Delivering Drinking Water Is Serious Business

Delivering Drinking Water Is Serious Business

It’s a service footprint nearly as vast as California itself from Lake County at the edge of the Mendocino National Forest south to Calipatria at just 33 miles north of the Mexican border. Golden State Water Company provides high-quality drinking water in compliance with Drinking Water Standards to more than 80 communities throughout the Golden State. It’s an enormous responsibility. Golden State Water delivers, not just high-quality water but peace-of-mind as well for the roughly 1 million Californians who depend on that service. “Water is the only utility where our customers consume what we produce, and so it’s not just that we’re providing a service, but we actually can have an impact on public health. Dawn White is a key member of Golden State’s water quality team — engineers, scientists and water experts who collectively focus on water safety. They oversee compliance with water quality standards throughout the treatment process and delivery of water to homes and businesses with a thorough monitoring and testing program designed to assess the safety of water from beginning to end of a distribution process. To do that Golden State’s water quality team checks for hundreds of contaminants some of which are naturally occurring and common in the state’s groundwater basins, and others that come from environmental pollution that could pose a threat to the water supply. Each year Golden State Water invests roughly half a million dollars to have samples analyzed by certified independent laboratories to ensure all state and federal quality standards are being met. “So we use certified independent labs that are approved by the state of California Division of Drinking Water that make sure that the labs are qualified to run the samples. We make sure that the quality of the data that they submit to the state and submit to us is of the high, high-quality. California standards are stringent enforced by the state’s Division of Drinking Water and the Environmental Protection Agency. The California Public Utilities Commission provides an extra layer of oversight and protection for regulated water providers like Golden State. California’s Division of Drinking Water is comprised of scientists and water quality experts that establish safety standards, or Maximum Contaminant Levels, at levels to protect public health for all ages and genders. Data from throughout the state is reported directly from independent labs to the Division of Drinking Water to confirm compliance with quality standards and then posted online to provide transparency for consumers. Customers were also issued Consumer Confidence Reports that detail water sources and water quality information — a report card of sorts that holds water providers to the highest standards. They really do it as a public health protection process. They recognized from past health issues… public health and disease outbreaks many years ago…that a safe and sound water system is a key public health component.” Golden State Water is committed to the delivery of safe and clean water whether for drinking, bathing cleaning or irrigation…at home, at work or in local schools. “Our water quality department really cares about providing safe drinking water We all drink the water that we deliver and we want our customers to know that we care and make sure that the water they get is safe to drink every day

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