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  1. This music was an absolutely terrible choice. I mean I am a hip hop head and even I know it should have been "At Doom's Gate".

  2. Of course the TV trailer needs to appeal to the lowest common denominator rather than actually stay true to the concept. Mainstream Gaming folks, at it's finest.

  3. You can't really convey the feeling without the action scenes,
    why crying about the sound in advertising, casuals?

    There is enough material online. You know what you get.

  4. Boy that sure was weird. I didn’t hate it, but it’s definitely a new thing to hear hip-hop/pop music over Doom gameplay

  5. Remember…this is a TV spot, trying to bring in Mainstream viewers and not scar them with heavy metal music and gore, they needed to limit what DOOM ETERNAL is so that they can promote it on TV services. This trailer doesn’t represent the game and it’s content for what it truly is in anyway shape or form.

  6. I think it shows nothing Doom really is about. Might be due to TV compatibility but still wouldn't catch me if I saw it in commercial break

  7. This is not actually horrible the reason why they put this song is to balance things because its a tv spot if. They didn't put heavy metal because it may be too much or it is just too much TESTERONE for viwers but yeah just to balance thing. I would consider to change it though so i can jave that high heavy metal

  8. 👍: I love you DOOM no matter what, and this one terrible commercial changes nothing

    👎: There was no heavy metal, which is disrespectful to the fan base

  9. Still not buying it. Bethesda you can't be trusted (76) No Thanks I'll be spending my money on games made by developers that at least give me my money's worth like CDP

  10. I can perfectly imagine a bunch of suits in a board meeting deciding to go with hip-hop for this trailer in order to appeal to the “average consumer.”


    TV Spot: uh, just show random stuff & play some rap or whatever.

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