BTS – Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’ ALBUM REVIEW

BTS – Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’ ALBUM REVIEW

*Sigh* Hi, everyone MOVETHONY ONTANO here, the Internet’s busiest music nerd, and it’s time for review of the brand-new BTS album: Love yourself: Tear. This is the latest full-length album from the k-pop phenom known as BTS the “bulletproof boy scouts” themselves. It’s their sixth full-length studio album with each new release growing their profile over here in the States and beyond. One of their biggest releases so far being their EP mini-album that dropped at some point last year “Love Yourself: Her” which featured smash hits on is such as “Mic Drop” a track I liked quite a bit It’s a pop rap banger of sorts as many BTS tracks are. The thing is it’s kind of hard to stylistically pigeonhole the group even though they are umbrella termed as “K-pop” Because once you go into a BTS album you can expect not only to hear hip-hop elements and electronic music elements but pop of many different shades Something that unquestionably makes the group stand out but simultaneously kills the consistency factor of their previous releases. But Love Yourself is a little different in that it’s kind of a conceptual release as was its predecessor Love Yourself: Her I wouldn’t say this album is as much as
sequel as it is a mirror image of sorts. With Love Yourself: Her featuring much brighter and lovesick tunes, whereas Tear over here sees the group exploring more moody and heartbroken territory for like 11 tracks in 40 or so minutes And the record actually has a pretty decent start
with the song “Singularity” It’s a super sensual introduction and sounds very much like a slow emotional 90s R&B throwback. With super minimal percussion bass and piano.
Very minimal However, each of these bits of instrumentation make incredibly tasteful embellishments once you hit certain points in the song
certain bits of the progression. ♫ Buh-do-do-do-dooooooo ♫ The bass and piano essentially just feel like they’re caught in this incredibly graceful dance with the vocals. Which, I might add, are very well performed. At this point I should point out that
South Korea has a very long-standing tradition of making very sad, and forlorn, and dramatic,
and passionate soul and R&B music. And even though BTS are categorized
strictly as a K-pop group, this song, and a few others on this record as well,
feel like a very conscious nod to that tradition The song Fake Love, the biggest hit on this album feels like an ultra poppy rap
blend with a potently emotional edge The lyrics on this thing feel a lot like they’re just kind of about being untrue
about a relationship that you’re in. Pretending to be happy even though
you’re sad in the relationship. Pretending to be strong even though
you’re hurt in the relationship. I guess just falsifying your emotions in the relationship. It’s slightly obnoxious and kind of glitzy and feels a little bit like a bastardization of all the stylistic parties involved. But the song is still delivered with a lot of heart. And I can’t deny how enjoyably slick
the production on this thing is. Nor how meticulously the song has been assembled ♫ Fake love ♫ ♫ Fake love ♫ Truth be told pop comes down to a lot of formulas
and if that is in fact the case BTS has really kind of perfected what they’re doing here The song The Truth Untold feels like another nod
to the world of South Korean soul and R&B It’s a very slow, very spacey, powerful piano ballad and emotional showstopper
where the vocals really steal the spotlight The lyrics on this thing are pretty much the groups of usual mix of Korean and English With a lot of references to, I think, wanting the other person or wanting the relationship with this person But not being able to give yourself to them
or to the relationship I mean Even though I’m hitting kind of a personal language barrier here with this track and others on this record as well The pianos and the vocals come together
and just create a passion powerhouse that they give me all whipped up The following fourth track on here is a
very tasteful piece of tropical jazz rap With fun woodwinds and flavorful guitars
really crisp drums, very close claustrophobic sensual rapping The group transitions really well into
a soaring hook on this cut, too Which is an issue that I had previous
with some of BTS’s work Where continually the group would
deliver these hyper-aggressive verses Whether it be kind of a pop or rap blend And then suddenly transition breakneck style into these soaring, glamorous choruses That just kind of felt disconnected from
the rest of the track stylistically But again this track over here by comparison feels so much more logical and consistent After this though, I feel like is when
the tracklist starts to fall apart a bit and kind of lose its own sense of identity and concept The track Paradise
It’s a decent pop song It’s kind of bland but doesn’t really feel
all that strongly adhered to the mood that the record had been delivering so far The song Love Maze feels like a bit of a return to that and it’s infinitely a better song
