Day 18- Sweating For The Wedding And Other Body Image B/S

Day 18- Sweating For The Wedding And Other Body Image B/S

(upbeat music) – Day 18, welcome. It’s Aleisha here. I am the founder of Bridechilla and the host of The Bridechilla Podcast. And today I wanted to talk a little bit about the concept of
sweating for the wedding. And I thought it was very appropriate because I have six minutes
until I need to leave because I’m going to a body combat class, whatever the hell that is? Every couple of months I like to sort of pick a different class and have a go at it and realise how truly
uncoordinated I am in real life. Now look, if you are new to the
30 days of wedding planning, I advise you to go back and
watch the other 17 episodes. If you’re following along
every day, thank you and hello. And I hope you’re finding
value and enjoying these very short but informative videos. Now I have a real
problem with this concept of sweating for the wedding, and not because I’m anti-exercise or putting yourself in a position
where you’re getting healthy. It’s this concept that we have to change and improve ourself for one day. And I think that the idea
of sweating for the wedding started in a really good
way and it’s sort of taken a turn to the bad,
for the bad, in my opinion. I love exercise. I find it a really
important part of my life for my mind and my body. I want to stay young. I want to stay healthy. And I really get a kick
out of achieving something, like today going and doing a
class I’ve never done before, probably looking like a bit of a dick head because I won’t get how to do it. But it’s fun, it’s 30
to 50 minutes of my life that I’m pushing myself
and I feel pretty chuffed afterwards that I’ve achieved something. I’ve sweated a little bit. And I move on with my life. However, when it comes to this idea of sweating for the wedding, and more, going on Instagram
and if you click that hashtag, it really starts to bother me because it becomes like a competitive thing. It’s people dropping
crazy amounts of weight to achieve something in an unhealthy way. And I go back to this concept, and I will talk about this
further down the track with makeup and hair, that some people find that
they need to go through this intense transformation. And I really struggle with that. And again, I want to re-iterate, getting healthy and looking after this amazing machine that is our body is something that I truly believe works for mind and body connection. It de-stresses me. It makes me feel great. But I don’t go and do workout classes so I can be super skinny because I know my body is just never going to do that and I want to be, I would
rather be healthy and feel great and be a bit kick-ass for the day than going to this with a mindset of I’m going to be skeletal. I have to work really hard. I’m never going to achieve this. And it becomes this awful battle. So when I look at the hashtag and you click on it in Instagram and you read some of these posts, it could be a really unhealthy
environment to be in. And I find the concept of
changing for a wedding day, dramatically changing, really weird. Your partner and you,
you and your partner, have decided to make this thing official because you love each other and you fell in love with each
other the way you are. So, yes, I think great, if
you want to get a bit fit, good, go and do a couple classes. If you want to change in the long term and be more healthy and
improve your lifestyle, great. But this concept of just
going hardcore, not eating, doing all these workout and cardio, and actually, by the way,
full on cardio all the time won’t help you. You got to do some HIIT
training and weights and just really challenging yourself. I’m not against that. But I’m against this
mindset that you have to go into some extreme unhealthy
way of making this happen. It makes me feel sad, actually. And often in the Bridechilla community we do not tolerate weight loss threads. We just don’t want to
talk about that stuff. I’m happy for people saying,
“what’s your favourite exercise? What are you doing to improve
your health and wellbeing?” But if anyone talks about
diet pills and diet shakes and this’ll happen overnight
and all that sort of shit, we shut it down, because I think it’s a
very unhealthy mindset and it is totally not
what Bridechilla’s about. So I’m going to head
off to my body combat. I’ll check back afterwards. I’m not going to look great. I mean even now, this is not amazing. But I’m going to give it a crack. I will report back briefly after this and see if I didn’t
make an idiot of myself and didn’t end up on my ass. I’ll be back. Okay, so I did the class. It felt good. I’m very red faced. I was a bit uncoordinated
but you know what, I gave it a crack. I got out there and moved my body. I didn’t feel any
pressure and I enjoyed it and I think that’s what
it should be about. Finding new activities that you enjoy and you want to go back and do, that is the spirit of good health and actually having a good time and not feeling this pressure
to go along and loathe it. That is my message to you. So if you have an exercise you really like and you want to share with the community then I highly encourage you
to leave a comment below and let me know. Look, see, not glamorous in any way but I wanted to show you that
that’s the reality of it all. I’m 37 years old and I
think you’ve just got to keep moving to look young and feel great. Thank you so much for watching and hope you’ve subscribed and
you’re enjoying this series. And if you know someone that might need a bit of a pep talk in
their wedding planning, that’s stressed, that feels
a little bit overwhelmed with it all, then I highly encourage you to
share Bridechilla with them. Introduce them to me. I’m going to help them and you. Okay, I’ll stop speaking in the street because people are walking past like this. Like, ugh, she’s talking
on a, she’s doing a video. Embarrassing but true. Love to you all and happy days. (upbeat music)

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