Carnivore Diet: 2 Month Update (Exercise, Skin, Pelvic Floor)

Carnivore Diet: 2 Month Update (Exercise, Skin, Pelvic Floor)

time for another update it’s been almost
exactly two months since I started the carnivore diet fully expecting to hate
it and because you guys have asked for a too long didn’t watch recap in the
beginning of the videos I’m going to go ahead and do that right now
so 30 days into the current of our diet I stopped eating so much salt I had some
improvements in skin conditions that were super interesting and I’m going to
go ahead and put the timestamps for all these down below if you want to just
click to what you want to see um so I mean I get that swimmers hi it’s kind of
like the runner’s high immediately in swimming and this is
something that I wasn’t hitting every time I would swim or even like every
three or four times I would slime and so I’m super excited about that I need way
less electrolytes when I exercise now and so that’s like a really kind of
adaptive or cool change it’s come with being on the carnivore diet for longer I
did go off carnivore I got so bloated that my five-year-old asked me if there
was a baby in my tummy I’m back on carnivore very happily now
um there were some things that I held onto like some improvements in my body
and my health and whatever that stayed even though I went off carnivore and
there were some things that came back and made me think that like carnivore is
definitely the way for me to go right now I did get sick
and I seriously questioned my lack of vitamin C and my lack of minerals and so
I was taking a multivitamin for a while which some people think is carnivore
blasphemy and we’ll talk about more a little we’ll talk a little bit more
about that at the end of the video the biggest armors they got the biggest
observation that I thought was super interesting is that I need so much less
salt like I hit pretty much 30 days on carnivore even though I hadn’t been 100%
strict I’ve been probably like out of those thirty days I’d probably been
nothing but animal foods for like 28 or 27 of them where you guys saw and I
think it was my second my three-week update video on carnivore that I ate
some cookies one day but for the most part I was on carnivore for that whole
first month and pretty much 30 days on the dot I stopped maybe and electrolytes
and so you guys have asked me how I feel when I know I need electrolytes how do
you know you need electrolytes you just feel like or I feel lethargic and like
super thirsty like I’m thirsty but I’m drinking water and it doesn’t seem to be
holding that’s how I know I need electrolytes and all
so I feel lethargic just like I tend on carnivore and keto both when my
electrolytes are right I have tons and tons of energy like way more energy than
I had in high school more energy than I had in my 20s I’m 35 now I just like
wake up happy ready to go ready to do things low stress when my electrolytes
are off I’m just like lethargic I want to sit and watch Netflix and so that’s
how I know and really what I think that is is your kidneys are good at recycling
electrolytes but they definitely prefer for you to be taking them in and so if
your kidneys have to recycle them that’s a lot of effort for your body until your
body’s gonna just be like well let’s just slow way down
and so our commutes don’t have to do all this electrolyte stuff I’m a very
scientific explanation and so 30 and up to those 30 days I was taking like a
quarter or a half a teaspoon of Redman sea salt in my hand and I just like put
that in my mouth and then drink a big glass of water probably two or three
times a day more if I would exercise and that’s just what I needed to keep my
energy up which electrolytes don’t give you energy but lack of electrolytes will
make it so you are lethargic so the first 30 days of carnivore I didn’t find
that I needed to take magnesium orally I still do absence all in the tub a few
times a week and that’s another way that you can get
magnesium through your skin I found I didn’t need that potassium chloride or
the pep yeah whatever that low salt is the potassium and that was kind of
interesting to me that when I was on keto I definitely felt like I needed
that potassium and then the first 30 days of carnivore just taking that extra
salt and then I’d be good to go it’s like an immediate improvement like
within 10 minutes of taking that salt and drinking that water I perk right
back up and so that was that was pretty interesting to me and then what I
thought was most interesting was that 30 days into carnivore I just figured I’d
be taking a lot of salt the whole time I was doing the carnivore diet and
something changed I don’t know what my body’s doing or what its adapted to but
I am definitely not needing as much salt and so that’s kind of exciting
interesting to see you that your body changes like that and honestly it’s
pretty nice to not have to go like taking a mouthful of salt is not maybe
my favorite thing to do so that’s kind of nice at that gone to skin wise I
