Drastic Changes To My Diet & Training – No Sweat: EP17

So whenever a new episode of No Sweat comes
out, I always get asked questions on what my personal diet and training looks like.
I’ve kind of been hesitant to share so much about what my diet and training routines is
like because I feel that everyone’s body and everyone’s lifestyle is different. I don’t want people to think like,
this is the way to get fit. I also feel that because my training
and my diet changes all the time, there’s no one specific set of fitness routine or
diet that you should be following. But since you guys have been asking me so much, I’ve
decided to tell you guys what my current training and diet looks like and hopefully, this might
be helpful for you. Just to give a little context, the reason
why I am starting on this new training and diet routine is because, to be very very honest,
I lost a lot of motivation last year. I actually did competitive bodybuilding for 3 years and
after my competitions, I actually went on to do Miss Universe Singapore where I was
also on a pretty strict diet and training routine. It was after August last year, when
Miss Singapore ended, that I decided I was done with the competitions, I was done with
the intense training and diet. My body kind of had enough.
And I just wanted to take a break. I wanted to give my body a rest. I ended up getting an internship, I was taking
on new personal training clients, I was gigging 2 or 3 nights every single week. And this was all on top of universities. Even though I thought that I was gonna give my body a
rest, it kind of ended up backfiring because I was taking on more jobs than I could handle.
And I just got so overworked and terribly burned out that I totally lost the motivation
to workout. Literally, at the end of the day, the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym or
freaking eat chicken breast out of a Tupperware. But it’s totally like a vicious
cycle because you don’t go to the gym, you feel tired, you feel even more lethargic and
weaker. And so this year I decided that I was sick of feeling that way. I wanted to get back into my groove.
So I got a new coach, I started a new training routine. And I just
wanted to do something to feel the progress and to feel a lot stronger and better
about myself. So in today’s video, I’m gonna show you
what my current training and diet looks like and I hope it’s useful for you. A lot of people always ask me, what I eat in a day
to you know, stay fit, maintain a healthy body. What you eat really depends on what
your fitness goals are. And now my fitness goals is actually to lose fat and
actually, maintain or build a little bit of lean muscles. And what that actually means for my body type is that
I’m going to increase my protein intake. Drop my carbs intake and also,
change up the kinds of carbs that I eat. And to also incorporate a lot of good fats
into my diet. And every single morning, I always have my coffee first
with no milk and no sugar. And then straight to some fasted cardio where I walk on the treadmill for about 30 to 40 minutes on an incline. And after that, it’s time for breakfast. Okay so I have my chicken breasts here, I put some sriracha sauce over it because this has very low sugars. It just gives my food a bit more flavour. This is a bit of spinach, half an avocado
for good fats, some cherry tomato for some colour. So recently I have been obsessed with sparkling water. There are a lot of health benefits to drinking carbonated
water. And for the past month, I’ve been drinking one litre of
sparkling water in the morning and I find that it’s really helping me with my digestion. So I decided to incorporate it
into my morning routine. So one major change I had to make is to cut
down on carbs. And that means cutting out things like rolled oats
which is so sad because I really love rolled oats. But instead, I have found a substitute and
I am eating a lot of Psyllium Husks. This is plant-based fibre. It is very filling,
they can be prepared just like rolled oats but it has pretty much half the carbs. So it’s 8 grams of carbs per serving while rolled oats have about 20 grams of carbs per serving. So it’s pretty much half of it. So how I like my psyllium husk is to add it
to my protein shakes. So what I do is that I put a scoop of protein,
I put a huge scoop of psyllium husk and I add some water, some almond milk and ice and that makes a very delicious and filling protein smoothie. And I like to have that at night. And what I found is after incorporating
psyllium husk into my diet it actually helps to reduce my carbs cravings,
especially at nighttime. As a personal trainer, you might think that
I’m always on a diet like 24/7. Like I’m always only eating
chicken breast, healthy foods which are kind of true, I do eat healthy like
70/80 per cent of the time because it’s my job as well.
I do have to maintain a certain physique but I’m only human and we do go through
phases where you know, shit happens, you’re not always 100% like all the time.
Last night I had fries when you do have these treats, I think a lot of the times you feel very guilty
and you feel like you don’t deserve it, oh not my diets are broken but I think small treat
is just as important for you to reward your body and you know what, today I’m gonna be
eating really clean and I’m gonna be going back to eating healthy and yeah.
It’s gonna be a really good day. So I’m starting this work out with some assisted
pull-ups with a resistance band. This can be a very useful tool for you if you are someone who’s training for pull-ups. And what I do is that I pull myself up and I hold my
pull-up at the top. I’ve been incorporating a lot of time under tension into my workouts which means that you hold your contraction for a longer period of time. So this helps you make the most out
of your workout because your muscles are worked for a longer period of
time and you’re also doing it in the right form so blood is pumping to your muscles and
helps you to grow it. And after my assisted pull-up, I move on to some kettlebell swings. This is one of my favourite exercises because it gets my heart rate up. And lats pull-downs are another staple in my back day. After my back workouts, I like to end it off with some
abs exercises. So I like to call this veggie confetti because
it’s just full of colours. You have your white cabbage, purple cabbage, carrots,
capsicum, celery and beetroot. I also store my chicken breasts in the fridge. I’m actually a very boring eater but this is the food that makes me feel good. So yeah, gonna eat and get some
work done and then get ready for work tonight. So I just put on my makeup, I’m gonna head
out to meet my friends. I heard that they are all going to eat at
Ponggol nasi lemak today. A lot of people do ask me, how do you work around social situations, when you are with your friend and you don’t want to be the one who is dieting. It really depends on how much you want your goals,
how much you’re willing to sacrifice. And I sacrifice a lot when I was bodybuilding
but even nowadays I just feel that Ponggol nasi lemak is not
something I want to waste my calories on, I just work hard today. Just having that kind
of discipline to pack your own food and know that you’re on a diet and to know that you’ve
made this commitment and just kind of like choosing for yourself
what is worth spending your calories on. And for me, it’s gonna be eating with my grandma tomorrow. So tonight I’m gonna eat clean. Oh, so I realize this foundation is way
too white for my face. Might have gone overboard with the tan. Alrighty, it is 2 a.m I am finally back home
and I am freaking starving because that performance was quite a workout. I actually am trying
out these Carman super seeds & grain crackers. It looks delicious and I’m also gonna top
it off with some natural Adams peanuts butter. This is like my favourite peanut butter in
the world because it is a 100% peanut and a bit of salt and that’s the kind of peanut
butter you want to go for which is like really clean you don’t add extra sugar and stuff.
