DIY WATER CANDLE – Vase Centerpiece Candles – How To | SoCraftastic

DIY WATER CANDLE – Vase Centerpiece Candles – How To | SoCraftastic

Leo [? Dx ] wants to say hi Now I have cat hair on my shirt [slightly distressed laughing(?) sound] [Music] Hey everyone! Today on SoCraftastic we are testing out this really cool Pinterest DIY, it is a water candle that uses just a birthday candle wick and oil to light for three and a half hours I got this one to work! Do not spill, do not>.

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  1. The candles are STUNNING! And SO easy to make! Great job ❤ And I love both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory but Finding Dory was much more hilarious, hands down. Favorite quote from Finding Dory: Becky roo roo 😝 And of course, Becky & Gerald were my favs

  2. Heey, for oil lamps the wick is usually made of some sort of fabrick and is roughly 5 mm ( 1/5 inch ) in diameters, the burn a lot slower and are usualy about 10 cm ( 4 inch ) long, so next time maybe try that 🙂

  3. The plastic should bee between the oil and the water. The Wick is the only thing thats burning if its not in contact With oil?

  4. I thought this book had very good information on  ( how to start making candles and selling them. I've been thinking about starting to make candles and this book has made me decide to give it a try. 👍

  5. Sarah you were the first youtuber I ever watched and my mom said I could not watch you cause your voice was too squeaky now I’m just watching you 3 years later

  6. The time it burns depends on quite a few things :
    If more part of the wick touches water its capacity to soak oil will get weaker.
    Even the kind of wick matters.

  7. Tysm! My aunt just made me her wedding planner and I'm only in high school and she will not have anything but water candles as center pieces and as you see, this was beyond helpful.

  8. Just wondering what is the point of using oil if all that burns is the wick? I thought the oil would be fuel for the flame but no. So why wouldn't it work without oil? Thanks for your video

  9. I tried it and I put essential oil in the water it smelled sooooooo good lavender helps me sleep so I lit this at night o yeah I subbed Love you ,Aimee

  10. I love both movies (Finding Nemo + Finding Dory) but finding Dory made me cry my favorite lines from both movies are

    (Finding Nemo)
    Nemo:"Anemonny, Anemoneni..Anemonemeony"

    Pearl:"Hey you guys made me ink"

    (Finding Dory)
    Dory:"Why are we talking about mommies and daddies? Oh that class? See kids, when mommy and daddy love each othr"

    Dory:"Do you know how it feels to be looking for someone?"

    I have more favorite quotes for both movies

  11. My favorite is finding Dory and it's not really a quote but I loved it when Destiny said "dory"
    Dory said "yes"
    Destiny "Dory"
    Dory "Yes"
    Destiny "Dory"
    Dory "Yes"
    Destiny "you and I were friends"
    Dory "No"
    Lol I liked that part

  12. Finding nemo is my favorite. But I still like finding Dori but nemo is better because he rebels his dad and touches the boat and being a bad fish but at the end he went on lots of field trips. That was my favorite quote from nemo it was super duper funny and it mad me smile the quote is right behind my words so I will let you look at it Anemonny, anemoneni… Anemonemeony.

  13. Thank you so much, sister. I didn't know I needed all this info but you told us how long it lasts and u recorded it. That's so so nice of u. May God bless you immensely. 😍😍😍😍

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