Cardio Yoga Workout For Weight Loss ♥ The Sweat Is Just Your Fat Crying

Cardio Yoga Workout For Weight Loss ♥ The Sweat Is Just Your Fat Crying

welcome to beautiful Turks and Caicos islands we are here today on a gorgeous beach in north Caicos with a cardio yoga workout todays class is going to be all about boosting your metabolism and really getting you into that fat burning zone with a fusion of cardio exercises and yoga postures were going to make sure that you work every muscle in your body and feel amazing by the end of this class so if you’re ready to get started grab your mat grab your water and lets begin if you’re looking to take you’re fitness to the next level check out our new program called boho beautiful transform a new generation of fitness workouts that will help and help you attain the most incredible results

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  1. Really good workout! I was skeptical at first bc of how short it is, but this worked me more than most 30 minute workouts do! Your voice is so calming!

  2. Such an awesome, quick workout. Thank you Juliana and Mark. I loved the upbeat music, it helped with the workout 🙂 So much love and gratitude to you both, beautiful, inspiring people. The World needs more people like YOU 🙂

  3. Wow this one is kickin my ass. Had to stop for water. I love u guys and your videos. Thank you for making them so beautiful. Im going to do this one every day ti i can do it like u. Much love

  4. reallu love this workout, thanks for making this video Julia! xx
    May I know what the title of the background music is?

  5. I would love it if you also posted some workout videos especially ab workouts WITHOUT strain on the neck and shoulders. Love to do yoga workouts but i feel like i don't get all that i can out of them cause i cannot hold a plank over a min and downward dog isn't a release. Love all your videos! Love and light

  6. Is this workout enough to do by itself or is it okay to pair it with another workout? I know sometimes they say HIIT is enough on its own but I’m just curious 🙂

  7. This is definitely not yoga… let’s be real… much more like aerobics and Pilates. It works for what it is. But I got to be honest… It feels rushed and there are no alignment cues.

  8. Hey guys! I love your videos, you make me wanna go out and change the world. I have a little request, could you create a routine to improve general body posture, specially back? Hope you see this. Lots of love and hugs from Colombia.

  9. You must have great shoulders and arms strength 😂 it looks amazing but when one starts doing these exercises you know that ain't easy at all😂 but amazing all these workouts are!!

  10. This was a killer workout lol. I've been transitioning from weight lifting to yoga and pilates for flexibility and mobility. I stumbled across you channel and thought I would try this workout; I got through it but I still need some work 🙂

  11. OMG I keep looking at the time bar to see when it’ll be over. That just mean it’s hard but Goooood 👍

  12. I did this workout 4 times last week and 4 times this week and today was the first time that I got through it without stopping! I feel so accomplished! Thank you!

  13. This is on of your few challenging short and dymamic sets of exercises, which I like very much. Thank you.

  14. Omgmgmgmmg this was the last video inhad left of all ur latest videos. Phew I'm all caught up!!! Yes I can feel ma heart pounding haven't sweart in yoga in agessss!!! Feels good hope I can sleep btr haven't Been able to get sound sleep lately an alao yes like someone mentioned bfr I did this video it was like let's get on it n during the video it was like omg r we almost done 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😀😍❤

  15. You kicked my butt this morning, a good raise and shine workout lol made me laugh because I wasn't expecting to be so tired. I loved it! definiietly going to do it again and check out more videos <3 Thank you!

  16. This is a relaxing BUT intense and highly recommended workout! Great instructor throughout the entire video. Great work and thank you for sharing 🙂

  17. The first time I did this I wanted to cry, now I can get thru it without pausing it once. Amazing. Thank you

  18. @
    Boho Beautiful – Juliana, I appreciated seeing you smile periodically during this video :-). What brought you this joy?

  19. Definitely couldn't do the lizard pose switches but I'm going to keep trying this video until I can. Thanks!

  20. Just what I needed this evening.,.. a quick heart raising small workout,
    A stressful tiring day , so nothing too big was key for me,
    Thnakyou BoHo, You’re beautiful .
    Best wishes and namaste 🙏🏼 🌹❤️💫🌈💖💐🌸🙏🏼

  21. Wow that’s what I call a work out 💪 I’m dead and I didn’t even finish it. I’m going to give it another try tonight.

  22. I thought I was stronger. But I had to stop the video a few times to take some breaks. Next time I hope it will be easier. Thanks for the workout 🙂

  23. I think you are an amazing spirt, love your energy,your love that you send out, and your just beautiful, keep up the good work🌞

  24. I'm gonna TRY to update eveyday.
    1) Everytime I did one of those pushups, my arms cracked.
    2) I was a little sore from yesterday. I had to stop a few times during the workout, but I felt good the entire day yesterday.
    3) fell sick and was not able to do it 🙁
    4) still sick
    5) yeah! I'm better! Anyways, I did not realize how out of shape I am. But this is great. The feeling after the workout is the best. I was able to complete more than half the workout.
    6) I was able to do most of the excersises. My legs also look every so slightly more toned.
    7) That was tiring. I could do all the workouts, but just not fully complete them. My body looks every so slightly better.

  25. This video is insane, this is my go to for every day aerobic yoga and I will keep at this video til i can do it at the same speed as you!!

  26. Maybe next time I’ll get through it without stopping 10 times. This one was HARD, but that’s good! A challenge….

  27. Yoga workout តាមរយះ YouTube video មិន ចំណាយ ប្រាក់ច្រើនទេ គ្រាន់តែ យើង មាន តែ កំរាល មួយ ដុំ ដែក រឹ កៅ អី មួយ ពេលវេលា និង ការប្ដេជ្ញា ចិត្ត ផលដែលបាន មកវិញ រាង កាយ សមរម្យ និង សុខភាព ល្អ មិនដូូច ជា ការវះកាត់ ទេ

  28. I usually love what you guys do and what you guys stand for, but I can't get behind this video because the title is so so so not aligned with the message, and it just isn't mindful. It's so so toxic. I thought we were supposed to love our bodies. Now we want them to cry? Mindfully building muscle is much healthier, especially for your mind, and it's much more rewarding in all aspects. As someone who has suffered from anorexia for many years along with body dysmorphia, I've found yoga to be a way that I can connect with my body while also working it out, a nice balance that allows me to be soft and care for my body after so much abuse. Body acceptance is a h a r d goal to reach, but I am working so hard. You guys are amazing and have beautiful souls, but please don't bring toxic body talk into this! <3 still love and support you guys.

  29. This is really incredible. can you make a yoga cardio vid that stretches out the legs but doesn't work them that much? I'm trying not to work my quads and calves bc of injury.

  30. It’s not for beginners at all and I find she barely explains it at a rate for you to get it and keep up wouldn’t recommend it personally

  31. Well, I doing the same like everyone else:
    Day1) I was doing it in the morning without taking the breakfast and I had to stop in the middle for a break and a fruit. I'm 63kg….

  32. Just awesome yoga workout, seriously this is the YouTube channel I visit every morning. It helped me a lot I can feel the same level fitness in 15-20 mins which you usually get after spending an hour in gym. The combination of asanas yoga practice is so well balanced gives you complete cardio without getting any strain or injury. 5 star from my side. Keep up the good work, make world a healthier and happier place.

  33. Been doing a bunch of other boho beautiful videos and was thinking I was getting so strong… Then I tried this one and wanted to die 😂😂 got ALOT of work to do🧘

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