Do Cats Really Hate Water? – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #9

Do Cats Really Hate Water? – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #9

Hello I’m Simon, welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic, we’ ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do Today we’re talking about ‘Water’ Well, one of the things that cats love the most about bathrooms of course, is the sink, the lovely smooth area little like a little box you can slip into, and my cat always curled up in my sink, fast asleep. Also, another they do is they lick from the tap when they’re thirsty even when there is a water bowl down below, they will always go for the little dripping running water and all these little elements gave me an idea a cat playing with a tap and turning off the cold water in the shower which led to poor old Simon getting burnt All of the houses I have ever lived in have always had bad plumbing plumbing I suppose [Why do cats do this?] Cats are often fascinated with running water in the home environment some cats prefer a running tap for example or maybe a drinking fountain this makes sense from a African Wildcat perspective where they will naturally drink from fresh running streams rather than a stagnant pool, many cats will actually drink from pond or puddles outside but there are things we can do to encourage cats to drink in the home environment so looking at the type of bowl that they drink from, cats generally prefer ceramic or metal bowls compared to plastic bowls which can sometimes taint the water so that it tastes different to them, cats also preferable a bowl that is wide and shallow, so their whiskers aren’t touching the sides, if you have a diabetic cat which can be quite common in older cats they actually have sort of sensitive whiskers and this is why it is more important for them to have these wide shallow bowl so their whiskers don’t touch the sides, many people feed their cat, next to the cats water bowl and even using those two in one bowls however, cats would much prefer to have their food bowl away from their water bowl this goes back to African Wildcat behavior where cats would naturally eat away from their water source to avoid contaminating it with the gut contents of their prey, whilst the cat is drinking and having its head down, this is quite a vulnerable position for a cat, so try placing the water bowls at least 30 centimeters away from the wall so the cat has the choice to have the wall behind them and they can see the surroundings in front of them unlike most cats Turkish Vans actually have a water-resistant coat and enjoy being in water and it’s actually an important need of this cat to be given some swimming facilities ‘April Showers’ that comes from Teddy, we got him as a tiny rescue kitten and he had long long fur I’ve never had a long-haired cat before one of my memories of Teddy was, it was raining outside all the other cats had come in because they’re sensible, Teddy having this long fur was sitting on the fence and it was raining and he was just sitting there completely happy oblivious to the rain so that’s why the kitten loves water in the films because Teddy who is the influence of the kitten loves the rain and loves water

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  1. my cats, anakin, and sweeny will follow me to the bathroom to try to rip up my bathrobe. anakin learned how to open the kitchen sink cabinet. #simonscatlogic

  2. My Russian blue mix used to sit on the trashcan and get soaked

    But… She died on September 11 2016 at 11: 59 Pm.

  3. My cat Prissy only likes to drink from the bathtub fossett. She'll just sit on the tub, either staring at me, expecting me to turn on the fosset, or just start licking the fosset itself, expecting water to come out eventually.

  4. I had a cat once his name was smoky this was when I was very little and if you left the bathroom door open when I was taking that he'd come in and he jumped in the bath but if I put him in water and I wasn't in the water he he would immediately jump out

  5. Mine seemed to be okay with water once he was wet getting him wet was rough. one wet but you could take a cup of water a poor it over the top of his head he would lean his head back close his eyes and let it run down his back with a smile on his face the he love towel time too like being petted I suppose.

  6. I once had a cat that loved water, and loved to relax in the sink especially if I turned on the tap just a bit so it dribbled over her.
    She was the same with water spraycans. You know how it is often used as a way to spray and "punish" the cat? Well we had a filled spraycan standing on the floor next to the tv sofa and she would often walk up, knock it over and meow as a sign she wanted to get sprayed! XD

  7. I think if all the words I've ever said were tied together in order, the most common one would be: ACE!(ace is my cat); ACE NO!; ACE DOWN. NOW; ACE STOPPPP;ACE YOU MOTHER*bleep*ER!.
    But I still love my little butthole of a cat no matter what.

  8. My F1 Savannah Bella will get into a tube full of water and play with her rubber duckies.
    Then there was the time I tried one of the battery power clown fish toys and she went into
    the FULL tube head first trying to get at the fish swimming around. So now I only leave the
    ducks in and when the fish comes out I have to stay and watch.

  9. My cats prefer to drink out of a cup we put on the table. We don't know why and they don't like drinking out of their bowl as much either. it happened after we noticed they'd drink out of our cups so we ended up just putting one for them on the coffee table in the living room and that's usually their they drink. Sometimes my cat Daisy will dunk her paw in it then lick her paw too, they love water.

  10. Responsible owner I always get a cat – sitter. Briana checks her water & food as well as her litter box.She plays with Tess.Tess doesn’t like me to leave. To show me her displeasure she throws up 2-3 times right in front of door downstairs. When I come home she meows in a very derisive manner for about 30 min. I sit down with her & use my most comforting tone in my voice. Then she wants me to pet her for 20-25 mins. Then she wants a new bowl of wet cat food. Following this rebonding, she walks away & ignores me. Hope you enjoyed my story!

