Cara’s Night Formula update for night sweats,etc

Cara’s Night Formula update  for night sweats,etc

if you’re like me when it comes to menopause and the change you’re probably as confused as I am and rather than use my body as a guinea pig for the people out there that say Oh take bioidentical hormone replacements or take horse urine rather than be their guinea pig I prefer not to take anything and just suffer so when I was telling Marcus about hormones and what does he think he said take my nighttime formula it helps with hormones first night in ten years that I didn’t have a night sweats when I went when I slept I gave it to a girlfriend of mine the first night in years she said that she hasn’t had night sweats either however after a few months it quit working and I got really kind of depressed about it and I suffered again for a month until it hit me wait a minute it’s called dosage maybe if I put a teaspoon in the morning and a teaspoon at night it would start working I did and again that was what I needed to do you needed to keep it in your system and something like geranium alfalfa juice powder nettle leaf dandelion root fava bean beautiful wonderful etc after etc I don’t mind these awesome things coursing through my body 24/7 in fact I want them to you know I may even start taking a teaspoon in the morning a teaspoon in the afternoon and a teaspoon at night and see what that does but I went from a heaping tablespoon at night thinking oh my god what’s going on why is it not working to cutting it back down and the results are in no more night sweats that was the missing factor I needed this running through my body all the time so a teaspoon in the morning and teaspoon at night is what helped me if this helps me so much I just want to share it with as many people as I can if you’re suffering like I was beautiful wonderful awesome mother nature to the rescue everything here is from nature there is nothing nothing not natural about this and I do run when I hear all natural I’m so glad Marcus put unnatural on his label because I think that’s a crock so in summary for all the women out there that are going through what I was going through this is your new night time friend of course it helps to eat right but I know my girlfriend when she took it she was not eating right and it works for her but I do urge everybody to eat have a healthy diet so in summary if you are dealing with what I was dealing with this is like going to be your new best friend a teaspoon in the morning and a teaspoon at night and I also Marcus has amazing information and his ebooks regarding this subject called female one female to female one the first part of your life female 2 when you’re hitting you know my age and after and I don’t know I still think Marcus is from a different planet because how in the heck does he know how to have the woman’s body I don’t know I I’m fascinated but I just want to share what works for me with you guys and this works thanks so much for listening and appreciate you and God bless oh yeah I forgot can get it at night

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  1. Mines supposed to be here tomorrow, so excited.  The night rebuild and greens formula, that should cover am and pm.  Thanks for sharing Cara!

  2. I found that when I went raw I had no symptoms whatsoever, it was a perfect transition and I'm so grateful.

  3. Beautiful Cara! Would love to hang out! I'm 20 years of age, is it fine if I take it every night or should I take some time off in between? I'm healthy, constantly simplifying and raw, if that helps @Markus Rothkranz

  4. I think those sweats were my "initiation" into higher consciousness – i didn't know that of course.Humanity is losing their love affair with limitations!  about time too.

  5. Thanks for your video Cara! I was wondering if you can do a video on all natural skin care products you use including makeup and perfume/essential oils if used. Thanks again! Love all your videos guys 🙂

  6. How does it taste like ? I tried free colon and charconite and the taste was horrible !!! I had to make pills with it because I juste couldn't even have a tiny bit on my tongue 🙁

  7. Cara I will be 47 in 3 weeks still no nite sweet, I have to go and check my hormones, always is been ok, I am 85 % vegan, bless and light alwYs 🙏, namaste

  8. This is what I found too, I had to alter my dosage. This product has a profoundly positive effect on my body. PLEASE never stop making it. 🙂

  9. markus, what do you think about mucusless diet healing system ?
    some people in spain are claiming it to be single path for full health,

  10. Markus, how long would the Green Formula take to come to Brooklyn, New York City if I take your regular shipping??

  11. hi Cara, I do not suffer from menopause problems (at  age 47). But I started to use night formula since two weeks and I sleep so much better! It seems like I am more relaxed almost no dreams and if I go to bed early enough I feel  fitter than before.
    I used to sleep about 4-5 hours a night and come home completely exausted from work, when I sleep 6 hours I feel better later  in the day,
    But Night formula definitly makes a difference !

