Burst into tears after hugging Roo [Dogs are incredible/ENG/2019.12.04]

Burst into tears after hugging Roo [Dogs are incredible/ENG/2019.12.04]

Her previous owner sent her to this farm because he didn’t want to raise her anymore. (Yubi can’t take her eyes off of Roo) She’s been here this entire time, but now she gets to go to a better place. Can I get her in the kennel? – Can I do this? / – Yes, of course. You’ll probably be the first one to hold her since her previous owner. Yubi… Gosh… Hold her nice and snug. (She holds her hand out to Roo first) Should I do this now? Open this with your right hand. Good. Put your left hand in. Yes. Slowly. Put your left hand in. Use your body to block the exit. Good. Yes, now pet her slowly. Yes, very good. Good dog! – Come here. / – Roo! Don’t rush. Take your time. (She connects with Roo first) She’s going to Canada. Roo. Gently grab her by the chest with one hand. (This is exciting!) Yes, just like that. Good. Grab her under her legs and lift her up slowly. – Lift her up? / – Yes. There you go. (Having some trouble getting a hold of Roo) Come here, Roo. It’s okay. Put your fingers under her front legs. It’s okay. (Slowly and slowly) There you go! Yes! Roo seems to be enjoying this. It looks like she’s playing! (Being touched is making her playful) (I love this) (Roo will finally come out) Hold her. Good. Yes. (Yubi lifts up Roo and holds her) Pet her now. (She bursts into tears as soon as she holds Roo) She’s going to a good place. I thought she was afraid at first. Then Mr. Kang said she was happy and she was being playful. She just wanted to play. It really broke my heart when I heard that. I was the first one to hold her since her owner. So that got me choked up. In you go! Bye! – Write Roo on the kennel. / – R-O-O. Don’t write it in Korean. They can’t read Korean. – Roo. / – I bet she’s better at English than you. (Yubi wishes Roo a happy future) (We hope Roo understands Yubi’s sentiment…) Both of you, lift up the cage. Roo, you get to leave. Gosh… You get to go to a better place. (After the rescuing…) (This place that was filled with dogs) (Is gradually) (Becoming emptier) (The team gets ready to send the dogs overseas) To send the rescued dogs to the airport, the kennels are carefully loaded on the truck. Now it’s time to say goodbye. The other dogs still in there will be out soon too. I felt sad, but at the same time, I felt happy. Happiness should be waiting for the ones leaving. (Yubi can’t bring herself to say goodbye just yet) It’s like a second birthday. It’s like they’re being reborn. I hope they’ll be happy and forget their past hardships… (She can’t bring herself to talk…) I hope they can be happy like they’ve never been hurt before. They’re all so cute, so I’m sure they’ll find good owners. (She’s finally ready to say goodbye) (I hope you find a good home) (Hyungwook was pleased to see this side of Yubi) This is when I get really emotional. When we get to send them away. This is what we did. It’s like we threw these guys the greatest surprise party. I hope they can be healthy and happy. I feel bad that it’s going to be a long trip though. Goodbye! (This was the second birthday for these guys) This second birthday could be happier than their first birthday when they were born.

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  1. Safe trip babies! Ah I feel so sad watching this abandoned dogs and hope that they could get better home and owner that can give them endless love after this. ?❤️

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