Can I paint water?

Can I paint water?

Hey guys, welcome back to my studio! It’s been a hot minute since we have been in here to record, because I kind of took December off for the most part. [cheering noises] Everything you saw was recorded way in advance. So, feels good to be back in here, but I’m a bit rusty. Anyway, we’re doing some oil painting todaaay! I have a Gesso’d canvas here and you probably saw this [Dorv sneezing like a gunshot] [Dorv sneezing like a gunshot in slow motion] And you probably already saw the title: [weird voice] Can I paint water? That’s the question today. So I actually did paint a little water painting in my last video, the “tiny paintings” video. But we’re gonna take it larger now we’re gonna use some oil paint and I really actually just want to learn some stuff and do some observational art to get into the new year! So yeah, let’s do that. Let’s get started. We don’t need long intros in 2020! Alright. Blank canvas. We’re gonna mix this in with our base coat because I want it to dry pretty fast. I’m gonna thin this out a little bit cuz we don’t want to be super thick, you know. I don’t actually do a lot of oil painting on my channel it’s usually pretty time-consuming, a couple day or week process, so – We’re gonna start the year off interestingly! [music] By the way, if you guys are curious about anything I am using I’m trying to get better at linking everything in my description So go check it out. I’ve been slacking on that lately and I know some of you guys like to know what I use I will try to remember this time. This is a beautiful color! This is actually the color of my bedroom was growing up. Alright, let’s come back tomorrow and do the actual painting! [double finger snap] [music] Okay, it’s the next day. Everything on the base coat is dry. I actually did a different painting last night, waiting on this to dry. So my creative juices are flowing. Okay. I have my reference photo over here. I’m going to, uh, I guess just start with the darkest colors because water is like this weird… I think people see it differently and the way I’m seeing it, I’m gonna start with my darkest colors. All right, which is funny cuz I think the last time I did this I started with lighter colors, but that was watercolor, so… New brushes – so satisfying. Alright, so there’s this like giant ripple at the bottom. I kind of blocked out some lines too. Just so I can it get things the way I want. [music] That kinda looks like an alligator. [weird voice] Am I right or am I right? [music] Okay something that’s really interesting with this – it’s easy to lose your place. Very easy, I’ve lost where I am a couple times. So, I have like a grid drawn on my reference picture so I can help myself a little bit. But I don’t want to do that for this completely. I kind of want to go about it a little more organically. I’m at a fun point right now because the ripples are getting smaller. They’re taking more interesting shapes and I’m incorporating like depth with this. We’ll see if I can make this look like water. What do you guys think is gonna happen? You think I can do it? I’m also trying to hold my brush really loosely, just so I don’t tighten up and screw this up. You know I’m saying? That would suck! [music] No! I lost my spot! Come on! Where was I? Oh wait, there’s a ripple here. He’s a little guy like this. Does this just look like a mountain range to you? I don’t know! [music] [DOUBLE FINGER SNAP #2] Whoo! Okay, we have a lot of dark ripples blocked in. Now we need to do like the mid-tones and stuff and then keep layering, I don’t know I just got really intimidated. Okay, I’m very intimidated. But the only way to learn is if you do, right? [music] You know, I really admire the people who do this as like their main art theme is water. I follow some artists who do this and man – I have to just give you some credit, this is hard. I mean, it’s kind of satisfying to do this not gonna lie, But I simultaneously feel hopeful and hopeless because I want to learn and water is beautiful, but I keep losing my place and it’s really hard to get back to it! [music] I think I feel a little more optimistic now that I’ve blocked out more mid-tones down here. Hopefully, once all of it’s blocked out and I start doing like other colors and details, It feels better. I feel like oil makes the most sense for me, because I can block in on this color for hours and then go back in and blend it cuz it’ll stay wet, you know? [music] What did I get myself into? This is a rough! Like I’m just at a spot right now where mentally this is like “Man, I’m looking at this reference.” and then I’m like looking at this and – [resounding face palm] [voice in her head] “Ow, that actually hurt!” [music] We almost have all of this color filled in. [music] I actually feel like it’s starting to look like water! But we have so much to do yet and ah, this is fun now! This is really fun. I went through my hopeless stage, I got through it. Now I’m in a more helpful stage and I’m enjoying it. To any artists out there who struggle with like feeling hopeless during their process. I just want to give you some encouragement that it is temporary, and you can get through it and, um, I don’t know, sometimes it just it really takes a lot of hours and coming back to your piece again and again to get excited about it. Hopefully this is inspiring for you even though I’m in the middle of this imperfect process I’m just trying to be transparent and share it and just be real with you guys. So, yeah. [music] So not to get like overly deep or anything, but because I’ve had to change my perspective a lot with this it has made me think about my life a little bit and like oh, maybe I could change my perspective on some things, you know? [music] All right, here it is! This is my baby, right here. I feel like I poured my heart into this all day long. But in all honesty, this was a really good learning experience. I’m glad I did it. I’m glad I struggled through it with the highs and the lows. This is a goal that I have been wanting to conquer for I don’t know probably six months or so and fear has always kept me from going for it but if there’s anything I learned with this you just got to do it, you know and I’m really really glad I confronted my fears and just painted the surface of water. I’m really happy with it, and I’m excited to learn more about this and do more oil painting this year. That’ll be fun. Whoa, it looks so crazy far away! Up close! Far back. Oh, that’s so cool! All right guys, thank you so much for watching. I hope you have a good day. I’m gonna sit this down because it is wet and with my luck well, it will probably end up like everywhere in this room or on me or something. So yeah, okay. Bye!