always had in here’s and it doesn’t matter if I shave
or if I wax or whatever so like on my legs I have always had an ingrown hairs
and I thought it was from swimming I’m Harris Bob to say hi to you again hi mom
but I thought it was from swimming because like the chlorine and I always
grew up and I was a swimmer and I just figured that that was something that I
was going to have to deal with as long as I was a swimmer and like my skin had
permanently had the microbiome changed or whatever I don’t know what’s going on
but about about probably three weeks into the carnivore diet and I thought it
was just like a coincidence at first but no it’s like stayed for the last month
is I don’t get ingrown hairs anymore it’s like I have exfoliated the same
I’ve done everything the same like used the same lotions and everything as I did
before carnivore and I’m not getting those ingrown hairs so that’s obviously
not a huge problem and it’s not something that is like somebody would
completely alter their dietary protocol for I wouldn’t think but I just thought
it was an interesting observation that I’ve had that pretty much since I
started shaving my legs that like I don’t know 11 or 12 whenever that starts
till now I’m 35 and it’s never gone away even when I spent like there was years I
didn’t swim and it was still like I did exfoliator I did whatever and I still
had like quite a few ingrown hairs in my legs and that went away sleep is still
very good I’m just kneading like the same amount of sleep but my the
difference that I’ve seen because I told you I did go off during spring break
like I was teaching my kids how to make banana bread I was teaching them all
sorts of stuff and I was just eating kind of whatever at other people’s
houses and not really worrying about being on carnivore I still eating meat
mostly as my meals but I wasn’t making a completely separate meal for myself I’m
compared to my family for like five days on spring break and so I found that when
I went off carnivore my sleep went back to where I’m waking up like every 90
minutes 120 minutes and not bad but just like rolling over getting comfortable
again going back to sleep and on carnivore it stays the same where I’m
sleeping the same but I wake up feeling so much better rested and I just sleep
through the night which everyone knows it can be kind of frustrating to wake up
in the middle of the night and then have to like think about going back to sleep
and then go back to sleep carrying on
with that went those five days that I was eating banana bread that my son made
and I can’t remember what else ate Ben and Jerry’s that was a vodka fueled
decision and then I make a lot of stir fries just that’s just kind of what I do
like April in a bowl which is really good and then just random stir fries
with meat and veggies and coconut oil and then I also made double dates using
avocado oil mayonnaise and I ate some of those I still like definitely since
doing carnivore find that I crave a lot more meat and I don’t feel like I’ve had
like a good meal unless there’s been a lot of protein in it but I went off just
kind of for the sake of having three kids home for spring break
but it was interesting to see that I seem to crave meat a lot more than I did
and so when they went back to school I started kind of going to a more lazy
form of carnivore which at the end of this video I’ll link to another video
where I talk about like kind of the different varieties of the carnivore
diet what you can eat on the carnivore diet and so I kept in some avocado oil
mayonnaise I really found that that kind of bothers me more than I thought it
would it’s like a healthy fat I thought I would be okay but I definitely can
feel a difference just in my digestion and stuff when I eat it or not so once
they went back to school I started eating my meat again I prepped a big ol
brisket in the instant pot and I have that in the fridge so I have an easy
go-to for my food again I’ve started grilling again now that it’s above zero
degrees but yeah going off carnivore and then even out of ketosis I did notice
that I handle being out of ketosis a lot better than I did before before I get
like a pretty good depression once I get out of ketosis and this is documented
I’ll put the study at that ketosis does help with depression and anxiety like
lots of different mental health stuff and I didn’t notice that comeback as
much I did still notice the energy and that’s a big reason of why I do keto and
now carnivore is because I just have so much more energy on it and I really
enjoy that it makes me just a lot more motivated to do all of the things I have
to do and then still have time and energy to do the things I like to do so
it’s just kind of a quality-of-life boost definitely got
my five-year-old niece let me get on the shower he’s like do you have a baby me
and your Tommy and I very much do not have a baby in my tummy and so out of
the mouths of babes I definitely got bloated enough that my
five year old thought I had a baby in my tummy I’m going off a carnivore
