Custom Alternative Apparel Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt Product Review

Custom Alternative Apparel Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt Product Review

​Today I’m excited to be here talking about
the Alternative Apparel Eco Hooded Sweatshirt. Now this is one of our favorite hoodies for
a few reasons. One, the Alternative Apparel brand. Two, this is literally one of the softest
hoodies that we offer. Now it is also in terms of a price point, one of the most high, the
most expensive, but you get a ton of quality for this. It’s actually a tri-blend material,
it has cotton, poly and rayon which make up this softness. Great fit here, you can see
in the sleeves, not baggy. ​We also on the side here have a side seam
which basically means it’s going to fit to your body. It’s not going to be super big.
We have these great pockets right here, they meet in the middle so you can basically keep whatever
you want down there. We got these drawstrings, which is kind of an off white. We love with
this hoodie playing off of these drawstrings with the print color. Maybe doing more
a natural cream, a vintage white, vintage natural cream ink right across the chest.
​This hoodie color comes in some great options. All of them are kind of that more eco feeling,
so a lot more earth tones with the Alternative Apparel brand. But in terms of softness, fit,
everything, this is literally top of the line, and it bears the Alternative Apparel name.
​You might be wondering about sizing. We do have the size charts right on our website,
it does fit pretty true to size, although you might want to just take a look because
we have noticed that sometimes it’s nice to order this hoodie one size up, just because
the length of it and everything that way. It’s not that it’s going to be too small,
but often I feel like with the hoodie you want it a little longer, and this hoodie is
also already tailored. Just check out the size chart, see what you like, if you have
any questions, let us know, but I guarantee when you go with this hoodie, you will love
it, and everybody in your group is going to thank you for ordering it for them. You look
awesome Tyler, thank you. ​On the Coed Monkey Soft Scale, this t-shirt
is a 4. Thanks for watching this video. Please let us know if you have any questions because
here at Coed Monkey, soft matters, and so do our customers.

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