Does Sweating Burn Calories | Help Make You Lose Weight

Does Sweating Burn Calories | Help Make You Lose Weight

Does Sweating Burn Calories calories and does it help you lose
weight I’ll start by answering the latter question for us because it has
some validity to it Does sweating help you lose weight 20 definitely does help you lose weight
there are many athletes to lose water weight through sweating to drop weight
for a competition such as wrestlers now you don’t have to have an intense crazy
workout to lose the way through sway you Does sweating make you lose weight could really just go sit in a sauna and
cycling around in the sauna you just need a really hot environment that cause
your body to sweat now this is a huge misconception the fitness industry and
there’s lots of products out there that make you believe that you lost body fat
by seeing the scale down because you lost some pounds from sweating from
losing water weight there’s a big difference I’m not saying it’s
impossible to burn fat while you’re sweating have actually been numerous studies done
on the stuff so one thing that was found was that when you exercise in hot
environments which is usually when you’re going to be sweating your heart
rate increases and the intensity of the workout increases now something that
people do all the time after they have a really intense workout with this one a
lot you can see it in the Gatorade commercials and everything you know
somebody has one of those Gatorade their drinking and they look so freakin cool
and there’s wedding that yellow / but those drinks are really high calorie you
shouldn’t be having them all the time if you’re having a rough day whether sure
electrolytes you’re gonna get that with your electorally now I mean videos in
the path to talk about how intensely reliefs to the mix of carbohydrates and
fat your body burn so whenever your body needs energy and had a choice I am I
gonna use carbohydrates in really high intensity workout your body does tend to
choose your carbohydrate or glycogen Does sweating help you lose weight stores over your fat stores so might be
burning a higher percentage of Does Sweating Burn Calories carbohydrates instead of that when
you’re doing higher intensity workout or in a hot environment most people
observing such studies and findings will right away assume that since learning
more carbohydrates it’s useless for that burn and that’s totally not true and I
can prove it to you with simple mathematics Does sweating make you lose weight if you’re burning 500 calories and your
workout and you work had a pretty steady state cardio and during steady state
cardio it’s out of normal room temperature using sixty percent of your
calories for the workout from fat and only 40% from carbohydrates from
glycogen compared to having a high-intensity
workout in a hot environment we are sweating a lot more this time you burn
1,200 calories instead of the 500 calories however because the findings
are just described you only gonna burn forty percent of your calories from fat
and sixty percent of your calories from carbohydrates even though its smaller
percentage that you’re burning fat you’re taking that percentage out of a
much larger number because of that at the end of the day you’re gonna burn
more fat in that hot environment or in that higher intensity workout however
there are studies that show the exact offices there was a study done published
in the journal of clinical investigation its study 12 young men and found that on
average they burn 289 more calories from being in a room that was 63 degrees in
temperature so there you have two different ideas right there that
sweating and working out in hot environments may help and then working
out in cold environments where your friesen might help so now I can finally
give you the real answer to this question why are you asking such a
stupid question I know the chances are Does sweating help you lose weight you’re not a wrestler or a top athlete
looking to drop some water weight before a competition you’re probably somebody
that just looking for a quick fix way to lose some fat without actually having to
exercise and diet god dammit stop being so lazy and trying to find a short putt
I got your answer right here there is no Does sweating make you lose weight shortcut workout and diet properly
consistently over the course of time that’s it there’s your answer Does Sweating Burn Calories

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  1. this was perfectly humorous. maybe try lowering your visuals in the future though.
    you have a lot a quality things to say but it was kind of hard to focus at times

  2. Hey I just finished watching your video and i didn't look it up and watch it for a quick fix or because I'm lazy it's just that I ran 3 miles but I only sweat a little bit so I was just wondering if that would affect my calorie lost ,it would be great if you answered ?

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  4. OHH… yeah to totally gave us the answer we wanted…Cough NOT cough cough…

    "staph beiung so lazy and work oot faagot"

  5. Next time just say in the beginning that you're a dick that's gonna call people lazy for wanting to know if there is a benefit to sweating more during a workout.

  6. This video is amazing! It helps me recall of the time when my cousin used Fenoboci Diet Plan to get rid of 17 lbs and enjoy being healthy again! Most of us would like to lose fat, but we also need to stay nutritious, and that is what exactly Fenoboci Diet Plan given.

  7. 3:15 LMAO!! Hahaha
    I love ALL YOUR VIDEOS! I just discovered you yesterday and I been hooked! (Subscribed?)
    I LEARNED So much! I appreciate the No BS Info. Thank you for the complete breakdowns. Clean Eating, Exercise and Consistency is the Only Way!

