Charlotte Awbery Speaks Out After Viral Subway ‘Shallow’ Video!

Charlotte Awbery Speaks Out After Viral Subway ‘Shallow’ Video!

by now I think we’ve all seen the viral video of the woman who has randomly challenged the saying shallow in the train station and then she proceeded to blow us all away with her voice well she’s finally speaking out for the first time since nearly breaking the Internet what’s up you awesome million is jr here with clever news and sometimes the internet brings us all together no matter who we are and where we’re from and that’s exactly what happened this week when we all saw a video of a woman with a stunning voice singing in a subway station now just in case you missed it here’s what went down internet prankster and comedian Kevin freshwater took through the streets of London to film a finish the lyrics challenge he ran up to strangers with the microphone and Billy on the street fashion miss for a dollar but instead of trivia and throwing dollars at people Kevin saying the first parts of popular songs like Queens don’t stop me now and The Fresh Prince of bel-air theme song now only a feel the people were bold enough to rise up to the challenge that is until Kevin approached the commuter with a perfect blowout in a train station who brought the house down Kevin started singing Bradley Cooper’s part of the song shallow from a star is born and then he pointed the microphone towards the woman the woman seemed caught off guard at first but ended up slaying Lady Gaga’s part without a warm-up now she started off somewhat timidly Wow but then she totally let loose and belted it out leaving us all shook to our core I mean hello a star was literally just born before our eyes or ears actually can you guys believe this voice get the conversation going about Charlottes incredible voice down in the comments section below but regardless the entire Internet has rally behind this voice and was quick to figure out that this woman’s name is Charlotte awbery over the past few days her Instagram account has grown from 7,000 followers to around 300,000 followers and she even got verified on the platform the video of her impromptu cover of shallow has also garnered more than 13 million views on Facebook and 24 million views on Twitter and now Charlotte is finally speaking out about her overnight thing she posted the video to her Instagram writing quote oMG wow I am completely blown away thank you all so much for the response comments kind messages and general love from everyone in the words of Lady gaga I’m funny enough though the success of this video isn’t only helping Charlotte shoot to fame but the song shallow has reportedly re-entered the top 40 on iTunes in the United States landing at the number 30 spot so it’s an all-around win-win and while we may all have just learned about Charlotte’s impressive pipes she’s been singing for way longer than just this week I mean obviously fans did some digging and decided to look into Charlotte a little more and guess what they found you guessed it more amazing covers you have to hear to believe on Charlotte Twitter B she’s got videos covering songs from powerhouse singers like ariana grande and SIA in fact here’s a little person singing our song no tears left to cry and here’s a little bit of charlotte singing chandelier by SIA yes like I said if you don’t stand I think it’s time to get your ears checked and fans are totally freaking out over Charlotte’s talent they are all replying to Charlotte’s tweets to share their support one person wrote legend coming to save pop another said Queen a pop where’s the album and another said I absolutely love your voice I’m glad we all got to hear it and we couldn’t agree more we have been blessed with this voice and we just can’t wait for more but I want to know what you guys think about all of this how shocked were you when you first heard Charlotte sing and what song do you want to hear her cover let me know down in the comment section below and while we’re talking about Lady Gaga and the stars born clicker right over here for some more tea as always be sure to hit that subscribe button to keep coming back for more news updates and thank you so much for watching I’m a Emile Ennis Junior and I will see you next time right here on clever

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  1. She's Charlotte, she's an amazing singer …she have her cover songs some are from 3 years ago..just search by her name you can see ..there are many talented people out there ,people just didn't remember them ..

  2. yah ! she has an amazing voice..nice for the ears..give her a chance to shine more..and she's such a cooperative person even she's in a rush goin somewhere not like others thats snobbish..she shared her talent at its best..good job! i like her👍👍👍❤

  3. When I heard her sing I totally thought it was Katy Perry actually singing and I think she should try out for American idol

  4. I read she is a singer song writer. Would love to hear her original songs. Just checking out her twitter account and Instagram and hopefully we'll all get to hear new music.

  5. I think this was a set up. If you go to her Instagram she has a video her singing shallow (beautifully mind you) What are the chances that guy picks the one girl who is a professional singer to sing that song. 🤔Smells fishy to me. Guess it worked looked at all the attention they both got…

  6. "Speaking out?" Charlotte spoke nothing, but wrote a text. So, technically the title and your reportage are incorrect. Can't go along with inaccurate reporting. Sorry, dudes.🤨🧐🙁

  7. She is the one , way better than some shallow celebrity singers which i dont understand how they got famous of singing specially when their sing on livestream concerts worse than goat screams 😳

  8. This woman is like a glorified wedding singer. She’s decent but nothing phenomenal. She’s had her 15. Let it go y’all. Nothing special.

  9. I can't believe she's only 30 years old. I thought her to be much older.
    Nonetheless she is an amazing woman and an talented singer

  10. Something about the fast way things developed makes me feel that all this "viral video" situation was just a very elaborated add

  11. Farah fawcett!!! That's it! Goodness me I couldn't place her there for a hot minute. She is the spitting image of Farah Fawcett. Wow what a voice. Proof that what's for you won't go by you!!


    “BECAUSE!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    So no one was going to talk about how funny that was😂😂😂😂😂

  13. From the underground to singing live on the Ellen show, Ellen gives her a years tube pass and £10,000 nice.

  14. I see a lot of comments on how this is fake, and I have to say even if it is she is very talented. I mean look how popular "reality" tv is, and pretty much all of them are scripted. I've also seen comments about how people like the Kardashians are famous (and let's face it not an abundance of raw talent there) and yet people like Charlotte more or less slip through the cracks. That is unless they get very lucky and a video of their talent goes viral. My whole point is even if it is staged she has an incredible voice and people like that should have a opportunity to show the world just how talented they are.

  15. She was apparently going to work! but it was really cool and it became a hit. with an arrogant as many are today. none of this would have happened

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