  11. Even though Tess has a running water bowl she prefers the bathtub. She’s very particular though. She watches until just the amount of water is trickling, then she will jump in & drink. Sometimes she’s not so trusting. She will jump into the tub,only after the water is turned off.

  12. A friend of mine has a cat that loves to go under the shower. Whenever she showers, he'll sit between her legs. She's gotta dry him afterwards. Pretty peculiar cat 🙂

  13. My cat sees me wash my face in the sink so I half to turn the sink on and she will get water on her paw and lick it

  14. My cat wouldnt touch a water bowl if you smacked him with it (not that I ever did that). No matter the type of bowl, the material it was made of or its location: he always drank from any stagnant puddle of water that he could find and that water didnt always look… particularly fresh. He kept on doing this until he passed on.

  15. I once had a cat who liked to knock over the kettle to see the water pour out! I had to be very careful when boiling water for tea.

  16. when I have the water bottle in my hand my cat instantly coming to me and she wants to I give some water from this bottle lol

  17. I had a Turkish van who would turn the sink on and play in it. He once jumped into my dog's bathing tub when it was empty.

  18. It's not really that cats hate water so much as they don't like being wet. With all that fur, being wet can be ucomfortable.

  19. My cat was playing in the ivy outside and got immensely dirty! We had to clean her since she was most dirty in places she couldn’t reach.
    We cleaned her with baby soap much to her displeasure and had to pin her in a small corner of the bathroom while drying her, she in fact looked very skinny because her fur was drenched in water. She hates my sister and I to this day, but I was very surprised at how well she acted I only got a small scratch in my ankle, and a bite on my index finger that only tore the skin a tiny bit.

  20. My cat hates baths, yet doesn’t mind going outside when it’s drizzling to screw around in the rain (by that I mean rolling around in the plant soil, grass, etc. No hanky panky for him… He’s fixed.). He also loves drinking out of the tap in the bathroom, & waits for me to finish using the can so I can turn it on for him. Lol

  21. I am Bi-Animal lol.
    I had two cats and three Labradors. (You ALWAYS had to look before stepping anywhere indoors). The Cats were like chalk and cheese when it comes to everything The Tabby remained aloof around the dogs, HATES water including snow. She will not go out unless she absolutely has to when its raining etc. However my longhaired white cat LOVED water in all its forms. Loved drinking from the tap or would sit patiently trying to catch the drips just for fun. She was fascinted by the toilet and would climb up and sit on my shoulders if I was on the loo!!. Why I have no idea. She fished ALL my goldfish from the pond (she would bring them in and leave them on the stairs for me). She also occassionally fell in and would be half white and half algae green. She would skate on the ice trying to catch the fish in winter. She loved to pounce in the snow chasing imaginary mice. Her favourite place to sleep was between my 50kg black labradors front paws (which she would nudge into just the right position to make her comfy). He of course was a bighearted softy and would let her.

  22. My cat is gonna have her kittens tomorrow and I hope one of them likes water…jk imma keep the mother and kittens in the house

  23. I do not think wild cats, big cats, or any other cats don't eat next to water because they're trying to avoid contaminating the water. As she said, for the most part they drink from running water, where contamination isn't an issue — think black bears during salmon runs, and those rivers stayed clean for millenia. Cats will eat wherever they feel safe. Next to water holes shared by hundreds of animals, including hyenas and the like, is not a safe place for any animal to eat. On the other hand, I've seen plenty of domestic cats eating some water critter beside a lake or the sea shore — they're not worried about their personal safety. Lots of cats toss food into their water dish. Sometimes these 'animal experts' astound me with their far-fetched theories: a little observation and common sense go a long way.

  24. my Siamese Bengal cross loves to be out in the rain my deaf cat likes the shower with me and my seal point likes to sit and watch

  25. I got to cats my first cat i could tiger
    And he’s a boy and he has a sister to
    could pearl and pearl is scared of everything
    And those are my cats 🐈😻👍🐱😺

  26. Milo: loves the sink, sleeps in the sink. Loves water.
    Boomerang: hates water. Drinks from the sink
    Boo: hates water. Drinks from the sink
    Ollie: is terrified of the sink. Has PTSD from flea baths
    June: runs an hides anytime she hears the sink or shower.
    (Ret in peace baby) Alex: Loved water, loved the sink

  27. My cat likes to play with ice cubes in her water. Whenever I get ice she sits by the water and watches until I give her some

  28. my cat ( Russian blue ) for some reason loves drinking the froth of my beer !, sometimes will try to lick my whisky with ice in it, I presume the ice is what he is after, imdoes not faze him, loves standing in the bathtub while shower is running, will happily let the water get to about 5 inches in height before jumping out, loves running tap water or really cold water in his bowl .

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