then I think that’s back down right now I’m about five days back onto carnivore
and I think that that kind of sorts itself out pretty quickly and then plans
so am i planning on being on carnivore for the rest of my life no well I’m not
that’s not my goal it’s interesting I’ll just keep going by how I feel versus any
particular plan or commitment to anything right now it’s still definitely
the best for me so I’ve been adding in some mushrooms and cooking with garlic
which is usually what I use when I’m cooking for the family anyway a little
bit of like coconut aminos or even soy sauce if that’s what I’m doing for the
family anyway and then I just pull my stuff out before I add the veggies like
the veggies really do cause a bloat which is something that I wasn’t
expecting um definitely carnivore is feeling good
for me right now and I’m gonna stay on it as long as it feels good but again I
don’t beat myself up like I didn’t feel bad for going off spring break I was
kind of expecting like I probably won’t stay on carnivore for spring break and
that’s something that if you need someone that is a hundred percent black
and white all the time I’m probably not your girl so that’s something that I
think you can learn a lot based on going off and on different protocols and just
like learn about how your body feels so my plans are my goals for carnivore is
that I would like to do meat only no eggs no cheese no butter just meat and
salt for ten days I still haven’t done that I know I’m thinking I’ll probably
do it when it warms up and I stopped drinking coffee anyway but for right now
I feel really good on like having a little bit of dairy having eggs
occasionally I don’t really crave eggs until one day I do when I have like six
so I’ll try to do meat only no coffee even once the weather warms up a little
bit I’m kind of curious like there’s that celery juice but I’m going around
right now and there’s people that I totally trust on the internet and I
believe like they’re not making it up that they do find that they really like
the celery juice in the morning and so I’m curious about that I kind of want to
see what would happen if I did celery juice and carnivore and we do have a
juicer left over from when we did the gaps diet and we tend to get it out in
the summer again my kids like they’re all home for the summer and they like to
they like the juicer and so my ten-year-old is usually the one in
charge of that and he just wants to juice for a while so I might try doing
the whole celery juice in the morning I think you have like a glass of celery
juice every morning before you eat and see see what happens see how I feel on
that Oh tonight one more thing or two three
three more things so I I did get sick and this is something that sometimes
people feel like oh I’ll never get sick if I eat perfectly I really I just don’t
think that’s true or at least it’s not true for me I know I get sick a lot less
if I’m eating well but I got sick not like super sick but my kids brought home
a cold and a cough and then like their kids like they’re gonna cough in my face
just because they’re kids and they do that and so I got sick and I like
seriously started questioning my whole no vitamin C thing so I started just
juicing a lemon and put that in some hot water for tea and drank that for a
vitamin C and then I started taking my multivitamin which is seeking health
brand and that’s what I was taking that Aikido and I take that when I eat
regularly anyway and so I was thinking like just because you’re on carnivore
there seems to be some taboo like we never need to supplement anything and I
definitely like my mental health is good I was taking amino acids and different
kinds of supplements for mostly mental health um for energy some poorly brain
health and I haven’t felt the need for any of those I just like feel super good
on carnivore so I’ve definitely cut way back on to supplements that I’m taking
but I did start taking that multivitamin that I do give my kids every few days
just I don’t know I don’t think it’s a horrible thing to do second to last
thing I started I started doing push-ups again so I like when you’re pregnant
a lot of times and sorry this both these last two things or women related if you
don’t like that you’re welcome to go now um so when you’re pregnant all the times
you’ll split right here and I’ve had three pregnancies and I moved a bunch of
times so I didn’t move during my first time I got to see during my second
pregnancy and that maybe was 11 pounds I moved twice and like you just can’t even
if you’re not really lifting stuff like you’re gonna be lifting one was like
three weeks before the baby was born and then third pregnancy again I moved like
a month before the baby was born and so it’s it’s not uncommon cuz your abdomen
Domino muscles are like way out there for this display if you overwork your
abdomen or just from being pregnant and so it took me I
doing push-ups before I got pregnant at the third time and I could do ten I
