Dr Thaxton – MiraDry Treatment for Underarm Sweat | Patient Interview

Dr Thaxton – MiraDry Treatment for Underarm Sweat | Patient Interview

I am dr. Jeffrey Thaxton with Christina, Holston She was the very first patient we had at Stewart and Thaxton to get the miradry treatment And I wanted to talk with her and find out what her experience has been. So, can you tell us why you got miraDry? Why you were interested? I have been fighting excessive armpit sweating since the age of 14 I have tried everything from deodorants to Prescription deodorants and nothing’s ever worked for me So I kind of just did my research and contacted doctor Thaxton to see if there was any options for me And can you tell us about your experience with the procedure? Yes, I had miraDry Almost two months ago And it has completely changed my life as you can tell I’m wearing light colored clothes now I do not have to wear deodorant at all The odors actually went away and I don’t have to shave my armpits as often as I used to and there is no sweat No sweat at all. It’s been amazing. And as far as the procedure itself, how would you rate that? Was it very painful? It was not it lasted maybe an hour They numbed me and then right after that they started off with the procedure. I had it done on a Friday I’m a teacher and a fitness instructor. So I went back to work on a Monday Pain between one and ten. I would give it maybe a four I don’t think it was painful at all a little bit of swelling but it went down in about a day or two But it was a piece of cake didn’t last that long at all after the procedure Did it interfere with your activities of daily living ? no I went on a date that night with my husband Yes, yep. All right. Well, thank you for talking with us about it. Thank you for talking with us about miradry I highly recommend it as completely changed my life. Great. Thank you. Thank you You You

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