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I’m really suprised by the amount of comments and private messages from you In which you asked for the Japanese version of Blood Sweat & Tears theory And you also sent us your own theories so you are AMAZING I have no other choice but to record a video with the theory It wasn’t easy at all because of time And I also tried to include important facts from your theories I am really thankful for that However I will focus on my own theory because I’ve been thinking about it for a long time I watched this MV many times and I got new ideas You will find out soon But really… THANK YOU! I am really thankful but I am also really surprised Because I’ve never thought that this serie would become so popular And that you will like it and ask us for more theories It’s really amazing but let’s not waste more time and we’ll move to the Japanese version of Blood Sweat & Tears If you saw our reaction video, you know that we think that both versions are connected and I will stick to this idea And it’s always like that – Japanese versions complete the Korean MVs If we don’t know something, if anything is not clear – we will probably find the answer in the Japanese version of an MV And it was like that now I don’t think that this MV has nothing to do with Hermann Hesse’s book ‘Demian’ It’s the opposite – it has many things to do with the book but not directly like the Short Films Which told us the story of Sinclair But we can notice many, many relations to the book in this MV The MV starts with the scene where Jungkook stands up from the bed And this scene seem quite familiar because we already saw it in ‘Begin’ We also see the walls painted with various colors And we immediately think of J-Hope’s short film because we already saw a scene like that If we talk about those colors, we should analyse their symbolism because they appear quite often in BTS vids Yellow colors appears really often and it means: talk to me, try to understand me, I don’t wanna be alone, I need you to be right next to me so we can talk, I have many things to tell you The meaning of yellow color fits to this story Because all the colorful scenes we saw were a way to catch the attention so the ‘you never walk alone’ phrase makes sense The meaning of orange color: I have enough Energy to acheive my goals, my goals are specific and it fits with my Not Today theory The red color also appears very often in many scenes and the meaning is: I wanna do it, I wanna love, notice me and share my passion, appreciate my chances and let me fulfill my goals because I am the best And it perfectly goes with ‘Not Today’ lyrics For me the pink color symbolism is very meaningful because it means: love me, take care of me, look after me, love me with motherly sensitivity AND let me be a child and let me focus on myself and my needs Green color means sensitivity, willing to focus on ourselves because we wanna find the harmony, because we miss it It can also mean that we miss the ‘previous’ world, the one we knew before we got to know the evil Blue means: I wanna be special, I wanna be original, I want spotless reputation and leave a memorial made of my own acheivements, I wanna be inteligent and creative Purple color means: I wanna know the answers for important questions, I’m sensitive, I’m spirited, my hobby is unusual, I’m different from other people Black means: I miss love, I wanna deal with my own sadness and longing, I want to find energy so I can acheive my goals As you can see, those colors can be very meaningful and maybe we can also assign them to each member but let’s get back to Blood Sweat & Tears We see Jimin wearing bright clothes and holding an apple in his hand But he doesn’t eat this apple. We know perfectly that an apple is a symbol of sin and a forbidden fruit Later we see V and this scen eis in blue, grean and yellow colors He looks drunk or high And he also wipes his eyes like he just woke up We see Purple wings on Jungkook’s bed but I will tell you more about it a bit later Jin looks at Pieter Bruegle’s painting – The Fall of The Rebel Angels Again – because we saw the same painting in the Korean version of BST It shows the moment of rebellion against God And we perfectly know that it’s the moment when the Angels become Fallen Angels Suddenly everything becomes red and we see the same monument of the Fallen Angel we saw in the Korean version There are many theories saying that those 2 MVs show 2 parallel worlds And this theory makes sense if we look at the fact that they kinda fight the evil in the Korean version But here it looks like a huge chaos, just like they opened the Pandora Box The scene of V uncovering Jin’s eyes becomes a scene of Jimin and Suga And we already saw a similiar scene in the Korean version Jimin moves Suga’s hand away and it symbolizes the change in him – he moves to the evil side, he accepts the sin and refuses Suga’s help Because in my opinion, Suga wants to protect him from the evil and I will give you a proof for that later We should notice that BTS members are again in pairs So in the next scene we see Rap Monster and Jungkook sitting on the long table In the background we can see a window and a nice motels view It can relate to the motel in I need u MV Or to ‘Spring Day’ where Omelas was a motel I will remind you that Omelas is an utopia, a perfect place without any rules and social hierarchy And it mixes with the passing youth because when people from Omelas are old enough, They get to know the truth and they often leave Omelas I think that this scene can be connected with the story of Omelas Because it’s also about becoming an adult and getting to know the other world Namjoon drinks absinth and it’s really meaningful because of the English spelling Because there is SIN hidden in the middle of this word Rap Mon tries to force Jungkook to drink it but maknae doesn’t want to do it But we have a proof for the fact that it’s a glass of poison and sin Because at the same time we see Jimin biting an apple and making an apple, sinful juice We see the scene from Korean BST where Jungkook licks his finger This scene also becomes red and means that he chose the evil side and everything becomes crazy It can mean that Rap Mon tries to force Kookie to drink it as a symbol of becoming an adult Jungkook doesn’t want to do it because he doesn’t want to grow up! He has hallucination and he even wants to vomit as if he tries to get rid of this sin and wants to stay in Omelas Suga appears and tries to help him but it’s too late and Jungkook pushes him away and loses his conscience He becomes a Fallen Angel and those Purple wings on his bed were the proof for that Jin observes the Fall of the Rebel Angels so he observes his own friends For a moment we see a scene in the car and it’s the same car we saw in Run MV And a way Jin is lying down looks the same as a scene from I need u Many people noticed that there are two versions of Jimin, the good and the bad one so we have 2 Jimins and we have 2 options why is that: First of all, Jimin can have a