Custom Bella + Canvas Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt Product Review

Custom Bella + Canvas Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt Product Review

​Today, we’re here talking about the Canvas
50/25/25 T-shirt Hoodie. Now the first thing about this hoodie that you’re going to realize is it’s made of 50/25/25 fabric, same as the t-shirts. It’s a thinner hoodie. Full
zip, we got a great hood action here. The zipper is a white zipper so we love that,
because it’s great for a left chest or right chest placement of just a white ink. It has
a tailored side seam which means it’s actually going to fit great. It’s not going to be a
boxy hoodie. ​It’s such a thin fabric that’s perfect
for summer. This isn’t quite a winter hoodie, which I don’t think if you’re ordering this
thin of a hoodie you wouldn’t expect it to be. We do so many of these in the summer months
or also in parts of the country during the winter that they don’t get snow. A lot of
parts of the country get snow, some parts of the country don’t though. So this is perfect
if your winters aren’t that cold. ​Has basically, the kangaroo pockets right
here, perfect for putting your hands or treats in. Whatever you want to keep in there. The
nice thing I like about this hoodie though, is it doesn’t kangaroo pouch out. Meaning
it’s not going to be like this big pouch of a zipper that anytime you’re walking around
it just kind of goes like that. This zipper is a very flat laying. Everything about this
hoodie is just perfectly trimmed, tailored. You’re going to love it.
​If you’re looking to print on it, we just recommend keeping it simple. Left chest, right
chest, back print, anything like that. Complementing the zipper is a big thing with the white print.
We also recommend maybe a vintage ink on it, thinner coat of ink, so that naturally the
soft fabric doesn’t get weighed down by ink. But anything you print on this is going to
look amazing because this shirt is just so nice. Fits great, feels great. Tyler, you
look awesome. Thank you. ​On the Coed Monkey soft scale, this t-shirt
is a four. Thanks for watching this video. Please let us know if you have any questions
because here at Coed Monkey, soft matters, and so do our customers.

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