more fleshed out structure and stylistically kind of feels like a throwback to a piece of American 2000s dance pop with bumping bass,
tight percussion jangling rhythm guitars
and orgasmic falsetto on the hook A lot of quality rap flows and the lyrics on this track essentially being about The difficult decisions and directions that one might need to find themselves choosing when in the midst of of love or the love maze Now if just a track ago,
the album was hitting a bit of turbulence I feel like after this is when things
kind of take a bit of a nosedive The song Magic Shop is easily one of the worst
on the entire record The song features these EDM style chords and beats rushing in underneath one of the most garish and grossly melodramatic
hooks on the entire record *magic shooooop* The track Airplane pt.2 is a sequel to a track that landed on the recent release
from member J-Hope on a solo effort And even though it’s not one of the worst songs on here There’s certainly some flavorful
instrumentation on this thing Overall it just sounds like the group trying to capitalize on the recent Latin pop trend in a somewhat awkward way The group continues their tropical instrumental streak on the next Anpanman With a kooky banger beat
kind of a tedious redundant hook ♫ Turn it up. Turn it up ♫ However, I do love the groove and I kind of give the cut points for having a very unique subject matter As this song is pretty much a reference to the Japanese picture book, an anime series of the same title Essentially a show conceived by Takashi Yanase about a superhero who doled out these Japanese sweet breads Whose conception was rooted in the starvation that a lot of Japanese faced during the Second World War The song So What is yet another low point on the album For me it just kind of features a lot of very speedy
faux macho rapping over a lot of EDM style beats Which is not really something I’m interested in hearing whether it’s an American group whether it’s a foreign group It’s really just not my style.
I just find it really… Overblown
So formulaic it’s just a turn-off. Just kind of your typical mash of EDM and pop. However, Love Yourself: Tear does end pretty strong
with the outro on this thing which is a kind of emo trap banger Yes, this thing has a hard, crispy trap beat
with strings on strings on strings And a series of fiery rap verses that
simultaneously sound hard But also like each member of the group is on the verge of an emotional breakdown Especially J-Hope during his final verse of this thing
who just sounds like a total mess And even reading into the translation I mean, some of what he says is actually quite poetic So even though you could argue
yeah sure, you know, love is a pretty cliché song topic subject matter At least it seems like BTS is giving it their all and approaching it. Overall, even though this album wasn’t a perfect record I still pretty much liked it It’s the kind of futuristic but studied, versatile,
but widely appealing pop music that I wish we were making over here
right now in the mainstream Instead we’re suffering through
nostalgia like Charlie Puth Justin Timberlake’s country phase and Taylor Swift trying to go dark and edgy While Love Yourself: Tear
does have its consistency issues It’s K-pop It’s about as commercial and it’s premeditated as mainstream music gets So while it kind of sucks they didn’t really stick to their intended concept I guess I’m not all that surprised Because at the end of the day a group like this is most likely going to focus on just trying to have a little bit of something for everybody on a record as opposed to bogging it down in concept. However, I think this album BTS and their success are a big sign
that Western artists need to start paying attention to A sign that South Korea is providing
real competition in the music industry I mean
I don’t know what the future holds but for now BTS is delivering some incredibly slick music with tasteful instrumentation
infectious hooks and passionate vocal performances too Sure, a few of the Instrumentals on this thing
are kind of tacky and the group didn’t really follow through
that much with their concept But those aren’t even issues that some of BTS is Western contemporaries try to avoid I guess the point that I’m making here is
groups like BTS, these k-pop groups are making pop music that’s just as good as pop music over here if not better And hopefully going forward they continue to win over more listeners hone their craft and maybe make records like this
a bit more consistently enjoyable I’m feeling a decent to strong 6 on this thing. Tran-sition Have you given this record to listen, did you love it? Did you hate it? What would you rate it? You’re the best. You’re the best. What should I review next? it’s like if you like please subscribe and please don’t cry leave a Leave a comment in the comments if you’re feeling full of thoughts Click on the link next to my head to hit up another video or the link to subscribe to the channel hit the bell as well BTS. Love Yourself.

