BTS – Blood Sweat & Tears M/V Reaction by KB

06:04 ? 06:03 ?! I hope you have enough space to record it I hope so Let’s go ! This is real A beautiful museum Let me put it louder A bicycle What a rebel, he hit Jimin My God, V looks gorgeous Oh Rap Monster, please stop it Let’s take it easy They are in a museum, they are the museum’s masterpiece So fancy with the binoculars Sugas looks very good… You (jin) also look very beautiful Wait wait … Calm down Jin doesn’t look ok He’s having a vision… He is “Raven” (Tv show character) He’s not understanding the paiting…. He’s me when i’m in a museum This is “Da Vinci Code”… Isn’t there a new movie related to it coming up soon ? Whats going on? You are not .. .What the hell ? ???? My friends take it slow *Hit by the feels* Oh my god! I was attacked by Jimin I got chills I want to dance this Taty’s still traumatized by how long the mv is Jesus what is this !? *This is Life… This is BTS* *Random feelings* I feeling hot I still got chills This is great, this is new, this is spetacular…. This is “music” for my ears *You don’t say Taty* Oh god so beautiful Oh MY … ! IT’S OK … IT’S ALRIGHT I WANT TO DANCE THIS IN A CLUB ! EVERYTHING IT’S OK No, it’s not EVERYTHING IT’S OK OH MY GOD What’s going on What happened to those boys from “No More Dream” ? They’re men now Hoseok please calm down Relax My love OH MY PARK JIMIN I’m loving this song (Singing) Money money money Looks like he wants money I want to go to a disco and this song is playing This song is great for the love of God This beat I’m loving the MV is very artistic It’s aesthetic And then we have here the Peter Pan I’m not old enough to watch this I felt offended It’s not working for me 50 Shades of Jimin Instead of red room, we have the blue room (Singing) Money money money Shh! I understand this part I think I’ll get scared Put it louder No no no This is creepy, I’m scared Who had this ideas ? Why is Rap Monster always with Jungkook or vice-versa ? STOP IT ALREADY ! Is “Raven” having another vision ? Wait ! don’t tell me Let’s take it slow for the love of God It’s a second song I’m starting to panic GO AWAY WITH V ! He’s covering “Raven” ‘s vision And an angel… This is creeping me out (We are all scared) He’s going to move (x3) This scenario looks very cool Don’t touch it This look’s like a horror movie ! Don’t touch it ! That thing is going to move Like a jump scare He’s going to kiss ?! What is … He’s a falling angel He’s in love with V This is the way that BigHit is telling us that they are a couple He’s face is the reaction of what you just said ???? After the MV we tell our thoughts I’m not understanding it really Agressive Everything is ok He’s breaking I’m not understanding any of this This is symbolic A metaphor BigHit explain !

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