think but it took me like a month to get up to those ten like I was kind of
working at it it was hard and this is kind of interesting so I hadn’t I had
that split and it took I don’t know probably two years for it to fully heal
because I could feel every time I tried to work out anything in my abdomen it
would start splitting again it just like burns and so I kind of gave that a rest
for a couple years well now that baby’s five and I’ve
noticed that I’m just like more likely I just feel stronger on carnivore and it
could be placebo it could be just because I know I’m eating so much
protein and so much meat or there could be actually something to it I feel good
about exercising on carnivore um the swimming is definitely I feel like I
have way more endurance I get that swimmers hi I just like feel amazing
I don’t I was taking CBD oil this is another one of those supplements that
I’m not taking so much anymore but I was taking CBD oil after I’d have a hard
swim just to kind of like not be sore all over for three days and I haven’t I
haven’t taken that like I don’t wake up in the morning after swimming hard
feeling like I need to take something to get rid of that muscle soreness but
anyway so I’ve been on carnivore and I’ve been like picking up my kettlebells
more and trying to get my swing my kettlebell swing back how it should be
and I’ve also started doing the push ups again and this is interesting I went
from when I first started doing it was like probably two weeks ago I’m like I
should try doing push-ups again and it does work your abdomen so I hadn’t been
doing it but my abdomen has been healed for a while now and I’ve just been lazy
and so I I could do one pushup when I started and you guys say I’m not fit you
say I don’t look foot you’re right I’m not fit um this is not something that
I’m trying for but in case I could do one pushup when I started and the next
day I could do two push-ups and then so I’ve been doing this for like a week and
I’m up to six or five push-ups for me compared to like when I had tried doing
push-ups before I feel like I’m gaining it could be muscle memory because when I
got her again I could do ten and then I didn’t maintain that during pregnancy
cuz I just didn’t care but it’s been now I mean that was six years ago that I
could do ten push-ups for me to gain all the way back to five
and just a week I thought was pretty interesting and that might be a side
effect of the carnivore diet another thing related to having babies is
everything kind of falls down so the Diva Cup is something that I use for
periods it’s like this little cap no I’m not going to show you it’s this little
cup and you kind of stick it up there it’s sections up there and then it takes
the blood and then I’ll hold to the blood from your period instead of using
a tampon or a pad I’ve been using it I’ve been using the Diva Cup for like
the past ten years and I had noticed then this is after I think I started
using it after I had my second kid and so I’ve been using it for about the past
ten years maybe eight years and is something that before I had to always
kill it up there and so if you kinkle it it’ll stay in its spot so if you’ve had
kids your pelvic floor sort of moves down and everything becomes softer and
like your uterus is usually hanging a little bit lower your cervix is hanging
lower in your vagina and sorry I’m super comfortable talking about this I’m like
a home birth er I can talk to you about breastfeeding I can talked about poop
it’s just something I’m comfortable talking about um so I thought that was
interesting that once I started doing the push ups I’m not sure if it is
related to the push ups or it’s related to carnivore or it’s like my body
healing itself but like I don’t have to key GLE that diva cup up there at all
anymore and it’s like way up there so noticing
that that has all raised up which is probably women’s like more healthy
position and if you do natural family planning where you check your cervix
which is something that I’ve done just to kind of be in touch with my body know
when I fertilize back up birth control as well like you are very familiar with
where your cervix is at different points in your cycle and it’s just wait further
up and I thought that was an interesting side effect it could be because of like
the increased core strength because push-ups really do use some of your core
it could be from the kettlebells which also increases your core strength or it
could just be that I’m providing my body with the nutrients and it needs to
repair itself and kind of bring it physically back into the position that
it prefers to be that’s our two-month update on the carnivore diet if you’d
like to learn more go ahead and click over there I’m going to tell
you exactly what you can and cannot eat on the carnivore diet and the different
versions which are like more or less strict and why and then over there you
can see my other two updates of how I was like super surprised at how much I
love the carnivore day thanks for joining me I’ll talk to you later

