Down Syndrome Couple’s Emotional Reunion Brings Everyone To Tears

Down Syndrome Couple’s Emotional Reunion Brings Everyone To Tears

– Last year, millions watched a video of a couple with Down Syndrome
reuniting at the airport. Take a look. (exclaiming excitedly) – Oh my God. Oh my God! Oh! (guests clapping) – Okay, now first of all, I want my man to greet me
like that every damn day. (guests laughing) I’m like, that was so beautiful Oh my gosh so the couple Nick and Gabby first met at a conference
and fell in love, this surprise reunion was
arranged by their mothers Lisa and Mary who joined us
today y’all give it up for them. (guests cheering)
So okay, ya’ll. Take us back, how did Nick
and Gabby like first meet? – So I’m Nick’s mom, Nick’s 31 years old and we were attending a conference in Detroit for Down syndrome. And you know, the funny thing
is he didn’t really notice her at first, but as
most Down syndrom events they end in a big dance. and he spotted her.
– love it, love that. – He’s like, “Mom there’s that hot girl”, and he like beelines it
over to her and I’m like, “Go ahead, man”, and you
could almost see instant like fireworks, and then I gradually watch like the inseparability, they started dancing all night long. Never, I think the whole entire room just disappeared to the two of them. It was like they were the only two there. – I want that kind of love. – [Lisa] It was amazing. – And I was watching from
the same angle as Lisa, I was behind Lisa and I’m like, ” Oh my gosh, she is like
in love with this boy.” They’re like, not taking
their eyes off each other, then the lights come on it’s time to go. I think like, “Let’s go.” And she’s like, “He didn’t get my number.” I’m like, “We gotta go.” The whole next day on the plane, “How am I gonna find him? “Is he gonna find me?” “Well, Gabby, you know what
if, If it’s meant to be “then he’ll find you,
you’ll be like Cinderella”. – Kinda like Cinderella. – So, how did they reconnect? – So, it was about a three
hour drive home from Detroit, the next day, and alls I
hear is whining from Nick. “Mom, how am I gonna get ahold of her? “What am I gonna do? “How am I gonna find her?” So, we got home and I’m
flipping through some pictures on my phone of the
weekend and there she is, in one of my photos, thank God. So I zoomed in and saw
her conference badge and founder name.
– Wow, oh. – And we knew we had to step in. – Oh, yeah, because
she’s home she’s crying, I’m calling Lisa, I’m like, “What I’m I supposed to do? “She’s a puddle here. “What am I going to do with her?” And she’s like, come.
– Come on up. – Come to Ohio. I’m like, “Okay, let’s not tell Nick.” Okay, so that’s the video
– The best video ever. – And it’s ’cause that’s how
love should be so unbridled, and so just like, it’s beautiful. It’s like it’s honestly
what you feel inside and I feel like a lot
of us will hide that. We’ll hide that so you don’t look foolish. And it’s so beautiful. I love it.
(Guests clapping) So can you explain, for
people that don’t know, that aren’t daily impacted
by people with Down syndrome, what is it, what is the
difference like what, why? – Down Syndrome is a chromosome,
he has an extra chromosome, which means like, she
might have trouble learning like math, and she might have trouble. Her statures are smaller, but
there’s like a wide range so, some people need a lot of
help and some people don’t, like Gabby and Nick are
very high functioning. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – And some people even have health issues related to the the
triplication of the chromosome, but really even more importantly is they’re more alike the
different, so a big misconception are that people with Down
syndrome have to live with their parents the rest of their life, and they need an exorbitant
amount of support, where that could not be
further from the truth. I mean, they’re just like
you and me, they love, they wanna meet somebody fall
in love have a relationship, a husband or wife or a career.
– I think there’s a difference though,
because in that video, it shows the difference of, I don’t know if it’s
because of Down Syndrome, but there is no wall up
they are pure emotion and it’s purely how they feel and that’s so beautiful.
– you are 100% right – [Kelly] And I feel like we
can learn something from that. – It is true. I don’t think Nick loves Gabby
any more than you and I love, but the difference is, they
don’t have that filter. Nick has made me a better person. He has made me appreciate just… the little things you
know that, (chuckling) – I agree just simply watching that video, that’s why I was like
we aren’t so much alike, because, I’m so sorry. I cry, that’s why they’re here,
’cause I cry all the time. (guests laughing) They have them here ’cause they’re like, “Here it goes again.” – Yeah its true. I think part of it for me is
