Righto summers here, which meanS the cricket’s here. The BBL is also here, we don’t mind the Perth Scorchers do we We get behind them. We love our boys the Scorchers, they’re pretty good. We’re doing some classic catches today We’re actually catching water of all things You have to understand we wanted to do this for ages It’s a rip right there. It’s so good. It’s gonna be hilarious. We haven’t done it yet, but I know it’s gonna be hilarious All right we got three rounds of catching water in the KFC BBL buckethead buckets Now visualise this alright Round 1, bucket of water over the edge. Round 2, like 100 water bombs over the egde Round 3, two gym balls or exercise balls, whatever you call them, over the edge full of water, over the edge And our goal, catch the most amount of water in that thing. But we can use this thing for measure. You with me? That make sense? I’m with you. That makes sense. I’m pumped. We’re ready to go. Let’s go. We’re ready to go. WE’RE READY TO GO! Commtest this week’s about the tower. Bretty, flick up there show them the top. Yeah okay mate, up we go And we’re back. Alright now we want to know how many of these buckets is it going to take, stacked up, to reach the top From the ground? From the ground. Good And, if you know this great, but the winner gets pinned sorry that was poop Scotty, I’ve written all the names on the bucket. Yes you have. Whoever’s name comes up goes first. Go! Scott! Scott goes first! And I don’t want to be a bit of a pain but Scott, Derek, Scott, Brett Haha, he rigged it! That’s ridiculous, I didn’t even know. And he flipped it! Got stitched up so bad man. Oh, we all have to do it, it’s just funny seeing you go first. Oh isn’t it You know I like banging on about the bell, I’m gonna say it again. Get the bell on. Get it on! I’m back in a contest this week. Shoulder’s feeling a bit better. Oh ow Slap me on the back of the neck. Righto, we got our jugs in order This one’s gonna be filled to the brim soon. I’m ready. Oh heck heck Oh my He’s drenched. How much water you get? Dude, I got more on me. Hang on, catch it! Well I tell you what, that was really something else Oh, that’s actually a fair bit That’s only one, Derek This is good. 200 mLs. Do you feel cooler? You look cooler I don’t feel hotter, I can assure you that Alright, I’m up next I’m going the purple hurricanes Not for any reason just to be different. Brett, you will definitely be wetter soon, I can assure you Oh my phone. Get the phone out of the pocket Now we’ve got our mates up there who are legends for helping us out, Calum and Jack Thanks boys, try not to get me too wet. In the buckets, please There’s the boys Oh coming down. I don’t reckon you got much. I don’t reckon he got 100 That’s bad. Did you get 100? No, I didn’t get 100. His shirt’s hardly wet This is what happens when you don’t go the Scorcher’s bucket, you get sourced out Settle down, big boy! Oh yeah good. It’s only around 1 It’s not even 50mL. I mean I got wet so you can’t argue with the commitment, but the results were substandard at best. Someone’s gotta be substandard Derek’s going. Yea! Alright boys, let it shower. I am pretty warm Let’s see less than 200mL. Less than 200ml! Oh yes, oh yes. Ohahahaha Great commitment. I got soaked! How good’s that? I am drenched! Looking good, aren’t ya? I must admit, there’s a correlation between getting drenched and doing well. Surely not. What are you bringing up here? Maybe 400? Oo that’s big Oh, that was my small bucket Was it? Nooooo That’s big. Awwwwww yea How many we’re looking at? 300mLs Alright, round 2. 100 water bombs coming down. I’m just gonna get in there, get really courageous. I need to be courageous Can I put the bucket down and do this? Nah, buckets must be in hand School care about bestow. Well you can always Stop hitting my hat! I’m actually nervous. It’s been good knowing you You’ve had a good run mate, enjoy. Give us 100 thumbs up for getting under a 100 water bombs. Alright, let’s go! Oh, bang! How did it miss me?! You’re covered in sand! How did that miss me?! You didn’t commit. Did you underst- no rubbish, look around me. Look at my whole body. How much did you get? No, nothing I knew that, just wanted to ask. Look how sandy he is! Are those new shoes? Yea So you didn’t get hit once? No You didn’t get one on ya. But when I’m telling ya we need to review the footage and figure out how the heck the Lord just put his hands over me. Haha. I feel like I was a part of something special there You know the good