Californians Figure Out Winter Hacks

– I actually think that
winters in LA are really bad, because the houses aren’t insulated, so at night I have to
wear sweatpants to bed. Californians Try to Figure
Out Winter Survival Hacks. What was your harshest California winter? – The harshest winter
I’ve ever experienced is a sweatshirt, maybe a jacket. – It’s hailed a few times. – I think one time it rained. – It’s never bad, I mean
clearly, it’s 79 degrees outside right now, and
I’m wearing a sweater, because I’m kind of cold. – The first time I saw snow fall in person was a few years ago in
Iceland, of all places. – I know people are going
to be like, oh Californians can’t handle the cold weather. Whatever. – I can’t handle the cold weather. Road Salt. – Hell yeah, I know what this is! – Salt.
– That’s (bleep) salt. – I mean, I know you throw
this on icy stuff, ’cause I’ve seen Home Alone, and
there’s the weird, like salt guy. – This helps you so you don’t
slip around, break your neck. – My hand’s not going anywhere. – This could be some nice traction. – It makes the snow melt.
– Yeah. – So it doesn’t stay on the road. – You shovel the snow.
– You shovel the snow, and then you put this on
the ice, and it melts it. – And you just leave it for how long? – Shrinks the snow up, got it. – [Man] Your shoes get ruined. – Your shoes get ruined? That’s not okay. – Did you eat it? (laughs) – Do you ever use this for cooking? – Ew.
– This goes on the floor! Tire Chains. – I have no idea what this could be. – This just looks like a death trap. – Is this for your sled? – Snow chains, right? – Or it’s, like, a really cool ladder. – These are for tires. – Yeah, yeah, they’re the snow chains. That’s an easy one. – I assumed they were
chain chains, like, chains. – Yeah, me too. – These are like what rappers wear. – [Man] Well, there are two chains there. – Two chains. – It’s like, how has
technology not gotten better, where you don’t have to use these? – I mean, I have no idea how to use this. – This seems like a prehistoric
type of thing, like… – You could probably tear up
the road with these things, if you’re not careful. – Like middle ages, like for your horses. – It’s just a hassle,
that’s just what it is. – Be careful out there, cold people. Hand Warmers. – East coast, blow on your hands. You’re not going to put your
hands in fancy little pouches. – Or if I’m tired, just put a couple on my eyes.
– Oh, on your face. – Yeah. – Oh that…
– That feels great. – It’s not working for me.
– I feel it! Feel this. – Oh (bleep), yours is warm. How come mine’s cold?
– Because you didn’t expose it to the air. – Oh, oh, okay, professional
(bleep) Californian. – If I had these on the east
coast, I would just be like heating them up and
then, like, throwing them in the snow so that it melts, cause I… – Moses, you’ve felt cold, you don’t know. KItty Litter. – Hold up.
– So, is this a joke? – Cats pee and poop in this. – We have kitty litter also. – We know what kitty litter
is, in sunny California – We have this.
– We have cats. – Uh, uh…
– Uh… – Why would you also throw
cat litter on the snow? – Odor control! – Maybe you got some smelly snow. – Maybe your cat wants to
take a dump in the wilderness. – That’s kitty litter, all right. – Oh, it’s strong smelling. – Maybe when you don’t
have enough money for that fancy salt you were
throwing around earlier, you gotta get this kitty litter going. – Let’s see how traction-y it is. Kitty litter is used to
create traction for tires when a car is stuck in the snow. – This is not a good choice. I don’t think you guys are, I don’t… I think you should reevaluate. – So, do people actually,
like, have this in their trunk? – No, they don’t.
– [Man] Yeah. – No, they don’t.
– [Man] Yes, they do. I don’t believe you, I feel
like you’re (bleep) with us. – Oh, it’s a thing, okay. – You guys must all have
a lot of cats as well. Could you survive a real winter? – Uhhhhh..
– No. (laughs) Oh my god. – Below zero? No, what, no. – I can’t even handle lukewarm weather. – Probably like 15 minutes. – I could never survive
if my car was stuck. I would call AAA. – [Man] What if AAA couldn’t get to you? AAA can’t get to, what? – I mean, I would like to
think that I would do okay in, like, Chicago, but I’m pretty sure people
are going to laugh at me once they see this video. – You should come stay with us in California. – Sunny California. – It’s really nice, look behind us. I’m so sorry.

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