the guilt when he was born. It’s like, “I’m really sorry,
Your son has Down syndrome.” That’s literally the way
they deliver the message. – Oh!
– And it is so opposite. So you feel like really
sorry for yourself as a mom for a couple of weeks
or minutes or whatever, and then just this, every
day every year has just been. – You realize its a gift. – building on one, it is the
best gift I’ve ever received. And I’m a mother of five. (Guests clapping)
so it is still the best. – That’s a lot of kids, we have four. – We’ve got 11 between the two us. – Oh my gosh! – And Gabby’s the same way. Gabby grew up, she has five
brothers so she learned how to skateboard, she learned how
to ski, she plays basketball. She started her own business,
I mean Gabby started, nobody would hire Gabby so she
started her own coffee shop so she can employ people
with disabilities. – What, that’s amazing!
(Guests clapping) Well, Gaby is backstage right now, and she thinks she’s here to
talk about her Coffee Company, which we are going to do ’cause
I’m very impressed by that, but since she got to
surprise Nick at the airport we think it’s Nick’s turn to surprise her. So he is backstage with
flowers and chocolates and, and can’t wait to see
his girlfriend again. My next guest is a coffee
entrepreneur whose company Gabby’s Grounds, promises a hug and a mug. She is raising money to open her own cafe, where she’ll employ people
like herself with disabilities. (Guests applauding)
So please welcome Gabby, along with her mother, Mary. I mean Gabby congrats
on your coffee company. Like, tell us about how
this idea came about. – At first all I went to a
restaurant when I was little kid, like I save up all my
money then after I saved all my money up, when I
want to do my own business I want to do a coffee shop
then I said, “Let’s do it.” – It’s a great idea. (Guests clapping) And your mama was saying its
’cause you couldn’t get a job so you want out almost
started this company where you can hire other people like you that maybe can’t get a job as well, right? – Yeah. – That is the coolest, coolest vibe. I would totally come to your coffee shop. I love it. Well, your coffee company
isn’t the only reason I brought you here because
I have someone backstage who is a big fan of your coffee. Nick come on out. (Guests clapping)
(romantic music) – Come on, your man, your big dog. (grunts)
(laughing) – Oh my god. – All right you two love birds. Y’all come on over. Hey, what’s up man, nice to meet you. – Nice going, Kelly. – You give the best hugs,
that’s like a seven hug. That what’s that was. Well sit down have a seat. So Nick, this is beautiful,
look what you’ve done. So, so why do you like
Gabby so much, Nick? – Be with me. She’s amazing, she’s beautiful, and I am so proud of what she does, for her Gabby’s Grounds Coffee Company. I am so proud. (guests clapping) (laughing) – So, I know, I mean, oh my gosh. Well, we wanted to make sure
that this is an extra perfect, special day for Nick and
Gabby so right after the show, we’re sending them and their
moms to Universal Studios Hollywood right next door where
they can see their favorite movies and TV shows come
to life and that’s not all. (Guests clapping) Yes, I love Universal Studios. So that’s not all,
Wolfgang, you have something for them as well, right? – I think they are so
special, both of you, I think, and to me and inspiration really. You know what, we can
overcome any things we have. If I look at you, both
of you, being so amazing, having your own business so, I gonna give you a little present. I gonna cook tonight if you
want to in my restaurant Spago, a special dinner for you. (Guests clapping)
– Spago is so good. Spago is so good. – Maybe I should invite
the two mothers too, because they are really special too, but I will sit them far away from you. (Guests laughing) – Come on over Ma’ you
could sit right here. Y’all can scoot down if you’d like. I’m not stealing the chocolates,
I’m just moving them. Although I’d watch me. So I mean, Whitney,
Alex, what do you think? What do you think when
you see this kind of love? – You nailed it, next
time get a gift card. (Guests laughing) – Really? And all you guys out there,
– No, get the chocolates. – get a gift card at her coffee shop. How ’bout that? – Exactly, exactly.
(Guests clapping) – I think you’re so unbelievably
inspiring, sincerely, and also you guys mothers. Wow, how lucky they are to
have such amazing parents. – And how lucky you are to get such gifts, they’re so cool.
(Guests clapping)

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  1. I absolutely love these mothers. Shoutout to Nick's mom for going full detective to get Gabi's name and finding her information for her son. MVP of wingmen.

