Cendrillon – Fantasy AU [BNHA] animatic

Cendrillon – Fantasy AU [BNHA] animatic

In a dream where I dance till dawn, The ticking of the clock bell ends the magic Enticing fingers lure me to the stairs, So I leap 3 steps at a time Trembling violently inside the horse-carriage Hitch up the old rags and return to the night’s dance ball Search for a unknown face, that voice whispers With the blade you grip, thrust forward, and take away everything Orphans gather in this castle With smiles sketched onto masks Even false compassion is embraced by the seraph’s wings *insert here an epic garden bc Todoroki is rich as hell* In the ashes, the glass slipper melts crimson Knowing only now, I want to leave, I’m quivering Your eyes glance at the clock Dancing, I remove my shoes and cross the slope Fingertips extending to your throat I brush a tear and kiss it In that instant, an impulse runs through my spine Please don’t let the bell ring I kneel down before you Though I scream “not yet”, my right hand thrusts out an eternal farewell As for the princess whose lingering perfume is gunpowder smoke, Those strong eyes cleave through my frozen mask

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  1. O-oh fucking shit NO I recognize this song the moment it begin NO I don't want angst (did you see another video with the same song but with MLB?)

  2. I really loved the animation >3< and you totally got todoroki right >w< but one thing that confused me was that toga were once as todoroki wich makes sense bc it’s her quirk but I didn’t understand it in the context of the story >.<

  3. Okay, so if you don't understand what is going on, Deku likes Todoroki. However, when Todoroki kisses Deku on the hand, it's really Toga. Basically, Toga loves Deku and wants to become him. Her quirk is a transform type of quirk, which allows her to transform into someone if she gets their blood. Deku suspects that it's Toga, which is why he's holding the knife. However, he was scared that it was actually Todoroki, so he didn't kill Toga. This is kinda a Tododeku and Togadeku ship in one. Honestly, this is just my interpretation of the animatic. Anyway, hope this helped. If I got anything wrong, please let me know!

    Edit: at first I thought Todoroki was holding the knife. Imma stupid.

  4. OMY GOSH. I JUST LOVE IT. I've been watching your amazing works since a lot of time. And I'm glad that you're improving and continuing doing amazing job♥️♥️♥️ hope
    You'll reach more and will never give up! Remember we are with you!!!

  5. God this is just so AMAZING!! I got chills when Toga was shown and I love the concept and thought put into it! Thank you for continuing to work hard on this even when you wanted to quit. 💖 I personally think it turned out really well. 👏👏

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