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this Cara! You and Markus are so amazing !! I love the way you are willing to take the time to help others! Big 💚💚💚💚's

  13. Thanks, Cara!!!  I have yet to experience the night sweats, but I take this formula anyway to hopefully avoid them altogether.  I thought about taking it during the day when I was making my afternoon smoothie with the Greens powder.  I'm going to try this. 
    **And yes, Markus is not human, lol!  He's way too smart and talented for this planet! 😀

  14. Cara and Markus, I need help. I'm only 26 years old, and my health pretty much sucks (physically, mentally, and spiritually). I've been surrounded by negativity for nearly my entire life, and I've always been a fighter, but I feel like I've had my light beaten out of me. I'm about to venture into a new chapter, alone, to "find myself", get closer to God, and hopefully heal myself. I've been suffering from chronic pain for nearly 14 years now. My pain is located in my core (female stuff). This is probably too much info, but I'm hoping you might have suggestions. I have internal varicose veins, fibroids, endometriosis, and some scary inflammation. The doctors tell me I need a hysterectomy, but because of my age, I have no children,.and they're all scared I'll sue, no one will touch me. So my only option now is scary things like spinal steroidal injections. As soon as I get my own place, I plan on doing a water fast for at least a week, or longer if I can. Then I'll slowly start juicing and come out eating nothing but what God gave us. I've listened to a lot of your videos, so I'm sorry if you've mentioned it somewhere else, but would you suggest anything specific to remedy the issues I stated above? I've already had 4 surgeries and 2 injections, no gallbladder, and I'm just so sick of nothing fixing anything. Much thanks to you both for the information you provide, it has helped me so much. Also,.I do plan on purchasing some of your books and powders as soon as I'm able. 🙂

  15. Hi, I love fruit!! but when I do fruit for breakfast AND lunch, I get troubles with my eyesight. Any idea why???? thanks, Ilse (ps: I eat high raw low fat vegan – raw till 4 style)

  16. Thanks Cara – I thought I was going crazy!  It worked, like you said – the FIRST night! Not only that, but I had only 0-1 hot flash a day, as opposed to the 3-5 I was having prior to getting the Night Rebuild 🙂  I'm just starting my business (raw food delivery and teaching raw food classes), so I am definitely under some stress – good stress, but still stress! After about 2 weeks I started having more hot flashes during the day, and then started waking up a few times during the night.  I'm going to take twice a day, and post this on my FB to "pay it forward" and help others 🙂

  17. Hey Cara!  Have you ever considered switching to Omega 3 fats?  I know Cashews and Olive Oil are great, but the Omega 3 fats are so helpful especially to female problems.  Maybe use Hemp Oil and Hemp Seeds instead?  More Chia and Flax.  Switching my sources of fat has helped my female problems quite a bit.  The Markus products have plants that are high in these essential fatty acids, which helps balance this out.  Balance the fats; balance the hormones?  Just a thought…

  18. Is it just for Night Sweats? I do not have that but am post menopausal will it help just overall keeping the body young?

  19. Where did you get that battery powered stirer at? Hunnybun tossed mine out because he thought i never used it and i did use it every day. I don't know what it is called and I have been looking for one for a couple of months with no luck. Thank you in advance!

  20. it worked for me, but to swallow it down was hard, because it doesn't dissolve well in water and the taste is horrible. I had to mix it with something just to handle the taste.

  21. Worked for me!, 1 month- 1 tbs./ 8oz. Water with dash of stevia for taste, no more hot flashes even during the day! Went from 25-30/ day to 0… In only a month…I'm continuing this formula for a while. Got on the continue to ship program…. Nothing worse than hot flashes every 20 minutes. Thank you! Markus and Cara! Love you both, kelly

  22. Thank GOD I saw this video. I started taking the night formula in the day and night…holy cow! I no longer have mid-day crashes and I sleep SO GOOD at night! I don't know how it's able to give me energy in the day and relax me at night, but it does! God bless you, Cara!

  23. Hey Markus/Cara, I just ordered Night Rebuild. Will it help reduce that facial puffiness we all have in the morning? Super excited to try it and will let you know the results! 😀

  24. Hi, I've heard Black Cohosh is really working for a lot of women with hot flashes! Why isn't it in the night rebuild formula?💗

  25. This is one of my best formula ever, I have been sleeping like a baby, please am running out, I want to purchase again living in the UK. Plesse send me the link, this time I promise to save the link this time plsssssss, also seamoss and vitamin C. My aunt want it too, knowing how these products have changed my life. Many thanks. UK link please thank you so very much. I cant thank you enough Markus, may God bless you with more wisdom. And ofcourse you Cara thank you.

  26. Sweet Cara~
    I love the Night Formula. Can you or Markus advise me on how to reverse menopause and keep my period going. I am a very young 47 year old that still wants to have a baby. I was pregnant 4 years ago.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Love you guys!! 💗

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