thing for me is though. You blokes are gonna get hit. I mean that miracle can’t happen 3 times Oh mate, this is no good. Alright boys, here we go Oh gee, stride stance. Protect the groin. Oh gee, oh gee! Oww. Stanford got murdered. Oh, the neck I definitely saw one slap the neck. Protective bucket is gone. Protective bucket fell off. Hang on, don’t lose your water! I got a hole in me bucket. Nah, there’s some in that. That one was full! That was not the best feeling I’ve had. It sounded painful It was like getting a massage except someone was just going like that! Part of me is like, I’ve got the lead, maybe I can just sit the round out No! I said part of me. Yea, it’s the small part I fell like my fans would be disappointed if I did, so I’m getting in there. If you do that Derek, you instantly lose Alright Stanford, empty your buckets That was so worth it So much pain for so little gain. I honestly think I put 2mL in then. That was nothing. That could be the difference, alright The only positive of that was I didn’t get hit in the groin All right Herron, got any last words? Just survival. Survival’s key. I’ve got the lead I just need to get out of here with my face intact Oh man, I don’t like this Boys, I’m ready He got one! It blew out my bucket! It blew out my bucket. That hurts! It smashed by glasses onto my nose. His bucket’s ripped! This one’s a ripped. And it went through. Yea I had one go straight through Got one on the shoulder one. That’s very good. And one like right on the butt Once again, how did this bloke not get hit by one. I don’t know. I’m telling ya, it was weird. Ay Boys round three. It’s upon us. It is here. There’s two gym balls. Two. Did I say two? Two’s coming Full of water, gonna go bang. Absolute bang, and we’re all in We’re all in. Everyone’s got their buckets out. Get your water, get it quick and put it in your jar. This is gonna be hectic All right how we’re throwing it guys. It got torn in with the sixes. Here we go, pinkies for the win! Ah, why do we do things?! Flip me. Aw heck. Heck! 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. And again! And again! I’ve lost my bucket. I’ve lost mine too! Send the next one, send it! Go, go! I need some serious, serious water here Oh boys. I didn’t get low Ah that stung my leg! I’ve got a fair bit boys. I’ve got a fair bit, I could be winning here. I’m absolutely no chance. I’ve filled up. I’m in. That’s my final score Here we go That is beautiful! That is big! I think he’s got it! Yeah, you’ve got me. Let’s get a millage, let’s get a millage Now gone Scotty, I’m toast. Bout 350. Derek’s got 450. He’s down about a hundred mil. That was big for you First or second? I stayed low. Second one. I did not get low enough. Really low. Did not get low enough on the second one. First one I got a good amount but second one, yeah nothing. I didn’t get low because feet destroyed. Oh that was hectic. That was hilarious, good fun ey. I lost my hat like, straight away. No protection But you got a lot of sand in your hair, it’s everywhere Far out that was fun. I mean, I don’t regret doing that, that was so much fun Credit where it’s due. You came through big-time in the clutch. Also in the last round. It’s the Scorchers, I’m telling ya It’s a sign, the Scorcher’s gonna win baby! Yea! Tell you what, I found a way to win there didn’t I? It’s the Scorchers. It’s the Scorchers. The Scorcher’s effect They always find a way to win, don’t they? Even when they’re up against it and Herron I have no words Disappointed. Tell you what, the wind just got plucked away, didn’t it Tell you what, I switched to the Sixers, and I got cooked We’ve been wanting to do this idea for a while and it’s lived up to expectations. It did I reckon, I reckon we’ll do it again. That was good fun Comment below if you want us to do it again. Brett’s reasonably dry looking. When you’re reasonably dry, you’ve reasonably lost And I’ve still got this thing on, I look like a spud. Whilst you’re there, let’s wrap this thing. 44 Club thanks for hanging around if you want to get your own bucket heads and get on board and support your team head to You can sign up, get your own bucket head get along the BBL, it’s gonna be great Make sure you give it a thumbs up Yeah, also make sure you got that bell on. And the commtest, make sure you guess how many buckets stacked from the bottom to the top all the way to the top is going to be good. Next week. See you guys next week

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