  8. I find your videos very funny and informative at the same time. As a person who IS overweight, I have found that the common thread of truth in your vids is…..THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS. After trying to lose weight with shortcuts for sooo long I've found that trying them has only made me GAIN. Now that I've come to my senses and decided to do this the RIGHT way, the way I should've done it 20 years ago, your vids are confirmation that I'm FINALLY on the right track. The truth may hurt some people when you say "stop being lazy" but hey hopefully they learn sooner than later that……THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS!!! tfs?

  9. You shouldn't call people lazy and stupid. A lot of us want to know some advice on what to ADD to our exercise routine, NOT a short cut. We go to your videos for some advice on how to improve. There is no need for you to be so insulting.

  10. really! not everyone you come in contact with or that looks at your videos is trying to be lazy and lose weight !
    I was checking BCS I sweat alot when I do my work outs so I was curious on how much I could lose while I am working out and sweating how much I would lose … I think it's rediculous you think most Ppl are so lazy .how about most of us are not all that educated as we should be about what is the best for us and what we do right or wrong . I have already lost 40 pounds … got 50 more to go but that dose not mean I don't look for the best ways to lose my weight and keep it off !

  11. You got me. It's 90 degrees outside, and inside my car is around 105. I was planning on sitting in the car for a couple hours to get rid of tummy fat.

  12. It would be a shame for you not to lose fat when other normal people are able to lose weight easily with Fenoboci Diet Plan.

  13. I really had a honest question don't know why you thought it was stupid. I guess trying to lose weight was stupid of me sorry  .

  14. The last bit about people looking for a quick fix is kind of stupid. I've been getting up at 6am to fit my boxing sessions into my schedule so i can get to the office on time. And the reason why i watched this is to figure out if it matters that i'm losing weight even if i dont sweat as much. Not everyone that watches this is being lazy.

  15. No stupid. I don't believe that's why people are asking this question. Rather it's an attempt to understand if someone MUST sweat to be having an effective work out…stupid.

  16. Iam slightly over weight and extremely lazy to the point that I watch all my exercises and Zumba videos while lieng on ma bed damn I should be a role model for the lazy pple

  17. "you're gonna get fat with your electrolytes" this made me laugh. water is enough to "replenish electrolytes" lmao, why don't people understand that?

  18. How dare you call people lazy and stupid like you are any better then is struggling to lose weight. We all can't be like you and look the way you do. I will be unsubscribing you. If I want to be talked down to I would have stayed married.

  19. I had to help my dad dig dirt to find and repair under ground water pipe in summer right now and oh God I had to rest ever 5 mins in the shade and under the shades, less hot but the air is still hot… I am just glad I walked out of it

  20. Stupid question?!? Well you have to forgive if some people are not so smart like you man but it doesn't mean that they are stupid! Is it wrong if somebody just want to have anothers opinions?!? Well fuck you moron!!!

  21. Clickbaited till the end. Personally I workout with no AC and no Heater. Anyone that agrees subscribe to me.

    Read more

  22. I work out 4 times a week, each 1 hr, After working out i dont stop sweating, even with the air conditioner on. do i have a problem?

  23. stop being lazy … thats me hhahahah! i bought a treadmill and eat once in a day from 90kg now im only 75kg. u just need to motivate urself if u want to get those fats away xD

  24. Is it bad that I was sweating because it is summer where I am it’s the middle of the gay and I’m in a bed under a sheet and a thick blanket and I’m sweating like crazy I felt my head and I got a WHOLE LOT OF SWEATnot to mention I was wearing a jumper and jeans and I’m not kidding

  25. For me, keeping my body/ muscles warm makes the workout feel easier and I seem to have less soreness after so I'm better able to workout the next day. Also, my heart rate seems higher when I wear a neoprene pants/ waist trimmer and sweating just FEELS good like I'm doing more work. So it doesn't directly make you lose more weight, but I feel by making the workout more comfortable, motivating, and less sore after increases the chances that you'll be consistent with exercising.

  26. I'm trying to drop weight before I build muscle mass on my body so I can back to my goal weight whitch is 170 toned my father past 2 years ago of this month and from that it put me in a depression. N I gained a 100 lbs so now I'm at 125 kg whitch is 277 pounds n I finally got the motivation to start doing cardio right now I'm doing 3 mins on a treadmill between 4 . 5 . 3.5 n I'm wearing 3 sweaters and 3 sweaters pants n I do 30 mins of boxing as well I'm just wondering is this needed cause I'm getting a higher heart rate with more layers on if u could answer this it be really appreciated

  27. I actually am a wrestler. I sweat alot and i know the reason for sweat is to cool down my core body temperature but i was curious if exercise and general sweat were related. Didnt find my answer.

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