Hi guys, this is Inge from Essentiel Antwerp again Today I think it’s important to talk about colors Oke guys, I have 3 big fashion pillars in my fashion life First one, very very important..High heels. Statement shoes with a lot of sparkling things sparkle sparkle sparkle Big earrings, also very important And of course very important, colors Even my vagina is colorful If you see Essentiel Antwerp is really well known for the very very bright colors all the different combinations, unexpected combinations. Life is too grey already so it’s nice to sparkle sparkle sparkle Honestly, if you wake up in the morning and you feel a bit tired, and you put bright red dress on honestly you feel awake instantely About this winter and summer If you like a color, just wear it It gives me an extremely good energy, also in my interior of course I bought this in Trancoso, it’s my Holy Mary, colorful This is of a very good friend, Romeo And I like the clash of colors, it doesn’t have to be perfect I like imperfect things in fact You see, even my vagina is colorful I got my passion for colors in India, I lived there for a few years I lived in Bombay When Mumbai was still Bombay and what I like about Indians is that you just walk on the street and they have this incredible combinations of colors incredible combinations of fabrics and textures I think there our dna of Essentiel Antwerp, came from that from all these beautiful extravagant mixes Hi guys, I really hope you enjoyed my YouTube movies If you do, please please subscribe and like… bye byee

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