This is the late-night snack that I am having. I’m at my grandma’s house. Sunday is totally
family day for me. I tried to take maybe one or two clients in the morning and spend the
rest of my day resting. I’m having a chicken salad now and grandma always prepares for me some chicken breast and some veggies. She also prepared all these yummy delicious food. Okay, so these are what I totally
saved my cheat day for. These are some Kaka Babas & Makboos
and this is made by my lovely grandma. I basically remember growing up eating these.
They don’t sell it outside. This is a cheese pastry, this is made from dates and the dates are made from Israel right grandma. Yes!
And then this is called Babas which is just like the dough, plain dough. And this tastes amazing with peanut butter or any kind of dip and spread. This is totally worth the cheat and saving my calories for so yep, thanks, grandma. Now I’m back home, I just finished filming a new YouTube video for my channel in my bedroom. While I was filming I was kind of like doing a little snacking with one of these. This is Carmen’s protein. It is very very yummy.
It is a salted caramel nut butter flavour. But I do consider this as a little treat
like a sweet treat for me because my rule is that any pack snack that has more than 10 grams of sugar is not something that you should eat. But this is about like 5 grams of sugar but this does have sugar. So it is very important to acknowledge that
this is like a sugary treat. I have a session to hit with my coach today
and I just had my breakfast. I took some kind of like pre-workout and I’m gonna go and hit a back and abs session. I’m gonna go and get murdered by my coach now. My coach kind of planned a
whole back workout for me. The first thing I did was some seated rows. This is
very different from the Lats pull down because this actually targets your middle back. Then I’m moving on to some face pulls. This also works
your rear delts, which are the back of your shoulders. I also like to isolate my muscles so here are some
bent-over dumbbell rows because what I find is that it helps me to focus on each individual side. And here are some TRX W-raises. I have never tried this before but my coach kind of taught this to me and I’ve been really liking it. It works your back and also works your shoulders. And then moving on to some cross cable rear delt fly. This is a bit of an interesting workout
but it helps to target your shoulders as well. And then finally here I’m doing
some seated rear delt fly. This helps to work your rear delts which are the back of your shoulders and I highly recommend this for people who want to improve their posture. And with all these exercises I’d like to do them in a giant set which means I do them all in like a circuit. I would kind of move on from each exercise to the next and what I do for every set is that I increase the weight because this is something called progressive overload which I find is a very effective tool for me where I increase the weight with every single set that I do because that actually puts more tension on the muscles and with that your muscle grows a lot better. Starting off I must say that it was such a
challenge trying to get into a routine because to be so lethargic and tired for so long and
suddenly going all the way up to like a 100% But after a while, your body gets
used to it and then you’ve realized that there’s this newfound energy that you have and that’s
exactly what I experienced. I think the challenge is that when you plan for yourself,
it’s very easy to lose motivation because you know you have no one to answer to or be accountable to. But the thing is that with a coach, you have somebody who firstly, shows up there, you paid money so you have to show up, and the second thing about it is that it kind
of like takes the guessing game out of planning because all you got to do is single-mindedly
follow exactly what training to do, what diet to do and you have also something to look
forward to and someone to be accountable to. So I think that’s the benefit of having a
personal trainer or a coach. So ever since I started this new training
and diet routine, the very first thing I’ve noticed is an improved energy level. I just
feel so much more energy in the day and it just gives me so much more motivation to work hard. Mentally, I just feel so much more focused. The second thing I notice is I’m making much
better food choices. I mean in the past I did eat very healthy, but I remember that there’s a period of time last year that I was skipping meals, I was kind of binge eating a little bit. So this year I know how to eat specifically to my fitness goals. The third thing that I noticed is that I’m getting better sleep. I still don’t have the best sleep.
I’m really really terrible with my sleep I must say. Last year, I could average maybe
about 3 or 4 hours every single night, which is terrible because my skin broke out and
the rest of my day just feel very lethargic. So nowadays I’ve been getting much better
sleep and it’s improving. So with my physique, I have seen mini changes. I do realize that my abs section has become tighter and my muscles are getting defined. It’s not a huge change but it’s these mini changes that have made me a lot more motivated to see even more results in future. And for all of you other there who are trying to get fit but only seeing small changes, I want to tell you don’t be discouraged because fitness takes time. It’s a life-long journey that you have to have for yourself. Stay with it and I guarantee you will see results. And if you’ve been on a fitness routine for a certain amount of time and you’re not seeing any results, then it’s okay because all you got to do is change
things up, do things differently, you know, try something new because
when you’re trying something new, your body is going to respond to it and
change and that’s exactly what happened to me. So I hope you guys like this video if you did,
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you all on the next one. Take care, bye!

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