Clothes Cleaning & Repair : How to Shrink Clothing

Clothes Cleaning & Repair : How to Shrink Clothing

Hi. I’m Debrah DeMirza at Deluxe Fashion Boutique
in Eugene, Oregon. And I’m going to let you know how you can shrink an item of clothing.
If you want an overall shrink you’d have to obviously start out with a fabric that will
shrink. Like a natural cotton or wool. And to shrink the overall garment you would put
it in a hot dryer. If you want it to fade you would put it in a hot wash and a hot dryer
but I usually just put it in a hot dryer after a cold wash and it’ll still shrink as much
as you want it to be shrunk without losing the color. Okay now if you have a wool garment
you can shrink it, part of it by getting the fabric wet, or damp. You can towel dry it.
And then you can actually manipulate the fabric together with your hands and just kind of
press it together and it will actually dry smaller in areas. You can shrink parts of
a shirt. Maybe it fits fine on the bust but it’s too wide on the waist and then that way
you can manipulate the fabric by just bringing it close together. Kind of patting it. And
then leaving it to air dry. Turning it over after the first day and then let it dry slowly.
And that works basically with wool. With some cottons if it’s a loose weave you might be
able to do some vertical stretching and that’ll bring it in more closely to the body. But
mainly wool will be the one that works best when you try to manipulate it by hand in certain
areas and let it dry slowly. So that’s how you would shrink a garment.

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  1. i have a question though….doesnt wool eventually loose its shape…..also if i shrink the fabric then wear it eventually throughout that day the fabric will loosen and lose the size and shape that it was when i first put it on…?

  2. I accidentally shrink two 100% cotton sweater by washing it in hot water and put them in the dryer. Is there a way to unshrink them? I try strentching them out after re-washing them in cold water, but then i put it in the dryer again and they shrunk. What is the best way to unshrink cotton sweater?

  3. Would this work for a jacket that is 100% cotton? I just want to shorten the arm length and torso a little.

  4. i just ordered 3 shirts and my mom INSISTED that i buy them in large, even though they were adult sizes, and they are huge. so i am hoping they shrink bcuz i love them so much 🙁

  5. Tysvm my fav black shirt my older bro wore as a joke and he strenched it now it looks horrible on me everyone says to throw it but i love it imma do this today!

  6. i have a levi jean jacket that has bigger shoulder widths than usual. does this method work? it is 100% cotton. do you know a better mtehod?

  7. I just ordered an aeropostale shirt in large because I thought that styles would be a slim fit, which I don't like so I bought the Large hoping it would be a medium fit. but it's huge :/

  8. some one help me out this video is alright but. I have a 100% cotton shirt its xxl Im a large how do i shrink it?

  9. mmm no. i've washed lots of cotton shirts and nothing happens, what you need to do is put the article of clothing in the washer with other light or dark shirts (depending on what shirt it is of course) if it has a really nice colorful design i dont reccomend it but once in the washer wash warm/warm with the extra rinse, dry with the amount of time you usually would but put on tumble dry about medium or high if you really want shrinking and then you are done!

  10. 50% cotton, 50% polyester preshrunk? how to make it shrink everwhere, the most? (i ordered the wrong size hoodie, and its huge…)

  11. If I want to shrink a large 100% cotton shirt with a lot of design on the front.. would using the hot wash and dry method work? I don't want to ruin the design as this t-shirt is very expensive
    Someone please help me out here! thanks

  12. My washer has two temp settings: Warm Wash + Warm Rinse, and Hot Wash + Cold Rinse. Which one will result in the most shrinkage?

  13. I have a really cool adidas cotton pants i love wearing it. After i wash it and dry it, it fits perfect put after couple of hours it starts stretching and a bubbly thing appears in the knee area. How can i stop it from stretching?

  14. Wow thanks for telling me putting a cotton shirt in a dryer will shrink it. Is this video made for kids who just started doing laundry? I need something more than that for an oversized Large shirt… smh

  15. Hi Expertvillage. would boiledwater work also for sleeves for a wintercoat? i was wearing a jumper and now my coat is loose at the sleeves and cuffs. so cold comes in now as sleeves are loose 🙁 I hope someone has tips..

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