DIY Hoodie from Scratch! | WITHWENDY

DIY Hoodie from Scratch! | WITHWENDY

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  1. I love making my own cloths cus like like I can make selves longer or like I'm a pear shape so I can make it a bit larger toward the bottom and tighter toward the middle 🙂

  2. i needed to see this video like i always buy hoddies and i always spend alot of money on them but i need somthungthat will show how me in a sense that i made it for me

  3. Hey Wendy, For the string through the hood you should try putting a coat hanger wire straightened out through the hole and then attach it to the string and pull it back through!

  4. Don't clothes with plastic in their fibres contribute to production of microfibres during washing which then goes into streams and eventually into aquatic life, like fishes, which is bad enough by itself, but then when we consume those fishes, we're consuming those microfibres which retain toxins in our body?

    (okay I'm not too sure about the last point, I read it from a source once and didn't research more on it, but the rest is pretty accurate)

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that maybe using plastic based fabrics even if it's for recycling may not be a good thing in the long run.

  5. Damn…. I know this is probably inappropriate…. But your outfit is amazing… 😂Heck, I might even crush on u cause of that. Nice stuff though, Wendy

  6. If there were PDF patterns to print and use for these it would be wonderful. I do well with printed instructions and a pattern to follow. Hope to see that sometime soon. Thanks for the vids. The close ups of the stitches is also a good way for viewers to be sure that what "we" make looks like what "you" make.

  7. Did u used a sweater that have a hoodie on it or did you took a hoodie from a different garment and resize it? how do you do that?

  8. Yeah the "warming pocket" for my hoodies are dark voids where I stuff abunch of things in it and when ever I want something out of it I get something else instead

  9. Hello! We used this tutorial to make sweatshirts in our Middle School Family and Consumer Sciences class. It was great! Thank you so much.

  10. Do they not have a store anymore? 🙁 I wanted to check out their pricing. I love the idea of buying recycled material fabric

  11. Does thread have a store front that you can buy fabric from? The link only has two outcomes: buy a finished product or request to feature the material.

  12. I have a sewing machine at home, but when I tried to use it after a few days, the thread bunched up. I want to start sewing but I don’t have the money right now for the materials. The only thing that I sewed was a skirt and it was by hand. It turned out pretty good and it did not take me long neither.

  13. I know this is old but could you PLEASE make a video on a reversable/two-sided hoodie just like this I designed one and would like to make one. If you do Thank you in advance!

  14. Hi, I'm dumb and I just want to know what you call people who do these, I'm pretty big and I want to get a hoodie custom size for me, but I don't know where to find this

  15. Psalm 62:7 Subscribed, But honestly I loved your video, motivates on being self dependant, Nice work👍

  16. a plastic bottle hoodie? isn't that just as bad for the environment? and if it was made entirely out of plastic bottles there is no possible way to get it to behave in the same way a fabric hoodie would….it's plastic. why not make something more useful with the plastic? like cups or plates. LED light bulbs.

  17. I'm planning on making a custom hoodie with a mask attached to keep your face warm. This tutorial seems pretty helpful & someday I might make an actual custom mask hoodie just for the fun of it. Thank you.

  18. Will definitely try this out. But the main thing that blow up my eyes and turn up my ears is your confidence, voice pitch, the way of communication/interaction and the way you pair us with you is marvelous. Teach me this please…

  19. Thank you sooo much for this video. Ive never sewed anything before, but I'm going to attempt this weekend using this video.

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