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  1. Interesting. I noticed some Pink Hymalain sea salt in my H20 does provide some benefit. Doing Carnivor and IF. Stopped black coffee(not for good) and felt a little bad for a day or three, then felt better. And yes, I've veered from both, feel no guilt as long as I don't veer often or long. I'd be interested in hearing your take on Celery Juice and Carnivor eating. Thanks for this vid.

  2. I definitely think the ability to do multiple push-ups came from eating carnivore. I went from not being able to do push-ups for almost three decades, to going from one push-up, to six push-ups in about 1 week, just months into eating a heavy carnivorous keto diet. There's no other explanation for it other than my diet. Especially, because I was working out with a trainer for 3 months and he tried so hard to help me to do push-ups. But I could not do even one for him, even if he paid me $1000000. It was only when I changed my diet that I was able to do push-ups, sans trainer.

  3. The kitty ? ???? I love?. Does the abundance of protein tighten skin/reduce stretch marks/reduce cellulite ? I myself have noticed some small changes with me and those issues. Stronger hair and nails. I also had horrible keratosis polaris(chicken skin) before. I will never go back!

  4. you may not need more salt but you should eat at least 6 grams a day. definitely not table salt , use sea salt. a healthy diet contains 6 to 8 grams of salt a day.

  5. plant oils are not good for you, not even olive or avocado. use ghee, beef tallow, duck fat, pork fat.

  6. vegies don't just cause a blot, there slow poisons. they cause inflammation in the body. look up anti nutrients. raw vegies are the worse.

  7. If you are sensitive to Oxalates, Do not drink celery juice. There is 10 mg per cup of that poison in celery. When I eat something with Oxalates, (bread, cake etc) Eating a bit of cheese before hand seems to eliminate the bloating.

    Here’s an Excel sheet from Harvard listing common foods and their oxalate content;

    P.S. Nice Rack! ??

  8. Lol, benefits from carnivore, strays a little gets sick. Plans to go off carnivore. No offense, no hate, but I dont think you're hearing yourself. Listening to your body.

  9. You look happier and happier each video, this is something I've noticed in carnivore people. There're so happy everytime

  10. It's interesting to see how 2 months into the carnivore diet is doing. Thanks for the info. I'm 51 yo male and have insulin resistance. Currently thinking about trying Fung's fasting routine of 38 hour fasts 2 – 3 times a week and keto on top of it. Pretty sure it is an inflamed liver so I'm thinking I have to reduce inflammation in my body. Carnivore diet might be a possibility in the future for me.

  11. I wonder if the lessening of ingrown hairs has to do with your skin (largest organ of the body) is more efficient?

  12. 6 months on carnivore diet and 50 lbs. Lighter and I feel great! My reset button has been reset, and my body has been healed! Praise God!???

  13. We are not Carnivores… WTF!!!!
    Everyone go watch free nutrition facts by Dr. Michael Gregor MD it’s called Nutrition Facts and it’s on YouTube.
    Go now before you die from cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, Alzheimer’s… the list gos on.
    Literally go now and go watch Forks Over Knives on Netflix

  14. Make sure you keep your intestinal tract healthy. I know someone that ended up in the hospital after 3 years on keto. Dr. prescribed 4 pieces of whole grain bread every day to heal his gut.

