I need to get my way to Im chilling with sommer ses whipping right now see this dog I’m about to scare him DOGGY, how are you good boy? Good morning? You’re up I know I’m just really bored How’d you get all these new clothes watch your gene drinking? Yeah? Do you think I could fit those yeah sure it’s like. This is only me where I got to sneeze hold on No, other guys. You should wear them a day. Oh Is this a bathing suit isn’t work here? Yeah, it’s pretty Joel You know what should we go to the beach and just like walk around the beach. It look at me. I’m bored So go to the beach where you’re in the car. There is so much traffic guys Are you bored right now because of the traffic oh much traffic people think La is all cool Yeah, everything’s cool, but like there’s so much traffic Woke up really early cuz you know I had to post this video, and I blogged all day, and now we’re back out there So I’m tired. I need this like some energy drinks to just get me lit. Let me lit That you gotta be there for me There’s a beauty. We’re this close Guys look who I just ran into the one and only Joe what’s up doing in venice We’re eating some food right now, and we have a busy day ahead of us got some broccoli steak and some mashed potatoes Let’s get it. Why you need a fruit. Are you not hungry? I’m on that summer seventeen diet. I ate summer seventeen diet. Joso recipes now, Jesse put me onto this bike. I’m telling you right now, bro. I’m not pedaling There’s no gas it goes by itself it’s kind of fans watch me a Little too long, and I know how are you level up come back and when I get around or other? Like your entourage my n*ggas was like the origami got him girls way, and I’ll in a lobby by my baby store I have a side Yes, my name is – it’s like they all right Yeah, you got a good way, and I’m in an alley by my baby, so I have a side Yeah, it’s a gang as you enter you up. I’m going divers all up in my mouth. I’m still like a water I Feel like I’m on top of the world Look what you do guys you could fall right out. We stick it to the best photographer I go Oh, yeah, just you working his magic right now. You already see the shot. Oh look at that guy’s Oh yeah, even how it’s been changed, but there’s no like bathrooms or anything here. They really disgusting guys boxing Oh yeah, here just going in there, and we’ll just drop you have one Right now just early for the camera today the sacrifices and help make my blog with Walk with that show my boy Imma. Give it her massage until a long-dead missions up early Pollyanna left answer to get it out all right? I never You know Jesse’s into the spinach shit, so I think he’s about to hop on these hoops and do some freaky shit This is currently putting cocaine on his head right now It looks like he just need some tougher donut. He’s about to hop on these moves, and I’m fairly it’s hard it Look, it doesn’t look too hard. Yeah. She’s swinging like our jesse so we’ve been out here for ten minutes No one has yet to go all the way back and back with g of Jesse struggle. You know she fell deathly Okay Okay Okay, Jesse out here Jesse out here But guys, it’s all about strength and just managing your strength. You. Don’t want to use all your power You know at the start let’s see if you can go back though Yeah, I guess you can go halfway, but could you go back though? Yeah, like she’s just flying around my boy really out here. Oh my boy You’re looking like a fireman There you have it boys and girls all about being fit and we out here as they were about to try style against America All right has been a pretty interesting day. We’ve been doing ton of stuff, but Jesse is bringing us over here We’re going to do even more crazier stuff. What exactly are we doing we’d be doing some akron. Oh good Does that mean two people doing like acrobatics flashy oh good? Wow, sit down like we sit on the bike and get a rapid leg truck Okay, that’s it. Just kinda like trading yourself balance. Okay, okay, okay? Please think easy tonight sox are coming off boys who is watching this video without socks and my foot all Round it up. I believe with you This is a crowbar John find them on the ground You’re probably actually better cause if your hamstrings well, I Don’t work. Yes I Are doing it okay? You know what’s going to three? Cuates I go for it All right, okay summers like today’s and I like really try to keep your ankles over your over your spell, but that doesn’t matter How is it possible? How does gravity even work guys look at Jesse man is so much stronger than me. I need to have Pathetic Houston the Need Lockdown Benny Got it Guys, this is what we do for fun man stand on people shoulder. All right guys This is how we squash the beef. I just got a stand at his shoulders like Super furry Really Shoddy. You gotta have it right here After all jaws and expertise by the put her in seven poses real quick, but I need to get my weight up But I came, and I can’t be balanced. I never knew just put this is just holier with what you arms, bro I can’t even do that. You know. I really need to get my weight up bro. I’m getting mad please is push it around a lot eases balance or No Thank you, and then bro. What’s for one? benefit yet backward statement on like that turkey Rainbow, oh There we go alright guys We finished the acrobatic yoga whatever that summer is gonna get dressed into this new outfit and we’re about to do a little photo. Shoot KIM JOING UN I LOVE KIM JOING UN Do you want to go in the water? Do you want to get wet? See how these shoes boys and girls gus I’ve already posted out right here Go Jess you work your magic. Yeah guys man people think you know Instagram pictures are easy We had to drive all the way here two hours walk there You know it takes a lot of time people think it’s easy enough So I was playing in the water, and I dropped my camera and died so now we’re back at Jesse’s apartment. I don’t know why They’re all good. Oh Yeah, oh Oh, that’s a screen saver for sure I’ll put as my desktop iPhone four screen Saver, but I think I see a rebel next year at venice. Yell Jessie Thank you for having me. It was a fun day When you killed your mouth, oh, tell your problems to come hang out on me are they in Cuba? Do you guys need to go check in those guys it’s art season Oh jeez are you at ten million get into twenty bill you’re done, and you should be inspired to get that right there, bro I really want tie Ties this is a diamond played by ten million Subscribers one day one day I’ll have that guys I got home from the beach. I just knocked out read the sun shut down all my energy I don’t even have an outro. I don’t why don’t have an outro I? Hate ching ching chong i love noodles im asanaiian Man, the house is so quiet through Summers room She’ll wait. Yes, summer fall one. I was not expecting no summer Summer Summer Hi, you know how’s it going? It’s like five, but I just need to wake up because wait. Do you want to be on camera? Luckily okay? No, no you don’t but look I didn’t film an outro for our video today We did an outro so just tell them to subscribe and like the video stuff. Oh my gosh This is our actual ultra No left thumbs up thumbs up Christ rose so sad because we’re daily uploading right every day every day Every day ching chong chinggy nto sleep. I’ll go to see a buddhist Hello. Yo, are you jerking off? Yeah, I got a surprise for you, bro. I heard you wanted to you know get some koolaid start posting again. Maybe

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  1. I heard u were a bad youtuber and I never watched u but honestly u are cool and funny man keep up the great work iv been catching up on your videos but yea keep it up

  2. Why are her pants up her ass so much? Isnโ€™t that uncomfortable I mean you can literally see her Camel toe

  3. Wow seeing Jesse in this video fuck me up I remember watching him with his ex jeana and there pranks they did damn time goes so fast ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”

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