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  1. I'll say one thing though, you completely overlooked the lyrics for fake love. The meaning and the message are really relevant and you made it sound a silly pop tune when it's about changing yourself and pretending to be someone you're not and as a result, being stuck in a conundrum. The relationship is disfunctional and ah there's so much to talk about. I think it's not fair to give little credit and perhaps, to pay so little attention when you're reviewing an album.

  2. Thank you for the unbiased review. I disagree on some points, but then again you are the music expert and not me? This was really well done, thank you?

  3. Ugh an honest review! I dont agree with somethings u said but i appreciate the honesty a lot. Unlike other youtubers who you can see are fake liking it, or the fake politeness. Thank you for this.

  4. Was I the only one waiting for 134340… She’s so undiscussed I feel bad for her because I love her instrumental

  5. As some of the previous comments have probably said, lyricism is a powerhouse aspect of BTS. Their songs and videos are easily a treasure chest of everything literature. They break the stereotype of a typical fangirl because their fans are thinking fans. Additionally, the songs are poetic AF. But then even the music itself is poetic. Nods off to everyone who participated in the production.

  6. Magic Shop easily makes it to your top if you're a fan and in a subjective standpoint. It's thoughtful of them to create such songs just for fans, they don't even care if it sounds unpleasant to critics and other listeners as long as it could be an anthem for them and the fans. Same goes for So What which can really be a great end for a concert.

  7. I would love to hear your opinion on 134340, for me it was one of those songs that didn't really click until I saw the lyrics and realized how well it fit with the album concept!

  8. Wow, I really enjoyed this review! I totally see where you're coming from on all sides. I'm not into the latin pop craze so I was actually a bit upset when I heard the 8th track. As an ARMY we know the layers & meanings behind their lyrics. We know why they're saying what they're saying & most of it isn't love songs. You stabbed my heart when you said Magic Shop was the worst because that song was specifically made for ARMY which is why it seemed melodramatic, but I understand why. Thank you so much for the review & video (:

  9. I think you're amazing and pretty open-minded. I'm definitely subscribing and anticipating your review about Love Yourself: Answer!!

  10. Magic Shop is actually my favorite song (besides Outro: Tear) in the album, even though it was very edm style, the vocals were phenomenal, the lyrics hit me sO hard and made me cry a lot over the fact that it talks about how they'll be a comfort for us no matter how insecure we are and the things we go through. also, jungkook himself produced the track, so it automatically feels a bit special lol. i love your review though, it was very honest and critical in a constructive way! thank you so much for your opinion on it and spreading the word about bts and how good their tracks can be and the potential that they have in the western music industry

  11. The way he sees music is so much different from how I see it. He sees it with the theme of the whole track and closely analyzes the lyrics. I’m just like “I like the notes they sound good and stuff!!”

  12. I showed this to my friend that is really into kpop and she told me she didn’t like what you said about the lyrics i don’t know if you looked into the translations and read all the lyrics translated because if you didn’t that’s probably why

  13. BTS is a lot about the lyrics and meanings behind the music. They talk about the hardships of young adults trying to be someone in the world, about mental health, and self esteem. It's truly a huge deal, coming from korean society, which is very conservative. I truly appreciated the review! Would love if you could review their album Wings and look into their lyrics and story a bit deeper. Thank you so much ?

  14. I mostly agree with everything, but I actually enjoy EDM so I loved so what and Magic Shop (the lyrics of the later puts me in awe too, but that's because I'm a whipped fan lol). Thank you for being open minded and giving your sincere thoughts ?
    For the song paradise, I have to say that its gold is in its lyrics. It criticizes the way society push young people in always becoming the "best of the best", an issue really present in Korea specially.
    Btw, if you're going to review Korean music, I think you should watch fan's translations to understand the lyrics better (Korean is a really different language with a lot of methaphors and expressions, and most of the time official sites don't provide accurate translations).
    Actually, one thing I absolutely love is their lyrics (definitely what made me a fan). They go from political and social messages to really deep exploration of pain and mental health.
    Also their solo work (RM, Agust D and Hope World), wich they posted for free on soundcloud if you want to listen to, is even better in that aspect bc they don't have to keep this "mainstream" kind of thing overall.

