  9. This video is old 😨 I’ve only watched today and felt the need to comment on the first reaction video that I’ve seen the person react to what they should be reacting to, paying attention is a sign of respect, even when unintended, for that I really take my hat to you guys, great job.

  10. 여러분 방탄이라서 할수 있는 겁니다. 우리가 하면…..난리나죠
    하다가 어디하나 다칠수도….

  11. This is one of my favourite choreographies! What impressed me the most was how perfectly they managed to land in the correct position after jumping and spinning several times. They are insanely synchronised

  12. 죄송하지만 다시 한글 써주시면 안될까요??부탁드립니다.!!제가 영어를 못해요..

  13. 90% of the video is MJ inspired. Blood Sweat & Tears is a song that shows how one thinks, chooses, and grows and the temptations that come along with life. It all goes seamlessly together.

  14. They are so fluid and clean, it seems like they defy gravity. It’s like they fly from one formation to another…….

  15. I love how whenever a guy reacts to boy groups in kpop and they see a hip thrust they always say, “The girls are gonna love that” or “The girls are dying right now”😂😂😂👌😘

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