Domo Wilson “Bisexual Anthem” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Domo Wilson “Bisexual Anthem” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Do y’all not know what dating both genders
at two different times, ’cause I don’t date both at the same time, period. But do you all not know what dating two different
genders mean? Like you just like both. I was having conversations online with my
supporters and stuff like that, and I was like, “You know I’m going to make a song
about this.” Like I’m so tired of hearing the same thing. “How can you be bi, why are you bi?” I just send them the link. I swear to God. I just send them the link. There you go. The response of this song was so good. I was not expecting it. I’m like, “Okay like. Whoa.” Like I was overwhelmed, because I see a lot
of people say like, “Oh my gosh, I came out to my mom with this song.” I don’t know how you came out to your mom
with this song, because you talking about you like dick and pussy at the same time. I don’t know what kind of parents y’all
got, but … And a lot of people want me to perform this at Prides and stuff like that. And I’m just like, “Oh my God, I should’ve
released it sooner.” But the response has been great. I finally felt like I just have nothing to
hide and I just don’t care when … The end of 2018 while I was going through this big
stage of my life of becoming who I really am, and I’m just like, “I don’t care.” I’d rather people like me for who I really
am, than to dislike me for who they think I am. I think it’s important to remind people that
it’s a B in LGBT because people forget about it so much. People look at you sideways when you say,
“I’m bisexual.” They’re like. You would be surprised at how many people get
confused at simple B. Like the B, like bisexual. Like if I’m talking to a girl, they’re like,
“Oh, so you’re gay.” Or if I’m talking to a guy, they’re like,
“Oh, you’re straight now.” Like I’m the B in LGBT, and there’s a whole
bunch of Bs in this bitch. So let’s get it together. People just always assume that bisexuals are
cheaters, bisexuals are selfish. Bisexuals cannot be with one gender and be
satisfied, which is false. If I am with you, I am with you. If I’m taking dick at the time, then I’m just
taking dick for the rest of my life. If I’m taking pussy at the time and we’re
like, “Hey, we’re going strong, we’re going to make this work,” then guess what? We’re scissoring. Period. I think if anybody is curious, do it. Find somebody you trust. Have a one night stand. I promote that. Be safe though. Don’t just be doing anything. You don’t just be … Herpes going around. Actually, I don’t. Don’t kiss. That’s stupid. Actually, just do it. Like I feel like my whole life I’ve not been
sexual, which this song is kind of like, “Dang, coming out the closet, let’s get dirty.” You know? So I feel like I haven’t really experimented
either, but I feel like the goal is to. So just experiment. If girls, you’re like, “Hey, I don’t know
if I like girls.” Touch a vagina. Or boys, “I might like dick, I might not.” Touch it. You never know. You might get … You never know. Some of the criticisms that I’ve got is, “You’re
a fake ass dyke.” Oh, the famous one. “You make lesbians look bad.” I do not represent anybody but myself. Okay? You know what I’m saying? I’m trying to you know give a representation
for the Bs, but I’m not a whole group of people. You know what I’m saying? Like I’m one person, you know I got Domo,
Dominique, alter ego, Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus. But other than that, like do not put me in
that category, like I’m the president of the United States. No, like you represent yourself. I represent me. Period. My preference in a girl, we’re going to start
with the girls first, is I like feminine women. I’m not against masculine women. I’ve just never really dated like a masculine
woman for real. Because I just like tight clothes. I like the feminine of it. Like I don’t know, I feel like masculine women
are very beautiful. They’re still women. There’s nothing wrong with them. It’s just everybody has a preference. I thought I liked you know muscular dudes who … I think I like him teddy bear. Rick Ross. You know what I’m saying? A little big. You know? I’ve never talked to a big dude before, I’m
not against it. Hit my DMs. I’m not against it though. I mean I barely go to the strip club. But when I do hit the strip club once a year,
annually, You know I’m not throwing millions of dollars, thousands of dollars. I do go onto the rooms where they you know give you
a little private session. I’m not going to tell you how much that costs. But anyways…my lyric when I say “When
he gave me sloppy toppy”, I mean sometimes you’ve got to put your hands up. You can’t be touching all on the head it gets
distracting. They be like, “Ah,” then you got to be
like, “Okay.” What I mean by sexuality is fluid, is sexuality
changes so much. People think like, “Oh, if I came out when
I was like seven years old as gay, I’m gay for the rest of my life. I can’t change.” Sexuality changes so fluently. I am not against dating men, women, transgenders,
whatever. Like I feel like if we vibe, I’m into you. I remember her like it was yesterday. We touched a little bit. We never kissed. It was kind of like a…I don’t know if
I can say this. It was kind of like a dry hump with clothes
on, and I was like, “Wow. I think we’re meant to be.” We weren’t. And then in high school…So I’m like, “Okay. I’m gay at this point.” But I was in eighth grade you know what I’m
saying? I’m still figuring stuff out. And, then in high school I was like, “Yo,
I’ll start talking to this dude.” We never did anything but like we kissed and
stuff. A little adolescent stuff. And, I was like, “Wow. Like I’m feeling this.” Like how can I like both ’cause nobody really told
me about bisexuals. I just knew like…I thought you had to like one gender. I’m like, “I have to pick.” God put all these beautiful people on the
earth, and he wants me to choose a side. At this point, it’s getting difficult. I just stopped caring all together. I used to care so much what people thought
about me and that’s what made me so unhappy. And, I think the moment that I just stopped
caring in general. I just became happier. I became self… like free. You would never think like why do you care
so much about what I’m doing with my life? Who I’m sleeping with? Who I’m kissing? Mind your business. It’s usually the people who are secretly in
the closet who be homophobic. You would not believe. Like the people who fight anti gay bills or
you can’t… “I’m gonna not let you in my restaurant
because you’re of the LGBT.” Them be the people you got to watch out for. You’re probably sucking dick behind the door. Like it be those people, I promise you. I used to dress like masculine, you know. I used to switch it up a lot but for the most
part I used to dress like masculine. So that was already a like, “Woah. Wait.” Everybody was like, “Woah swae. Is this the same girl?” Yes it is. It’s me. Just a little different.