  15. That's one of the most positive YT comments section I've ever seen, I'm gonna start puking rainbows. I love it

  16. Outro: Tear is iconic. Also, Love Yourself: Answer will be released on August 24th, the last chapter of the Love Yourself series. I'd love to see a review of it if you're up to it!

  17. I love this video! As an ARMY and a fan of Kpop, I actually like and respect your opinion on the tracks. I’m always interested with your views on BTS and Kpop in general.

  18. okay this is such an old review, but! to whoever it might be useful, I would recommend searching up fan translations rather than relying on genius lyrics for kpop albums, both because they're readily available on the genre and because they often offer context and/or explain the intent or meaning of the lyrics better than literal translation

  19. I'm a BTS fan and there's a lot of points you made that I agreed on and some I didn't but overall I really liked your review. I'd love to see you react to BTS Wings album next!

  20. Gave them a listen. Wasn't super impressed, but I have heard worse. The album felt more of a strong 5 to me.

  21. Regardless of my views on bts and kpop in general, you guys are the most chill fanbase I've ever seen. Here I was expecting quite a lot of dislikes and "go fuck yourself" comments. But man, really impressed by the respect.

  22. My biggest problem with this record is that it's cluttered. I think the album would be better with this new tracklist I came up with. 🙂

    1. Intro: Singularity
    2. FAKE LOVE
    3. 134340
    4. Paridise
    5. Love Maze
    6. Paridise
    7. Anpanman
    8. The Truth Untold (feat. Steve Aoki)
    9. Outro: Tear

    I feel that this order flows better and cuts some of the weaker tracks imo, Thoughts?

  23. Honestly, i was never a kpop fan. However, i gave this album a listen since so many people are into bts nowadays. I thought it was some generic kpop album that won't impress me in any way but i was wrong. Bts is surely different from other kpop groups and i really enjoyed most of their tracks. Definitely one of my favorite releases this year minus their weaker tracks such as magic shop. Agreed on most of your points as well. I'm sure they'll keep improving as time goes by. Looking forward for more 🙂

  24. Btw, they made The Truth Untold and Magic Shop for the fans, the songs make so much more sense when you keep that in mind

  25. im so happy that you did a genuine review with no bias, saying that you liked it when you liked and said that you hated it when you hated it, its extremely refreshing to see a review of a kpop group with no prejudice. i loved this, thank you

  26. First sorry for my poor English. Im so sad that you think this album says love only between couple. It is so narrow understanding. They make song about all shape of love,relationship and interaction in the world.

  27. Thank you for the honest review! It is nice to see someone actually put aside where they came from and focus on music. Thank you❤️

  28. thank you for giving constructive, educated criticism!! as an army i’m so used to xenophobic, homophobic, and extremely prejudiced reviews that i was pleasantly surprised by this. THANK YOU!!

  29. Theneedledrop please review BTSs next album I and the rest of the fandom would greatly appreciate it because no one actually reviews their music 🙁 but I really enjoyed this this review 🙂 thank you for even considering reviewing BTS and this album

  30. I really would love to see Anthony look at more kpop, or cpop big and small groups
    An Exo album would be cool and I love to see Anthony on cute gg like twice I wonder what he’d think???

  31. this is probably the best review i have ever heard on a bts album. He has his view and taste of music and his opinion is respectable by me. Thank you for the sharing your opinion.

  32. Oooh, I'd love to see fantanos take on DAY6, since they sing and play the instruments! (No shade to BTS. I love them too!)

  33. Please review their latest album, Map of the soul: Persona !! I would LOVE to hear your unbiased opinions of it 🙂

  34. Nice reaction! I respect your opinion and your taste in music! I personally disagree with many of your points, this is one if my fav album. But thank you for being respectful when speaking about this, many people will just laugh and be rude about it.

  35. A strong 6 rating is actually pretty good from Fantano. He's a stickler for music.

    I mean he hates Beck for crying out loud.

  36. No hate and respect for reviewing the album but it came off really biased. You based a lot of your comments on your preferences instead of reviewing from a neutral standpoint. And bts is far from being manufactured like the other kpop groups. They write their own stuff and take part in the creative processes. This is what makes them stand out from the rest and why they have the success they have. They appeal to people because of their sincerity and making music that tackles issues that other artists won’t. Once again no hate and thanks for the review but these where a few things that rubbed off the wrong way. Thank you ?

