Chris Long Commercial (Extended) | Every Hero Sweats | Gillette

Chris Long Commercial (Extended) | Every Hero Sweats | Gillette

[MUSIC PLAYING] It was easy measuring
success on the field, giving everything I had
for the ultimate prize. But what I sweat most is
way bigger than football. Sometimes, I’ll ask
myself if I’m living up to the expectations of who I want to
be as a man, as a father, as a leader. Hey, guys, what’s up? Am I doing enough to help others– How are you? What’s your name? Chris. Nice to meet you. –with the opportunities
I’ve been given. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hmm, I don’t know. But day after day,
moment after moment, I get up and push forward through
the fear and the doubt– We’re going to get it. –to do better than the day
before to be the man I say I am– Whoa, we did it. –to make every day matter, not just
in the spotlight, but in the moments– Nice. –when no one’s watching. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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