  15. I can tell through the videos that your skin looks clear and healther on my first official day of carnivore wish me well great videos

  16. But do you know how much crap and chemicals your taking in with a carnivorous diet. Do you know how toxic animals are.. fuck.. even organic meat Is vaccinated to schedule have fun with your cancer diagnosis lady.. you want factual advice check out Bergman Family Chiropractic youtube. That's a doctor that can actually teach u how to understand your body and the signals it gives

  17. Humans are one of the few animals that do not make their own vitamin C (along with apes, bats and Guinea pigs – all of which require a largely fruit diet). Carnivores in nature have much faster digestion, stronger stomach acid and eat once ever few days.. also they sleep more than they are active.. it's not a sustainable diet for humans (or environmentally). People might see good results short term when cutting out gluten and processed foods but I certainly dont think it is the ideal diet for humans.

  18. I haven't watched the entire video, but one thing that's immediately obvious is that your brain is running at twice the speed it was two months ago. Obviously much better mental clarity and cognition generally! I don't mean to be insulting of the way you were before (you were perfectly normal), but the difference is still remarkable — like you're a completely different person. You also look far healthier too, of course. Congratulations!

  19. Keto works well for me, I had a big allergic reaction to juicing celery root so I my self probably will not try juicing celery.

  20. How can we make sure electrolites are good, I need that big energy boost, lol. Can it be done on a sad diet , with supplements, or you must do at least keto and supplements? Did you take supplements the whole time? Did you stop after the 30 days when you no longer needed them on carnivore?

  21. Something about carnivore scares me. Almost everyone I've heard that "cheats" gets sooo sick and has insane reactions. That cant be ok. I'm doing keto now and I can eat carbs for a day and then kick myself back Inyo ketosis the very next day no issues. I feel that's the way a human body should be able to react not with intense symptoms

  22. you look great…don't know what you looked like before. biggest takeaway is…just like keto…how unhealthy carbs are especially massive carbs in one's diet. carbs are just massive crap filler…that's why feel great reducing from diet.

  23. Thanks for your videos! Super informative. I’ve been Keto for 2 years and feel great. However, veggies really bother and bloated so I have started eating more of a carnivore diet and feel so much better. My concern is that I’m not sure how much protein to have in a day? My family is concerned about kidney damage. Can you give advice on this? Thank you.

  24. This really makes me question about what is a healthy gut biome. They keep pushing probiotics but this shows a gut biome with lots of various microbes is not necessarily needed to be healthy.

  25. I'm curious, do you cut out all beer, wine and spirits as well?? How much weight have you lost in 30 days?

  26. Is this a way to kill a lot of people just using a video telling how great a toxic diet is? Are you on a mission to decimate the american population?

  27. I use a menstrual cup too. I use the Moon Cup and love it. That's so interesting how your muscle tone improved so much. Thanks for the info!

  28. Is it possible to try this diet for 5 days a week and 2 days normal diet but still get weight loss and insulin sensitivity ?

  29. I'm pretty sure, that You will up with a baby in your tummy, if you carry on :)…..He…He
    Btw. Kettlebells, Pushups and a talk about your privat…things ….is refreshing and rare…even
    around Doctores on YouTube.

  30. hi! can i have a question? in another video you said you did gaps diet for one of your children…did it work for you too? or in what ways carnivore diet is better for you than gaps? thank you very much!

  31. Can I ask, are you a RH Negative blood type? I'm trying to figure out if RH Negative blood types are more likely to experience healing on the Carnivore diet. Both food allergies and RH Negative blood types run in my family. Anyone? PS @11:16 I also have an inflammatory response to chicken, eggs, dairy, lamb and pork. And I'm VERY allergic to celery. So pay attention to how it makes you feel. It can be a problem for some. Everyone thinks celery is so innocent, couldn't harm anyone. It does me.

  32. Do you feel good from the diet or the coffee? If you do drink Coffee? I notice with coffee a lot easier energy wise! Without coffee? Soso!!!

  33. The term vegetable oil is simply used to imply that the oils are not made of animal-based fats, however, the unfortunate part is that although the term vegetable is often associated with health, vegetable oils are anything but, it just happens to be good marketing.Jun 21, 2018

    Why You Need to Ditch Vegetable Oils – Stephanie Kay | Nutritionist …

  34. Any ideas for sticking to this diet when you work on the road/live in hotel rooms? I can't really cook meals. I eat a lot of jerky and epic bars, keto friendly meal bars, but it's hard to get a real meal.

