[Music] and this is Dennis hey peeps I made it to India right now I’m in Delhi in its capital the city’s big loud hot humid dirty chaotic and beautiful it’s exactly as I expected it to be sitting on the airplane the Sheila made sure I felt a bit emotional but as soon as it took off it was all gone the new life was ahead of me I journey kicked off well I made a new friends before the plane even landed hi Bhavana if you watching this when on my first day before I even checked in in my host cell I was walking around the center of the city right and this guy approaches me and says he has so many tattoos in the yard and then he asks where I’m from when I am from Russia and then he answers in near-perfect Russian no way I’m working for the Russian embassy in Delhi here to be honest I was pretty shocked she was pretty much the second person I spoke to in this country and he turns out to work for the Russian embassy and speaks perfect Russian we had a lovely chat and he helped me to find what I was looking for an overall was a pretty Pleasant in cancer but anyway enough talking let’s get to it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I am a direct force right now which is probably one of the most recognizable landmarks of Delhi it was built in 1639 by the Mughals during the Mughal Empire times every India Independence Day the Prime Minister gives a speech which is broadcast throughout the whole India the ticket inside costs about five or six hundred rupees and I can eat for about two or three days so that money so I decided not to go inside the just have a look around [Music] [Music] it reminds me of Kremlin just a bit it’s red it’s in the centre of the city it’s one of the most iconic landmarks of the city and the country and it’s got those hpq things on top I forgot what we called what I used to I used to use them for archers all right first impressions of Delhi it’s big and it’s loud and by the way the only reason you don’t really [Music] yeah that’s what I’m talking about and that’s that’s an asylum zone right some zones where you know allowed to Punk and this is one of them but some people don’t just don’t care and it’s really hard I’m just I’m drenched in sweat constantly and even so you drink so much water you barely go to the bathroom because everything comes out with your sweat yes you get approached by the richest a lot but most of them aren’t really annoying they are knowing concern in a very sensor by the by the main site saying we just follow you and one to five minutes and minutes until is just give up so it’s better to just ignore them but in the rest of the city we just say you know and they don’t bother you anymore which is nice the metro is good and the best thing about them the best thing about the metro is the AC it’s life-saving honestly when you when you enter the carriage and all this cool air right in your face it’s an amazing feeling sometimes I just want to get down to the Metro even if I don’t want even if I don’t need so just get this breeze the distances between things are quite big like you look at the map and it doesn’t seem that far even compared to Moscow so when you walk and walk and walk and walk and yeah I like the food and especially I like the places if I mean it depends really in Delhi where you go like some restaurants but could be as expensive as we are in Moscow if not more but if you try and find like a place where the local state liquid it for so cheap like today my lunch was fifty rupees which is what 80 cents probably yeah eight cents and it was great and it was feeling sure right now I’m in this part called lodi gardens and i heard good things about it so let’s go and see what’s here I’m not sure if you can see them but there is a bunch of geese and pigeons with mostly geese hello mr. duck did did he get stuck in a bucket reason Cairo’s now it started around yeah I love monkey sure enough I’ve never seen an app up from dessert did you lost something okay so far it’s definitely my first place in Delhi first of all can you hear it exactly no honking I know got monkeys in here brilliant look at this gorgeous gorgeous I’m not sure if it’s a temple or a tomb but I’m not sure if you can hear it but somebody somebody singing and dancing outside so probably a temple Lord soon [Applause] [Music] I love this part [Music] so that’s it for today it’s my first video and I know it’s far from perfect but I’m only learning so any feedback would be welcomed please do it in the comments

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  1. Первый. Смотрели всей семьёй, все круто, единственное, актер петух какой-то

  2. Отличный язык! Молодец! Интересно. Только, желательно, качество картинки улучшить, но не обязатально…

  3. Hey denis! We met today in the Dalai Lama Temple and i told you that i saw u early in the morning with two big bags 😅😂 and also told you about amer fort. You can watch that video here #kewaltravel . That vid is not in hindi so you too can enjoy it! And tell me your insta bro! Btw nice vlog.. better than my first vlog 😅 we have started almost together so i wil be one of your constant viewer!

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