    I've worked with people with developmental disabilities for years, and they are honestly so inspiring. And unfortunately, some of my individuals over the years haven't had any family around to support them. This whole situation is so incredibly heartwarming, and I'm so happy for the two of them.

  2. I read the comments as I was watching and many of them mentioned crying. I thought surely a feel good story like this one wouldn't make me cry…well…someone pass me a tissue because it got me too! 😒 They're so sweet!

  3. Aww this was such a refreshing thing to see despite all the craziness in the world these days. I am curious where the chef is from? He has a unique accent πŸ™‚ love it

  4. Well… crap… I’ve edited this comment twice! β€œMore alike then different.” ❀️πŸ₯° Mom’s you rock!!! Nothing but joy!!! ❀️

  5. This video needs to go viral, it's pure love story,what an inspiring story about this young lady that want's to start a coffee cafe. I believe she will. God bless them both. πŸ’•

  6. Why Kelly is far better than Wendy too me. No tea or shade just putting my opinion out there πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  7. Omg this is freaking beautifully blessed a true love story I just love them πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’˜πŸ’˜

  8. I watched this not realizing how much I needed this…thank you so much Kelly and team…this was absolutely beautiful!!!!!!

  9. They appear to have a mild case of downs s. Cuz the ones i know in medical daycare are severe and cant consciencely make decisions and or speak


  11. Seriously, crying like a little girl over here. This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. More men need to be like Nick, love and cherish your queen.

  12. I thought I could get through the video without crying, until he said he was so proud of her πŸ’—πŸ™ God bless them and love

  13. I promised myself I wouldn't cry…I wouldn't even shed a tear…

    Me seconds in: cries a puddle on the floor dang it!

  14. It makes me sick that in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe almost ALL confirmed down syndrome pregnancies are terminated. People with downs are SO filled with love, light, and joy. It's a shame that most people see them as defective and unworthy of life. They are truly some of the best people we have walking this wretched, selfish earth.

  15. Kelly thank you so much I saw that you tube and you bringing them on your show and their mothers helping, they are just adults with needs of support this was just fabulous!! Amazing Grace

  16. Tears, complete tears . This is true love … not judgement, unconditional, butterflies in the tummy, can’t live without you love . I’m so Happy they found each other ; I really hope Kelly does a follow-up video about them ❀️

  17. Who's cutting the onions in my house??????? Oh, that's right, I'm home alone. And to the 15 who gave this a thumbs down, y'all don't have a heart.

  18. I’m visually impaired and I have a optic nerve glioma pathway destitution brain tumor and I’m super high Functioning

  19. B E A utiful!Β  Nick and Gabi, good luck with your relationship.Β  You obviously share something special!Β  Gabi, good luck with your business (I think Nick would make a good employee, just try to not boss him around too much!)Β  Moms, you two are what parenting is all about.Β  Beautiful story and I pray for the best future for all of you!

  20. These moms are amazing πŸ’žπŸ™πŸΌπŸ’ž can we just notice he fell to the ground an she dropped her luggage and phone!!! They we made for each other πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

  21. Wow Gabby is gorgeous, her hair is absolutely beautiful hair! Wow Nick is quite a man… how awesome is that couple! Moms are beautiful too! πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’™

  22. One of my only friends has Down-sydrome, and I've been playing video games since him and I are Nintendo gamers since high school. This is such a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing! Here's hoping they have a happy and joyous life together. This moved even me to tears.

    I don't have down-syndrome, but I'm on the Autism spectrum.

  23. Turns out it’s actually a gift because they get to be fully themselves without conditions or society rules, they get to be confident and not know how the world is ignorant and toxic. They know what PURE LOVE feels like without all the filters and insecurities. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

  24. I love their story!! We should all be that innocent and free!! Beautiful Hearts!! Amazing LoveπŸ’™πŸ’žπŸ’™πŸ’ž

  25. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, the doctor told me that one of the tests came back positive for Down Syndrome. She ended up being born with no signs of DS but I would have loved her no matter what. This couple is so amazing and their story is so beautiful!

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