  35. Grass finished organ meats (especially adrenal & liver) & collagen, Celtic sea salt, and Schweppes club soda, respectively, for your vitamin C & electrolytes! But dark leafy greens will help your liver cleanse in ketosis.

  36. You mentioned supplementing w vit C due to a cold. I recall you talked about this (3 week update, and maybe ate some cookies then too). Is it possible you caught a cold as a result of eating the cookies? What was the time frame for both of these.

    I'm not totally against supplements if someone feels they need these (and we just don't know enough yet) but my son has been forced to live on a very restricted carnivore diet due to extreme health problems (severe porphyria). Only kefir and local honey. He hasn't been able to eat foods that contain vitamin C in nearly 2 years now (including meat, which does contain some C, as does liver). While we've all had multiple colds in the house and even a flu, he simply does not get these. Not even the sniffles!

    I am rethinking the whole vitamin C thing. Is it possible scurvy is not in fact related to lack of C, but to other poor dietary considerations, and adding vitamin C is simply a fix – a bandaid – for a completely unrelated disorder?

    Great videos – thank you!

    BTW – you look amazing, totally fit. While there are great antiaging benefits to having muscles mass, being 'cut' is not always necessary. Chances are you have great muscle tone simply because you're running after 3 kids every day, lol! ?

  37. I am so excited to try this! I have always had to push myself to eat veges and now I won't have to. I do intend to bring eggs back after a week or so, then cheese. I love both of them. They are both still animal products though so should be ok.

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  40. I lost like 80 pounds on carnivore diet in 4-5 months. Than i stoped and started eating normal. Slowly after 7 months of normal eating i gained 40 pounds again. So now i back to carnivore diet. Alredy back down 20 pounds in 2 weeks. Other benefits where i had inflamation in my back, my heals and my teeth gums. All gone. And best part stomach is half the size on carnivore diet compared to when i eat carbs.

  41. Nice woman, just overly scientific and too paranoid. Your definitely cute natured ☺️ probably Bipolar too, which is cool. Good luck… just relax, overthinking everything helps with nothing.

  42. I'm just curious as to how you plan on weening off carnivore if your gut reacted SO quickly to eating a regular western diet again, even just vegetables, for only 5 days? Like would you just go with a regular ketogenic diet then ? I have been experimenting with both as well, because I'm mainly trying to fix my 24/7 abdominal bloating. But I'm afraid that changing my gut bacteria so much will make it virtually impossible to go back after that.

  43. Your skin look fantastic! I have been doing keto and OMAD for over 2 years, just started 100% carnivore a week ago. I'm excited to see improvements in my skin and mood!

  44. You got sick because your lymphatic system is dirty and full of toxic mucus. Meat will certainly contribute to a dirty lymph system. Please watch Dr. Robert Morse’s videos for more info on that. Bloating is due to higher fiber intake and/or candida (fungal) overgrowth. High fiber diets do take a transition period to get past the bloating but it does get better as you establish the proper gut flora that comes with eating lots of fiber. Best wishes to you.

  45. It's great that you put timestamps on for those who are in a hurry; very considerate of you. Your electrolyte discovery is very interesting; I'll be watching myself to see if my salt intake changes (I use a LOT of Himalayan pink salt…but prefer Celtic).

  46. Get yourself some Bromelain capsules. If you take that (1 or 2) on an empty stomach (1 hr before or 3+ hours after eating), it will eat up the LDH from your body, which is what causes muscle soreness. Bromelain is pineapple enzyme, which comes from the core of the pineapple. If you want it fresh, you have to cut & eat it right away because the enzyme is deactivated after 15 minutes. It must be taken on an empty stomach (with water) because otherwise it will just digest whatever food you have in your stomach.

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