Custom Sweatshirt with Heat Transfer Vinyl

Custom Sweatshirt with Heat Transfer Vinyl

So here we are with our finished product sweet home Alabama on this nice soft knit sweatshirt. I love to craft and work with my hands and do different projects so It could be refinishing furniture could be Doing some appliques for a shirt Making cards doing crafts with my children as you can probably see behind me anyways. I’d just love to do crafty things and Thought I might share what I’m doing with the rest of the world and hopefully encourage you to pursue your dreams and passions and to help you see that you can do it and Everything doesn’t have to be perfect because if we wait for the perfect time or the perfect amount of money or all the tools We’ll just never do anything so welcome to my crafting space slash kitchen slash catch-all area It’s not perfect, but it works for what I need it to do. We are going to work on a project tonight I’m going to be using my Cricut that I just got for Christmas and a few of the Cricut tools and also some things that I just had it around the house and we’re going to be putting together a applique for a sweatshirt for my sister-in-law and Hopefully you will enjoy our time together and be thinking of some things that you can work on as well So let’s get started. So here’s a screenshot of the image. We’re going to be cutting I’m going to be using two different colors of vinyl white and red and so I’ve got them set up on the two different mats here and ready to cut with the design that I Put together, so I’ll be using Siser white htv vinyl and Cricut brand red glitter And I’ve cut it. So the nice thing about the Cricut program is it lays it all out for you and You can see how much finally you’re going to use so you don’t have to put you know a 12 by 12 piece on here And have a lot of waste and The program will also mush things together for you so that you can eliminate waste you because let’s face it these products are not cheap either. So I’m going to go ahead and Get this first one set up in the machine so I have the Cricut Explore Air 2 so each machine is a little bit different This one’s got a handy little knob I’ve made sure that it is set for iron-on So and you always want to make sure that you mirror the images on the program and that you put your vinyl the shiny side down Our inclination is to put it up with all the other things that we cut But we’ll make sure you put that down So that it’s mirror image and it’ll work out when we’re ready to transfer it and iron it on our shirt So I’m going to Set this here so that it’s ready to go It’s gonna start with this one it says to Go ahead and insert our mat You can see there’s a little flashing light on here. That’s going to load so all I have to do is line it up make sure it’s straight in there And then we just hit go Okay, so now our image is done cutting and we’ve got the flashing light saying we can unload our mat And You’re going wait. It looks exactly how it did when you put it in there. So the next thing that we have to do is Weed our vinyl and We can use some handy dandy tools. This is a weeding tool The Cricut and basically what we’re going to do is peel away all the parts that we do not want to go onto the sweatshirt Now that we have cut out our vinyl and We’ve successfully weeded all the vinal that we don’t need on there I’m going to go to peel off our pieces from our cutting mats Because we no longer need them on there I was not concerned about The layout being exactly right cause when I lay it out on the sweatshirt I’m going to end up cutting that apart because we don’t want to say sweet Alabama home We want it to say Sweet Home, Alabama And then I have replaced the ‘O’ in home with the state of Alabama with a little heart in it So now we are done with our mats. And one thing that I do too, when you get your mats they come with this handy little cover on them And I save mine and put them back on there. Because they are sticky mats, and you don’t want things sticking on them like lint and dog hairs, the one I struggle with the most. Because those things can transfer through depending on what material you’re cutting and you don’t want that to mess up your design. when they’re cutting. Especially on finer cuts with papers every little bump and groove that is on your grip on your mat Can transfer through and mess up with the blades too So always put your little covers back on and you don’t have to worry about things getting stuck in there, and they are ready To be filed away cause now we are done with the mats. And because this is my mobile crafting zone I have nice little handy dandy bag I keep them in All right, so now I’m going to cut the design into here sweet, Alabama and home and It’s just on the sticky part. That’s gonna help it adhere to or stay in place on your Project in our case. It’s gonna be a sweatshirt I’m just gonna cut this across. It doesn’t matter what these lines look like because nothing in this clear part that’s sticky is going to transfer to your sweatshirts. Only the vinyl will transfer, so that’s kind of comforting Also since this is my mobile office sometimes I use my ironing board for this and sometimes I will use the table. I found this handy dandy little mat that can turn any surface into an ironing surface Found this at Aldi, one of my favorite stores, so if you have one around you should check it out. I’ve got my ironing mat down and going to get my sweatshirt out and If you’re making a project for yourself it is recommended to pre wash before you put The vinyl on not required, but recommended and in this case this since it’s a gift, I did not wash it I want to be like new so I’m gonna lay out my sweatshirt here and In some of the videos that I’ve watched on YouTube You know people have the fabric marking pens and pencils and you can find your Center I’m a visual person, and I found that the product is pretty Versatile that you’re working with so I like to just lay it out and then adjust accordingly You can use like a dish towel like the flower sack towels Or I think I’ve seen some people use like a parchment paper. I’m going to be using some a Teflon sheet that I’d seen was recommended For ironing, and I like it because I can kind of see through it a little bit Okay, so now I’m about to do the heat for Transferring our vinyl to the shirt so a couple notes. One, make sure your iron is on the no steam setting and You want it on pretty much the hottest on the cotton setting and then it’s just about 10 to 15 seconds in each spots And you need to be careful to not go too long because as I did the other day You can actually like burn your vinyl It was kind of strange so hopefully we won’t do that this time So we’re going to just kind of move section by section with our iron since I don’t have a fancy heat press, but that won’t stop me either Okay, so I’m just gonna move my teflon sheet take a look so yeah, I can see like right here How it started to kind of crinkle on our thing so that’s getting very very warm And we don’t want that to happen this one looks like it’s doing well. So this one maybe is not quite down enough So I’m going to just add a little bit more heat right here Okay so then What you can do is start to peel it back so see this part How I am peeling it back and the vinyl is staying with, that means it has not adhered to the shirt yet So back goes our teflon, and iron it on there again These two I’m concerned we might have that same thing over here with our ‘A’ Better now So we can peel off the clear backing should come right up, and the vinyl should stay on our shirt So here we are with our finished product sweet home Alabama on this nice soft knit sweatshirt It’s been fun, and thankfully it seems like everything has turned out Nothing burned this time And it looks like it’s pretty straight, so I’d call that a win Hopefully you enjoyed this video, and we’ll do it again next time. Signing off for now, Heather, with Just Moosin’ Around

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