  37. this is one of the fairest and least biased review of BTS I've seen and I agree with pretty much everything you mentioned, it's without a doubt my favourite of their albums and it's nice to see my opinions (which so many fans would kill me for) be validated!

  38. Every eminem album is better and yes even revival it wasn't even a bad album

  39. Why this bts fans are trying so hard with "dont hate", "be open mind" , "give them a try" and "look im very respectful with you and happy" or " i was like you but i listen them better…" over and over again in a laaarge comment just bc someone dont see them like a big deal or say something negative about them…

  40. pop is always of many different shades… it’s literally POPULAR music and encompasses many genres. lmao

  41. bts do not have consistency issues. they have never stuck to a sound and thats their thing. theres a song for every type of person. and tear is the sad boy of the love yourself series, thats the point of having the theme of sad lyrics……………………………………………………..

  42. Very fair review. Thank you and glad you enjoyed it, I especially loved the comparison to the current state of Western pop because I agree and its the reason why listening to current pop music in the West is often a painful experience for me 🙂 BTS is one of the only modern pop artists I really like. The only thing I'll argue about is your interpretation of the songs meanings, the album is called 'Love Yourself: Tear' for a reason. The songs are supposed to have double meaning about loving yourself though they can be about loving another as well. Some songs such as Paradise and Magic Shop, although they didn't stand out to you, have much deeper meanings behind them but I don't expect you to know that as you're not part of the fandom. Just know that a lot of thought goes into their song lyrics and often you'll miss some of the meanings in there. Also, the group wasn't trying to 'capitalise' on the Latin pop craze per se, they said they like that style and just wanted to try it out from more of an artistic standpoint. I love what you said about 130408 having a more pleasant mix of rap and vocals, I really like that about that song too. But they do have a sometimes unfortunate and somewhat accidental contrast of quite harsh rappers and aggressive rapping styles with soft vocals they have to try and work with so the jarring contrast is just something to expect with their music a lot of the time. If you look into the groups history, their company was left with the three rappers out of the larger amount rappers in their original line up, and because BTS was originally supposed to be a hip hop group, and they kind of just grabbed some random people to be the vocalists who weren't that trained in singing because the singing was going to be like a compliment to the rap rather than the focus. Over time they changed and now they focus a lot more on the vocals and have changed their style and have to find out what works for them. I used to think the vocalists were pretty weak in their early days but they've improved a lot over the years.

    Personally I'd give this album at least a 7 but a 6 from you is good. I agree however that trying to have a song for everyone sacrifices the album concept, that is a major criticism I have of their albums although I often like many songs individually. I know their artistic capabilities so I'm always left feeling a little dissapointed with many of their albums because I know they can do better if they didn't focus on trying to have accessible mainstream pop albums. I feel like they have all the ingredients of a great artist, good lyrics, music taste, artistic vision, will to talk about sociopolitics and push their artistic comfort zones, but they never seem to put it all together in quite the right combination for me. I could pick and choose certain songs they've done through previous albums and put it into a fictional album I think could blow people away. I'm still kind of waiting for their masterpiece album to come out. For me their album Wings is the closest to that so far. BTS are not perfect musicians but they are very passionate about music and give it their all, thats what I like the most about them.

  43. Oh maybe that's why I didn't rly like magic shop. I knew it was prod. By JK so I felt bad for saying I didn't like it and I didn't wanna be roasted. But yeah I didn't really like it, BUT PLUTO MF SLAPS it's like lovely elevator music

  44. i know bts isn’t for everyone but i think whatever they don’t fulfill for someone musically (kinda pointing at magic shop) they will always make up lyrically but that’s just me. really appreciate you giving an honest and respectful opinion on them and recognizing how much work they put in it overall ♡

  45. the rap line is truly the back bone of the group but maknae line has the most fans and i feel like their brand is more shaped for maknae line's fans. i know this may sound offensive but i kinda wish jungkook and jimin wasn't in the group at all ? they are just not my favorite vocalists and overall i dont enjoy their breathy or squeaky voices. jin and v arent the best vocalists either but their vocal color is faaaar more interesting and less annoying.

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