Decorating Clothes with Rhinestones : Using Glue to Put Rhinestones on Clothing

Decorating Clothes with Rhinestones : Using Glue to Put Rhinestones on Clothing

Hi, I’m Robin with We’re making
a video for expert Village today on how to embellish your t-shirts and sweatshirt with
jewels. This is the t-shirt that I was in the store that I wanted and all it had was
the jewels around the neck of the t-shirt. This is what I am going to show you how to
do. This is a v-neck t-shirt and I took a measuring tape, measured it and every half
inch, I just put a little dot with a pen just very lightly. That is going to be where I
am going to place my jewels. I have alternated the pattern with a big rectangle and a small
rectangle. I have already done this side. I am going to show you how I glue those on.
First of all, I don’t use the tip of the glue. I use a toothpick. It’s too hard to control
what comes out of the glue tip and sometimes you get too much and it gets all over the
place. So, I just use a toothpick. Unscrew the top. Make sure that I put the top on some
surface, like a plastic bag or something because it does drop some of the glue and you don’t
want it to get all over things. So put it on a protective surface. Take your glue and
dip the toothpick in the glue. Put the glue on the back, make sure you get to every corner
and edge and place it right on the t-shirt.

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  1. toothpick! of course!!! thank you!!! that's the detail that I was missing. i bought some really tiny ones and i was lost (someone mentioned ironing, but i didn't want to do that. )

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