split personality and that’s why he was in a mental hospital in Lie Second of all, it can mean his inner fight – a fight of good and evil The evil is appealing and we see it in the lyrics but he hesitates, he holds an apple and doesn’t eat it because he wants to stay in his utopia Jimin and Jungkook ‘drunk’ the sin and they hold V and he is a target of the dart What’s really interesting, this dart is the same color as the sinful liquid Rap Monster gave to Jungkook So V is a target for sin and evil V seems really scared but the other two look happy and joyful Rap Monster, on the other hand, just observes everything and he is like Demian from the book He showed the other world to Sinclair and he also showed him that the sin doesn’t have to be bad and some actions doesn’t have to be prohibited Hoseok shoots an arrow at V But when we see a scene with the whole group together, we can notice a huge STRENGTH on V’s jeans It can mean that V is strong, he doesnt’ want to give up and he wants to fight J-Hope gets rid of the pills and it can be related to his short film where we saw a similar scene – back then he stayed on the good side Jin attacks V and it can be his way of getting the younger one’s attention He wants V to come back to him from the evil side And he also says sorry to him – I’m sorry It can mean he feels sorry because he left them because, let’s say, he grew up However V has this insane stare and attacks Jin It’s the moment when the whole utopia breaks into pieces V seems lost in a scene with some kind of sheets and he has ‘Lone Wolf’ written on the back of his jacket It means a wolf who left his pack or was banished from his pack due to his behawior – he prefered to stay alone instead of spending time with his pack V is a Lone Wolf and the rest is against him but he escapes and we can see a big writing on his arm It says disorder and it probably refers to mental disorder – that’s why we saw this insane stare It is possible that in this case V has bipolar disorder One of the symptoms are: suicidal thoughts and backing out of social relationships That’s why he’s a lone wolf We finally see the choreography against the background of two colors – blue and red Of course, it symbolizes heaven and hell J-Hope dances against the background of blue color and Jimin dances against the background of red color He bit an apple so he witnessed the sin The ceiling shows the fresc from St. Nicolas cathedral in Ljubljana With allegorical figures floating in the space through everything – even the windows and lights seem to come through them The red scenes symbolise those who sinned but we often see Hoseok against the background of blue color with a bow as if he fights with the evil We see the same smoke we saw in the Korean version and the evil Jimin tries to find the good Jimin Suga covers his eyes just in time and Jimin lets go of an apple, he lets go of the sin And the bad Jimin is literally threw away from his life We have chaos again, the colors change and we see the sin everywhere – whether it’s a green smoke or green clouds and also the evil red scenes Namjoon has wounds on his hands and it reminds me of Jesus Christ and all the martyrs Jin stands on the Edge of depths, next to the same painting of the Fall of the Rebel Angels and it seems like its pulling everything inside However, we should also notice that Jin doesn’t have a heart – either he is dead or he doesn’t have any feelings left But let’s get back to Suga for a moment and everything we saw in this MV which reminded us of overdosing alcohol or drugs I found a perfect quote for that in ‘Demian’ but it can also seem like an absurd… But it depends on you! „In any case, the life of a drunk is presumably livelier than that of the ordinary well-behaved citizen. And then–I read that once somewhere–the life of a hedonist is the best preparation for becoming a mystic. People like St. Augustine are always the ones that become visionaries. He, too, was first a sensualist and man of the world.” If we say that sinners are also hedonists, their lives are way more colorful which can be seen in this MV Maybe comparing Suga aka Agust D to St. Augustin is too much But just by looking at his role in this MV and the fact that he protects others from the evil, it can make sense Especially because St Augustin’s theory was based on theory of knowledge Epistemology studies the nature of knowledge, justification, and the rationality of belief. and how it relates to such concepts as truth, belief, and justification, It relates to the sources and scope of knowledge and justified belief, and the criteria for knowledge and justification. And we could also find all of these in ‘Demian’ and in Orwell’s book ‘1984’; we saw the quotes from this book in BTS Begins video The moment when the glass breaks seems quite important in my opinion and it refers to the lyrics of Not Today Break the glass ceiling that cages you The glass which caged Jin breaks, the pieces of the glass becomes lilly petals I did another research and I found out that lillies can also mean passing and it makes a whole At the end, we see a very familiar scene – Rap Mon working at the gas station A car approaches and the driver gives Rap Mon a lighter – it can be the same lighter Jimin played with in Fire or when he was trying to set the photo on fire in I need u And now I will read the meaning of a dream about a lighter because it seems very meaningful This dream means that you don’t understand the basic values This attitude means problems which will fall at you sooner or later Trying to acheive your goal no matter how also leads you astray You have to determine your own individuality and recognize your own potential Discover your own uniqueness – which is inimitable and nobody else has it You have to get to know your of life path without any worries and problems You have to understand that personal growth can exist only because of work, personal talent and not using other people I hope that you will agree that this description is quite meaningful And then we have the following scene: – Oh? Jin hyung?
– Long time no see For me it can mean that Jin finally welcomed Namjun in the adulthood But I also have this thought that 2 years have passed And maybe it can be related to the military service And military service is connected with becoming an adult so it makes sense It’s all I wanted to tell you about my theory of the Japanese version of BST This is what came into my mind after watching this MV all over again for a few hours I think that those ideas can be possible But it can also seem like an absurd for some moments But the interpretation depends on you and this is what Namjoon said a few times in the interviews If you have any theories, opinions or I didn’t notice something important – let me know in the comments I love reading your comments! Sometimes I don’t have enought time to reply to all of them but I always read all of them! Your theories were really helpful so THANK YOU again and see you in the next video!

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