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  1. To Harvey Dent aka Two Face aka Mr.Mayor Keller Isn’t that the owner of the properties responsibility? Let the owner pay for it. There are laws in existence which include fines to deal with this kind of issue. The only trouble makers are the greedy politicians who want to get rid of the DOJ who keeps their trigger happy city workers in check. They wasted so much money on the ART project which continually costs us more money. Harvard doesn’t teach these politicians a thing about being frugal or responsible with money. Stop wasting our money on rainbow painted crosswalks and ugly art work and invest it in the people. Where’s the jobs at? Who’s buying all the houses? People from out of state are taking them all. These politicians brag about how many jobs they bring in but they don’t tell you they are not for the locals who have been here, they are for the bandwagon jumpers. Unemployment is down because the people that work there at the unemployment office and income support division treat poor people like dogs which makes them not want to ask for help even though the only reason they have a job at that office is because there are poor people. Than Albuquerque wants to let immigrants from places in Latin America stay here and they can’t even help the people we already have living here. I’m all for helping everyone in need but they can do a far better job of it if they stop wasting our tax money on meaningless things. The MVDs have all have long waits and many open windows but they only have half the windows with someone working there the other windows are for show. This city needs to be more efficient in order to be more effective but what does anyone care as long as they are all fat and cozy they couldn’t care less.

  2. He has been there for 44 years and doesn't know the owner. Sounds like fake news, if he has been there that long he knows the person.

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