Claude & Fanny New Skin | Lifeguard | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

Claude & Fanny New Skin | Lifeguard | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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  1. The new update is good boy something when I want to text to someone it turn to ******** moonton do something pls and my Granger too when I select him I didn't hear his name call 😔

  2. I hate when i type a words theres many star my team cant read anything what i said 😫😫 plzz mooton fix this😑😑
    Anyway fanny skin is soo beautiful but skylark is always be my partner but im going to buy this

  3. Can anyone help me? Is there gonna be a skin upgrade for Claude if you already have the Golden bullet. Like 367 Diamonds like that?

  4. Fanny using swords in the shape of a dildo, what's worse is that the display animation shows her shooting water from the tip of the sword lmao

  5. Wish we could have given chance to change the national flag just 1 more time 😥 can't participate in conquest of the dawn.

  6. I don't know anymore if I should buy fanny skin or the starlight member so I can get chous skin…

  7. Will you still be able to recieve a border if you buy the skin instead of recieving it by gift?

    Please answer me
    I really really need to know it

  8. Fanny campush youth even though the elite does not have any effect 🙁 please moonton don't be stingy2:) …. Can a poor user fanny if you want to buy lifeguards😣

  9. You guys realised that Fanny's skill effects is different than the released one? Cause I just realise when i bought, and my skill effects literally does not look like the trailer itselfs. Theres no star, or that beach vibe whatsoever. Just water

  10. Although kagura's specialty is damage, after the release of the new heroes, her damage became insignificant so i hope she gets a buff soon. Afterall, she is an old hero😭

  11. Dear moonton.
    Why are you nerf fanny in the next update.Its very-very bad for me.I like to use fanny very much.Then,when I'm trying fanny at the test server,I does feel any damage from fanny when I'm ganking.Please don't nerf fanny.I'm begging you.Fanny already use a lot of energy and she already have a lot of counter.Even sometime hard to kill fanny,but it's a challenge to us.Please don't nerf fanny 🙏

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