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  1. I thought the title said "can I paint with water?" I was like duh of course it's called water colors. Then I was like maybe she means just with water, then I was perplexed. Then I re-read the title and everything made more sense. I have been up since 4am my brain is kaput.
    I meant to mention this was AWESOME!

  2. Love this video ❤️❤️
    You made my day♥️💚🖤☺️ amazing painting 😍

  3. I love that you’re oil painting❤️ it’s definitely my favorite and most comfortable medium. Your water turned out beautiful!

  4. I have only made 1 oil painting as a professional and I have purchased some water soluble oils for a future project because I gotta sick from the toxicity of the paint and thinners from the regular oil paint. I know that you can mix in regular oil paint with the water soluble oils it just has to be less than 30% of the total volume of the paint. If you decide you want to try that medium I would love to see you attempt it! Let me know as I do have extra mediums for the water soluble oils even more paint if your interested. . . You have the dedication and talent to excel at this, you did an amazing job, thanks for sharing your expertise! I look forward to watching any videos you post!

  5. Wow.. This was such an awesome video. It was amazing to watch the piece come together. Also to see your process both physically and mentally. I'm constantly learning, trying different mediums, different methods.. Sometimes when something is hard it makes me want to get better at it, and sometimes it makes me want to throw in the towel and say, "this just isn't going to be part of my repertoire" You did FANTASTIC and it came out BEAUTIFUL.. Especially for ur 1st time!! TYFS!! 💯😊😘💘👍✌

  6. I suddenly really want to paint! Thanks for being transparent, I can relate to the roller coaster process and the fear of tackling new things; in the end it's always uplifting to have at least tried. The painting is really pretty by the way!

  7. I thought you meant could you literally paint water, like ON the surface of water 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 yes my mind is weird

  8. Hi I love your art!! I've been watching your channel for awhile now and you are so good! I hope one day I can be as good as you! Thank you for all the amazing art work! I always look forward to your videos 🤗😊💜

  9. Wow It looks awesome, glad to see you again :-). I so enjoy your videos, you make me smile. God Bless You. Definitely looks like water :-). Thank You for sharing and for your encouragement.

  10. Hey mira!!! I was wondering have you ever thaught about doing a meet and greet? If so i would absalutely be there!!!💕

  11. Wow that came out amazing! I still have to try out oils. I want to experience the blendability of oil paints. Happy New Year to you, Mira 🙂

  12. Thanks so much showing you too struggle. I've been trying to get back into drawing and painting, but would always hit that hopeless stage and would be like "what's the use?". So I really appreciate that.

