Dominic Soh | Resilience, Perspiration vs Inspiration

Dominic Soh | Resilience, Perspiration vs Inspiration

(upbeat music) – I wanted to move onto resilience. And you wrote an article
on mental resilience is not a motivational topic. – Ah yes, I remember that one. – Tell us more about
this, your views on this. – Yes, so the reason
why I wrote the article is because I was corresponding with a lady in Singapore who I think
was a general manager of a multi-national
company and we were trying to organise a resilience
workshop for them. So she somehow rather
categorised resilience, the topic of resilience
as like a self help or motivational topic. And after listening to that
I got a bit pissed off. And then I just wrote her a very honest and frank email saying that, “Hey, resilience is not
a motivational topic, “it’s not about inspiration, “it’s actually more about perspiration.” Because in life adversity is
gonna punch you in the face, whether you see it or not,
whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not. So resilience is not a feel good subject. Resilience can help you
to do good in the world. But it also helps you, especially
when you don’t feel good, when you don’t feel ready,
when you don’t feel prepared to step up off your comfort zone. Because the thing is that
everyone can set goals. At the start of the year, everyone sets new years resolutions. January 1, 2019 everyone
wants to lose weight, everyone wants to learn a new language. Everyone wants to learn
a new musical instrument, but statistics have found
that only 8% of those people actually fulfil their goals
by the end of the year. And by February, 80% have already failed. So the gym is always packed in January, by February they’re empty. You can go for all the classes you want. – Why? Why is that? – Because I think it’s
easy to start something, but to stay committed to something. To actually go through
the hustle, the grind, to actually put in the hard
yards, that’s the true test. Especially, everyone can
aspire to have the beach body, or the ideal summer body or the six pack. But when it’s cold, dark, gloomy outside, when it’s nice and warm in bed at 5am, the damn alarm clock rings,
that’s the true test. All right, whether you’re gonna press the snooze button or not,
or whether you’re gonna just force yourself to get up,
pack your bags, go to the gym, go for the run, do what you need to do whether you feel like it or not. So hence, resilience is not
really about feeling good, but it’s doing good whether
you feel like it or not. (upbeat music)

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