David Dobrik vs Iggy Azalea (& more!) Expensive Water Challenge! πŸ’¦ | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmo

David Dobrik vs Iggy Azalea (& more!) Expensive Water Challenge! πŸ’¦ | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmo

(cheerful music) – [Female] Yeah, this is
water, yeah, that’s water. – This is my favorite,
ah this is gonna be good. – I usually think I’m
pretty good at water. – This has like bubbles in it. – I’m a connoisseur of bubbly water. – I hope these are paper. – I did hear that New York
has really good tap water so. – Is one like tap water; is the idea? – If it doesn’t taste like
blood, we’re in the clear. – This one has bubbles, this one doesn’t. – Is this filtered tap water? – I have a Brita filter at home, but it doesn’t have a filter in it. – No.
– This is New York tap water. – Tap water in New York, is
as good as any bottled water. – I know New York has the best tap water. – It’s a proven scientific fact. – I’m tryna air aid it. – This is what you do with one. – Hold it to the light in all. – Looks like water. – That did nothing.
– Yeah. – Am I suppose to taste test this? – Trying to poison me? – Oh, I know what tap
taste like, where’s it at? – Cheers y’all.
– Cheers. – Wait, oop. Sorry, I’m not putting
my mouth on anything. ASMR. – It got a little bit
of mineral taste maybe. – Tastes exactly the same. – I’m trying to figure out
why this one has bubbles. – I’m just freaking out about the fact that these two waters smell different. – Sometimes I get thirsty in the shower, that’s what this tastes like. – Notes of pipes. – This is hard. – They both just taste like water. – I’m just stressed. – Oh! – Maybe it came out of your bathtub. – That’s nasty. – This has some citrusy notes to it. I’m tasting pears, a shoe. – Chlorine? – It is exactly the same. – They taste like plastic,
you don’t want me to win this. – I really hyped myself
up to be a water expert, so I gotta kill this one. – Don’t know. – I’ve noticed that expensive
water tastes like water from the tap, that’s been
sitting out for three days. – This one just taste
like it’s been around. – I don’t know. – I don’t know. – That is some straight up Fiji or Voss. – You need to like get a
second mortgage on your house to buy a thing of Voss. – You know you think the red one is? – I think the red one is more expensive. – This is tap. – This one’s more expensive. – This one is more expensive water. – This one. – This one’s guilty. – The one I would drink is this one. – This is the expensive water. – I vote this. – More expensive. – This one is the expensive one? – More expensive? No way. – That’s the better water. I don’t know how good’s your tap water, but I’m assuming this is the tap water. Okay, great. – Dang it, oh no! – Aw hell! – Cool. – They taste the same. – No! (beep) – No, I’m not from New York now. – So, I can tell what’s expensive, even when it’s invisible. – I can do it with water. – I know my waters. – Yeah, okay. – I know this one taste
better, but I thought it was New York tap water. New York tap water tastes great. – I did not expect that from myself. Yet, here I am; persevering,
striving for the best. (soft upbeat music)

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  1. I don't know why but these taste test videos are very calming. Unlike ASMR I can watch them on a loop all day just to feel cosy and calm πŸ˜€

  2. Dam I thought David and Iggy were going against each other so true that new York has the best tap water its the best

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