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  1. When I tell people
    I’m bisexual they look at me and say “do you like me?!” Or “but do you Prefer girls or guys?” And I just tell them “I like who I like and there is nothing that can stop me from being me”

  2. Me- “oh I wonder how domos doing…” click*

    Domo- “I like to eat pussy then again I like to ride”

    Me- “okay” click off*

  3. People act like being bi means you’re not monogamous or that you’re going to cheat, I like both but I still only date one at a time bloody hell ?

  4. I label myself as pan so I haven’t really felt that bi discrimination. But I also never been with a girl. And girls i had crushes on were bi. But It’s just kind of like, they’ll ask what’s pansexual, and I just say “if I like someone I don’t care about their gender or sex. I just like people”. And no one really questions much more. They might say “even “trannies”?”. And I just say yeah. I don’t care

  5. My bi bff: Everyone forgets us bi people 🙁
    Me a pansexual: Bro, you have a freakin song, people actually know what your sexuality means, when you came out people didn’t say “the fuck is that?” Or “So your basically bi?” And you also have plenty of successful bi people to look up to sooo ?

    just a joke please don’t attack me ?

  6. You know what, everybody forgets about pansexual people too. They always talk about how people think that by people date two people at once. Bro if they realize what us pannies are like then they would be quaking. No we don’t date 1 million people at once, yes we do not care about gender, Jesus just support the gays were trying to have a great time

  7. Ok so I’m at elementary and I’m bi and my friends don’t like bi ppl and there are a lot of pretty girls at my friend group but there are also a lot of pretty guys… I need help

  8. I watched one video on bisexuality when i was nine and I understood and I’m always surprised how people get confused by it

  9. Me: im pansexual
    Girl: bruh your not pansexual
    Me: ????????
    Girl: if you hsve s boyfriend then your straight
    Me: i-
    Ight imma head out

  10. God forbid you're bisexual in a hetero relationship. I married a dude. So people invalidate the hell out of me. I didn't pick a side. I chose a partner.

  11. So I told my friends I was bi and…my friend told me months after “when you told us that, I knew you liked [friends name]” I was thinking “BISH NO! THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS!!! YOU STUPID!” She also disrespected me a lot by saying “your too young to know if your bi” like wtf, it’s not your rules. She didn’t even understand what it was, she’s now my ex-best friend…and I don’t regret breaking it up 🙂 she was a complete bitch so…?

  12. I didn’t use this to come out to my parents because of the obvious but i used it to come out to my cousins and they started immediately talking about friends they could hook me up with.Love them❤️?????

  13. How the hell you going to make a pro lgbt song and then use a slur you have no right using???? Smh the lesbophobia

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