DIY Carrot Creamy Butter Moisturizer For Hair And Skin Treatment | dry hair and skin cream | NTNP

DIY Carrot Creamy Butter Moisturizer For Hair And Skin Treatment | dry hair and skin cream | NTNP

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  1. I did this today but without the heat I juiced the carrots and then added the oil, will I still get the benefits?

  2. Hey
    U r amazing
    Can Pakistan people use it for there hair
    Or is it suitable for them
    Plzzzzz reply
    My hairs r so dry
    Thanks ❤

  3. Great video,could u make a couple of jars of carrot butter for me & sell it to me?,i would be grateful. & all my transactions would be honesly& safely handled through pay pal,if not I understand.

  4. Well done dear, I hope my will come out fluffy as this? BCOS I did the anti_aging cream yesterday , uhh didn't come out well, you can still see the oil in it!

  5. Are you from Ghana? The carrots also look totally different to carrots we have here in London, your one is less orange and more yellow, the one we have is a very deep dark orange but for some reason even though your one is more yellow looking I can tell it’s probably not GMO or dyed to look pretty like the ones here

  6. I Love your vids, very informative! but sister i cannot find the diy carrot oil vid with the preservative added, so my carrot oil is just sitting in the fridge!

  7. My next diy, after I've cleared (used) the jars that has occupied my refrigerator. Lollllllll. I see you use it as a base for other diy too. A question please. What's your opinion on refined products such as glyserin and shea butter. Thank you ??????

  8. Hey dear, do you have some idea on which oil would work for dry sensitive skin that is uneven too? My skin reacts badly to coconut and Shea butter. I’ve tried baobab and Rosehip too. Which diy would you recommend?

  9. We know that coconut oil is one of the good
    oils and has good vitamins on our skin. So it is really nice on the skin
    especially with the carrot mixture but it is shiny and hot on the skin because
    coconut oil can easily dissolve when it is on the skin

    Is it possible to add extra ingredients to make the skin look
    better and not shiny and oily on the skin? Like cold oil like grape seed with
    little arrowroot powder to reduce sticky oil and essential oil?

  10. FYI coconut oil clogs your pores so I was wondering if I could replace the coconut oil for grapeseed oil or would it not solidify?

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