hi Annie here and today I’m coming at you
with the topic that probably some of you are going to hate and that’s fine, switch off of it, come
back tomorrow I’ll see you then. But for those of you who have potential,
where you’re dealing with this in your life, I think it could be quite handy, it
took me a little bit of time to figure some of this stuff on my own and get it back into like a kind of good place with the laundry; and just
cleaning in general. So what this is I’m going to talk about kind of how to clean, specifically in laundry. Vomit, heavy sweat, and other bodily fluids that might
be making their way into your laundry, bedding, pillows, anything like that.
Because I know that it is kind of a tough thing to deal with. Personally I have gastroparesis and
celiac disease as well as an autoimmune disease that kind of all complicates one
another and so this is how I cope with some of that. now the first thing I’m going to mention, and this is my absolute best friend and that is a UV wand. I picked
this up, this took me ages to find and not because of this but just to figure
out this actually would help this is from varilux but I hear there’s
like I know there’s other brands as well. This is the portable one there and it
runs on four double A batteries there are ones that you just plug in and
there’s a cord and probably whatever I buy next will be that one, but at this
point I thought this was a real shot in the dark for working and so I just find
with with this instead of getting more expensive one. So what is, you hold the
button and you turn it on and you can’t see this probably but it’s got a blue light, that
I don’t know if you’ll be able to see that- just a second here- It’s got a blue light
that kind of reflects when it’s pointing down i don’t think you can see that but
it only shines when it’s pointing down. It doesn’t it turns off when it goes to
the side or up or anything like that and it is something that has really made the
laundry a lot easier to do. Now because my autoimmune condition and all these
other problems I sweat from autonomic nerve issues and dysfunction and I
also tend to sweat proteins and stuff like that and they just stick to bedding,
they stick to clothing they can be a real nightmare to get out; and one thing
I found with this is there’s certain types of smell and certain types of like
bacterias that seems to kind of proliferate in that environment and this
takes care of that. Before sometimes my clothes were going through, you know very,
like lots of detergent lots of this stuff to help them but then they come
back and by the time I want to put them away they’d already kind of smell odd
again like the thing just had never kind of fully come out. This has made a huge
difference especially on garments or items like pillows where they can’t take
some of the heavier detergents that I used otherwise, or bleach or things like
that or even superhot temperatures. Because that’s another thing I do. My
bedding is all done in hot water and that really seems to help, now lots of
bedding you can’t do in hot water anymore. I have the ikea gaspa is what
primarily most of my bedding is for like the sheets and pillowcases. I also have
some of the duvet covers that are more of the more classic cotton
style, not like the linen, not the broad kind of looser weave or anything
like that seems like that. Just more like your classic cotton, more like a cotton
shirt would be like a that kind of thing that doesn’t doesn’t absorb extra easy but is all cotton and can be washed in hot. I found it so tough to
find bedding that could be washed in hot and that makes a huge difference.
Although it does take some extra rinsing just because I still can’t take the
extra heavy-duty detergent and that’s what I’m going to show you next here.
This is another lifesaver. This is baby oxiclean it is meant to be used when your baby
spits up on itself and gets ‘bleuch’ down the front or poop on the pants or
whatever it is. And this is another one I tend to use it anywhere that like if i
have been sick, it gets used directly on that area. And also anywhere there’s been
heavy sweat or anything like that it goes on those areas as well and this
really helps lift all of those kind of protein based stains right up. It doesn’t
have much of the smell. Now, the regular oxy I don’t find to lift the smells, it does
great for stains and all that stuff, but this seems to really be targeting in on
the protein based stains. So if that is something that you are dealing with on
any level I cannot recommend this enough. There are some fabrics and stuff that just don’t tolerate it very well, but I
do tend to use the UV wand first, spray this on put it in the laundry with
sunlight and I use the one for heavier greasy type things. Again because
protein-based even if there’s not tonnes there, it can kind of just completely pollute
the load, it seems like and not want to rinse. The detergent won’t even rinse out
cause it just sticks to those areas. So these are things that are really helped
me. And the next product I’m going to mention here is the baby oxiclean. And now
this is a powder and you can soak things in this for I think it says 2 to 4 hours, yes,
so one to six hours sorry, with like different you can fill the scoop
different points and put in X number of litres but I ther’s certain garments
that are more delicate that still need a bit of extra help and I tend to soak
them in this for about 20 min 20 to 30 minutes to help lift that up, for some of
the more delicate things. Or for some stuff it’s more like broadly affected.
also this is great for towels. If stuff isn’t just rinsing out with
regular detergent I found this much better than this one for towels this
seems to just kind of destroy the like integrity, whereas this one if you soak it for either a brief period
of time, are added as kind of a booster to your load, it seems to help lift all
that stuff out, and you know it’s very helpful when you’re dealing with this. So
i’d love to hear if you have any tips yourself because like i said this is
something that I deal with and will be continuing to deal with as I go forward.
And you know, some of this laundry right now is still taking me a pretty long
time it takes a lot of rinsing, or it’s still not quite good all the time, but
these are the things that I found work really well and I kind of have like a
set certain types of clothing and like I said bedding that I get in the habit of using because I figured out how to clean it the best. So there’s a lot of
stuff I don’t wear, or don’t use as much right now and I’d love to kind of hear
any tips you have because maybe it would help get some of that stuff back into
circulation for me as well or feel not quite so restricted when I go shopping
because you know, I don’t have to think about laundry as my first thing. So,
please give this video a like if you found it helpful at all, or share it with
anyone you think might benefit from it if you know anybody that’s going through
stuff like this, or has a new baby, or anything with you know vomit, heavy
sweat, just bodily fluids in general are part of their daily kind of grind
right now. I usually put out videos on like movies and television
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if you haven’t before. and this video is part of a series i’m doing the September.
in putting out a video pretty much every day in September, so that’s kind of
exciting, and I’m looking forward to that. i’d love to hear you know i’d love to
hear from you in the comments below so don’t forget to comment and keep an eye
out for my next video I’ll see you soon bye Oh

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  1. Hi Annie, I was looking into using natural alternatives to cleaning my workout clothes. I had been using stain remover but didn't find it was that good and didn't like the chemical smell. I read about using essential oils to kill bacteria and odor. I tried lavender oil (added drops to usual detergent). I also read eucalyptus and teatree essential oils are meant to work too.

  2. Hi Annie 🙂 I never knew these issues even existed. It explains why my bedding smells odd at times. Thank you for opening my mind to knew stuff. Huge hugs xxxxx

  3. Your thumbnail is the best!!!!! Great tips…I've never tried Oxy Clean, but I've only heard great things about it. I should pick it up because I have senior dogs who tend to vomit on their beds:(

  4. Good idea me and brother used to play hockey and heavy sweat is a understatement. Our equipment would be so bad, we tried it all lol, nothing really ever seemed to work but 2 things. Sunlight and dryer sheets, I have heard about using oxi clean people swore by it esp for sport equipment. I personally never tried it, I would just stuff dryer sheets in the equipment and put them in the sun all day and the sweat, smell was almost gone. Great tips hope your having a good week, take care

  5. +Annie the lavender seems to have worked but I can imagine that some people lcould be allergic as it quite strong. Does the uv wand just detect bacteria or does it kill them too ?

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