  13. Omg I love you and your Chanel plz like my comment ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰😍😍😍😍

  14. When you said can I paint water in the title I thought u literally meant that you were gonna literally paint on actual water lol

  15. I knew you could do it 😍👍 great job

    How long does your oil paint take to dry using that Gauk stuff ?

    I don’t go near the oil paint even the water Mixable stuff cos it takes too long to dry – I don’t like the smell or the dangerous stuff either, so, just curious at drying time 😊

    I like your transparency 👍🌸🌺

  16. While I am slightly disappointed there is no bargain hunting Bigfoot, I did very much enjoy watching you create an ocean. ^_^

  17. Looks great.
    Maybe keep your reference closer to the piece your workinh on, will help with not loosing your place a bit 😊

  18. I hope this doesn't sound weird or creepy. I am autistic so I don't quite know when things are as kind as I mean them. I have been folowing you for I think around 8 months or a year now and I just wanted to say something :). I noticed how in the beginning you seemed a but "shy". I don't know if that's the right words, but I noticed your voice inflections were a lot of mimicry of other youtubers (Moriah Elizabeth for example). Lately I've noticed you really have come out more with your own tone, style and inflections. I don't mean to say you were a copycat or anyting before, just that you seemed nervous and fans of other youtubers so you naturally had similar behaviours. It's so lovely to see YOU come out lately, and the funny kinda creepy nerdy personality you have when you "let yourself go" a little more. Of course I could be reading this ALL WRONG and you could actually be more nervous NOW and that was more you BEFORE; so I apologize if I have it that way. I just really like this dorky and weird you coming out I see lately. 🙂

  19. Wow!! This is amazing! How long did it take you in the end? Regardless how long the results are great!
    I really felt the struggle with you but so pleased you persevered ❤️

  20. That looks incredible! I've only tried seascapes in acrylic, but I would like to try oils some day. Not anytime soon, because I'm already scattered between way too many mediums 😀

  21. It looks like a picture for far away, that's crazy! Do you want to do more attempts? I think it would be cool to see how you give this a try in different mediums!

  22. ok when you asked the YouTube questions I think it was plant like or something but it was not ( precious water )😂😂

  23. Your water picture is awesome, stunning, beautiful. You are a great artist positive attitude and I thank you for sharing your wonderful art with us.😆💜

  24. When Miranda starts editing vid: oH Mah GaRwAsH…… This is hopeless

    When she sees the part about getting over hopelessness: suddenly brightens up


  25. Wow so well done! Looks very strong. Would be awesome to see you do it again, but maybe with a reference photo that was taken during later in the day so the water is a really cool color.

  26. I would definitely hit a point with trying this where I would think "what am I even doing, i cannot salvage my disaster" and want to give up so bad. But yours is awesome

  27. I mis-understood the title😂 I thought you were trying to paint literal water from a tap . Like water colour 😂

  28. If you did this again, with burnt orange and reddish-browns and stopped after the first step, it would look like the ground on mars…or at least like cartoons portray it. It’d be awesome. And to answer the title… YES, YES YOU CAN! 🌊 ❤️ 🌊

  29. 1: Do you post videos once a week now?
    2: By the way, that painting turned out really good! If you ever want to get good at something or just better, all you have to do is practice!😉

  30. Firstly, you are just so adorable you can always make me smile even when I am having a rough day. Your personality is just so soothing and happy. This painting turned out great, the colors blended really well. I also have to say I loved the close ups where you could see the brush strokes. I just love the texture on the canvas of oil paint. I don't work with it much due to the drying time really. I just don't have anywhere to let paintings dry where I live. I have never been good with painting water. I have followed Lena Danya for a while and she does some amazing paintings with water not sure if you know of her or not.

  31. paintings almost always look way better when you look at them from a distance. That's why it's actually a good thing if you paint on a bigger canvas to take a step back and look at it from a different angle 🙂 it's the same with your painting of water, it looks so much more like water from a distance

  32. Absolutely beautiful Myra! It’s so plain to see you have a love of oils. I’d certainly enjoy seeing more! ❤️🎨🖌🌊

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