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  1. How do i do it just get whit cap and sticker supreme put it there and thats it all in my school thought its original

  2. i knew he did bars before i even saw this by his voice. lol Xan Fam! i got the 2mg babys

  3. Your hair is so greasy and no one would want to slide into your dms ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD your freaking so cheesy

  4. credit card information:
    Number: 123-456-789
    Back Numbers: 123
    Name: Cheap
    Last name: Thrills
    Exp Date: 201903949104192/1930138091230120/298301983901

    Thank me later!

  5. Or you know you could buy a white hat and a 6$ supreme sticker and stick that bad boy on but your way is good to I guess ??????

  6. This is one of the few genuinely funny acts on the Internet and he doesn’t rely on screaming or loud sound effects

  7. Dude, that was trash. You didn't even finish the logo correctly. You pasted it on like a noob. You should learn how to sew. I can make fakes look just as good as the real. But i'd never sell them. Iv'e made heaps and given to my friends as a hobby you can't tell the difference.

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