Bullying default skins on Fortnite…lol

Bullying default skins on Fortnite…lol

What’s up, dude, no, nah, nah, nah bro dont run away dont Nooo noooooooooo I wasn’t gonna kill you dude . Why would you jump up and kill yourself? Oh my gosh a llama. DISRESPECT YOUR SURROUNDINGS. What’s up, dude, waddup bro, you don’t got a gun. Okay, stop dude lets be friends?! OK she headed to the dance floor
And she slowly start to poppin’ it
Something like my wrist
‘Cause everybody got to watching it Come here, come on follow me up here. Follow me. Yes. Yes Go on go up there go up there, it’s all you baby. Go up there go up there. Yes. I’m sorry, bro. I love you What The? Love you Imagine I had a sniper that somehow works. Hey, what’s up another no skin. I’ve got you in my what up? Oh, my he has a gun. he has a gun he has a gun he has a gun. Here’s guy Kobe oh my gosh. Oh, no, I’m gonna kill myself Bro, come on. What are you doing? Try again? Come on bro, how much nades do you have? Gosh, I need a gun Okay, chill chill chill chill chill ready? Watch this 360 bang hes dead What my man had shield Sup dude, Your controllers did he leave he left the game why do you leave the game I thought his controller disconnected Why did he leave what the Freak? I’m so confused was he that scared? Did his mom hear him or something? I think he shut off his Xbox or something. I don’t know Get in get in get in get in get in What are you doing? No, no, I love you. Dude don’t do it. Don’t do it No, no, no Why is everyone killing themselves WHO IS THIS Come from I’m so confused. What’s up, are you friendly? No, don’t jump off. No why everyone jumping up? Oh, you didn’t die. There’s a guy behind him There’s a guy oh he’s pickaxe what is going on This game is so weird. Where did they come from? I’m so confused. I’m gonna join this yo, let’s double-team this guy, dude I don’t want to get an accident. I don’t want to get hit on accident i’m scared Noo Yes, yes my boy one no, no don’t do it no you’re too young Why is everyone killing themselves, is it a challenge or something like what’s going on? Boy you’re in the storm You’re gonna die. You know this Bro I’m gonna do this,He’s gonna snipe me no why is it not working stop. No, please. Yes, we’re good We’re good were good were good were good were good. Wait I might die from this. No no, no, no no, no, no No, I’m not dying by the storm. Again. This happens every single time. I play this time. It’s not happening It’s not happening. I do not care. It’s so close, please please just let me have this one here You’re so mean to me every single time. I play you you just you kill me storm, please, please I’m gonna make it dude I’m gonna make you I made it. I made it. I actually made it dude. Let’s go were in this Watch me get sniped What the what, it’s a trap yo get on the case What What what What, what whoa Nah that’s okay listen I’m not mad though. It’s fine. You know, we’re just gonna run it back and AH, what the fu- Stand still, stand still, stand still, stand still, stand still stop moving so fast you, I can’t how to why stop him marker, shikaka Die you’re still alive die You’re Not wha- this man still alive. Come here. You’re dying you’re dying how do you have shield, how do you have shield. What how do you pop a mini that fast he has 94 HP. I sniped him c4 c4 c4 chicken nugget How you alive dog? I gotta stop pickaxing people. Just shoot them with the shotgun. And why am I being so stupid? But then thinking like it’s so worth it bro. The pickaxe kill like imagine die by a pickaxe Bro, you waste the ammo I need that ammo, stop wasting the ammo. Dude, you gotta reload now? What’s up? Can you just, what the how much HP Listen, bro, if I wasn’t so I could easily bodied you but I want to pickaxe you because, because I’m stoopid Stop I’m healing bro. I have no mats. I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m dead. I got a snipe him Please, please What Goodbye two-piece, two-piece wait for it I tried to like shoot it that way but uh, I failed What What is this guy doing yo, dude open the chest open it oh Oh, he knows Bro he’s that smart. And it’s mine. What’s up now? You’re dead Tryna Run away dude, my man trying so hard to run away no you’re not running away It was at this moment why you bully me? Can you not leave me alone help me please go, go. Oh My gosh, what the Freak leave me alone help me is it a kill drive he’s gonna kill us. I think you broke Why aren’t you moving? he just drives him This guy soo evil dude, this guy has no chill There guy in there Honestly probably, that a fifty shield. That is, do I yolo it and just drink it right here Yes, of course. im not scared, I’m not scared. I’m not He’s in there, okay. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. I’m gonna come back for you later. don’t snipe, don’t snipe me Thank you. I Said don’t Snipe me now I gotta kill you. I gotta kill you peek it for me. Please. Just peek it you’re dead told you alright one guy left before we kill him we gotta We gotta praise God Oh My gosh for a second I thought haha, where’s this last guy? Whoa relax you watch this Do that you’re dead you’re dead you’re dead what so close Pretty watch this thing Do that. Stop moving dude you watch this bang Got him, bro. Stop moving like off the tree ready that’s gonna work So went through the treaty what? Got him What this guy’s immortal, how do you not die What it’s why dude how do you die by the storm do you that? How do people do that? How do you die by the storm It makes no sense that guy dodged every sing grenade launcher I shot at him somehow he dodged every single one but can’t dodge the storm How can you not dodge the, what? What? All right, so yeah, I failed I didn’t get the cool shot But it’s fine because I did get a cool shot a few weeks ago. It was a one-on-one had a grenade launcher I calculated it, you know Isaac Newton’s ninth law of motion, you know hit a tree it bounced and got him I got the win. It was really cool. Check it out Give me like, two seconds. Give me three seconds, bro. I don’t want to no scope you Okay. Oh, oh you have an SMG bro? I got one bullet one shot

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  1. he says how u die from the storm but almost in evry vid he dies from storm lol no offence fe4r also good content makes me laugh evry time

  2. is it sad that fear this gets 20 million viewers but only like a hundred thousand likes I guess a hundred thousand is really good but if you have a 20 million viewers then it's kind of sad

  3. When he said rage compilation (headphone users lower your volume)
    I always turn my volume up. Idk why.
    Is it only me?!?!!!

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