Can you drink Heavy Water?

Can you drink Heavy Water?

Obviously is quite a problem how do you make D2O, because normally
the deuterium in the water is diluted by a factor of seven thousand. Which for
chemist is really pretty dilute. The best way of making D2O is by a process
called electrolysis when you pass a current through the water to make
hydrogen. The process was first carried out on the large scale in Norway just
before the second world war. In Norway which is a very mountainous country they
have a lot of cheap electricity from hydropower. Rivers going over waterfalls. So they
have electricity and it makes economic sense to generate hydrogen to make …
for making ammonia and fertilizers by electrolyzing water. And if you
electrolyze water you find that the H2O react a little bit faster than the D2O.
So if you go on electrolyzing more and more of water and keeping what’s left
and then doing several stages of electrolysis you can gradually
concentrate more and more of the D2O To eventually it’s nearly pure. This process was
carried out in a fairly remote power station in central Norway. In a region called Telemark. Now, one of the main uses of D2O in the early stages of nuclear
science was for making nuclear reactors. Nuclear piles, and during the Second
World War the British and the Americans were terrified that Germany who occupied
Norway in … that time might get hold of the D2O and start nuclear
research. And in one of the best raids of the whole Second World War six
Norwegians attacked the power station, destroyed the
heavy-water apparatus and retreated. And the reason it was so successful is that
nobody was injured and nobody was killed. So they got into the place blew it up
and escaped without anybody being injured and in fact the German General
that investigated thought it was one of them as magnificent military feats he’d ever seen. There’s another story
that before the Germans invaded Norway, that the supply of heavy water – two cans – a few gallons, was smuggled out to the UK. And it was so valuable it is said that
it was put under King George VI bed overnight so it should be safe before it
was then transported to America. Is that true? Well this is the the legend and the
story is that when it was flown to America in an unheated plane the water froze, so when the people took
it off it sounded as if the cans were empty and
they got really worried but then it warmed up and melted. D2O has a number of applications but
it’s real use is in a technique called nuclear magnetic resonance. We have shown it on our video about tea,
how you can use it to analyze molecules. And nuclear magnetic resonance is very
sensitive to hydrogen atoms. So if you want to study some sort of molecules
dissolved in water if you use ordinary water, the hydrogen
atoms in the water have such a strong signal, that you can’t study the
dissolved molecules at all. So instead you use D2O which do not
respond to the same frequencies as the hydrogen and so you get a nice spectrum. [Brady] I think people watching will have two
questions. What does heavy water tastes like? And
what will happen to me if I think it? Well, I’ve never tasted D2O. I suspect that it will taste really
quite similar to H2O. Though it’s difficult to predict because sometimes
things taste quite different, but water doesn’t really taste anyway, you usually tastes what’s dissolved in
the water salts or whatever. There is a strong body of opinion that D2O is
quite poisonous and the reason why it’s poisonous is because in your body you
have all sorts of molecules that have hydrogen bonded particularly to oxygen. And these bonds break as part of the various chemical processes in your body. Deuterium oxygen bonds are slightly
stronger than hydrogen oxygen bonds and therefore if you start changing your
body for the the chemicals in your body from hydrogen to deuterium these bonds
will break more slowly. And so various processes in your body are likely to
slow right down. If they slow down they may completely
stop. Well I was always told that you could
kill someone by making a cup of tea with D2O. Because what it does is there a difference between the way
that hydrogen reacts and deuterium reacts in the body so it can replace hydrogen
in the body and obviously its everywhere it’s in the water and it’s in all the enzymes
that are in your body. But I have since read that
apparently you need to replace about fifty percent of the water in your body. For
actually kill you with D2O, which is kind of impractical. So … would be murderers don’t try that one, it will not work. There is a rumor which I never been able to verify that the Argonne lab in the United States just outside Chicago at one time had deuterated a
dog, which had been brought up and fed on D2O. But I think this is probably just a
urban myth, and it never happened. There’s also a suggestion that if you
dilute your whiskey with D2O rather than H2O, that you might not get so dizzy
when you drink too much. But you might be dead so it’s not
something that one should try and anyway it’s far too expensive.

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  1. 1:30 – Telemark, the place that gave its name to Nordic ski jump landing (one foot forward, the other knee down).

  2. But if I wanted to get about 10% heavier for at least a day or two I could replace all my H2O in my body to D2O? 🙂

  3. When the Germans tried restarted Hydro Norsk Deuterium , Nazi Germany shipped back heavy water to "prime" the cells to get the production jump started but sabatours bombed the ferry in was on and it all sits on the bottom of a deep lake

  4. I always drink one 8oz glass each week to cleanse out my innards and flush out any toxic humors. I then chase it down with a brandy stimulant so my head can swim a little before I start to operate my heavy machinery.

  5. Everyone is making the “this guy looks like science” joke

    So I’ll mix it up and say it looks like he saw a ghost

  6. The real questions should be how long how much is a toxic dose of Heavy Water and how long can it be survived.

  7. Telemark, also a skiing-style from… tadaaa: Telemark. You can see this style in "The heroes from Telemark"… well almost obviously.

  8. Lol I bet this guy drinks it every day and makes it through gravity modification. You got some fast motions from all that added surface tension…

  9. Why is this guys hair like this?

    Is it what eccentric scientists do? Or is purposeful to give more credence to the generic “scientist” gimmick most are vulnerable to believing due to archetypical subconscious thought patterns we have been indoctrinated with since the early days of the enlightenment age?

  10. Is the hair a fashion choice by scientists!? I mean when they become a scientist does a guy with a catalog come along telling you to pick a haircut from einstein to galileo?

  11. I appreciate the science behind videos like this, but the thing is, as long as whatever substance you want to drink is liquid, it goes from a question of 'can you drink it' to a question of 'how many times can I drink this before dying.'

  12. I was thinking the water comming from the cars running on hydrogen was nuclear or bad it had a wired energy field/aura like your burning the life out of the water interesting I wonder what the other comments say

  13. I drink leaded gasoline and fart combustion.
    The river's of light that move through the stone deep inside the earth is a type of heavy water/energy.
    I guess what you need to ask yourself, is how many elements does this energy move through, and can a spirit manipulate it's movement?
    I love scientology.

  14. What secrets about our own chemistry makes science wizards wear there hair this way?It must have some sort of magical science benifits for thier minds.

  15. The proper question to ask is not can you drink it. Of course you can. But what will happen if you do? The people that make these videos are idiots.

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    2019:Let's recommend this video 9 years after it was released!

  17. He keeps the formula for nuclear fusion as well as zero point energy hidden in his Einstein 'fro …..
    Please tell me that people don't think they can drink heavy water!!!! Wtf?????

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