Dress To Romper DIY | The Style Pile #12

Dress To Romper DIY | The Style Pile #12

There is a box, in the corner of my sewing
room. It is a box whose contents have not seen the
light of day for many a month. Many crafters will be familiar with this box,
in all of its forms: There’s the ever-growing amorphous lump
that lies underneath your desk… The monster underneath your bed… The stuff you vacuum-packed in a fit of organization
and stuffed into your garage in the hopes that you’d never have to deal with it again… This, my friends, is the UNFINISHED SEWING
PILE. So the item that I pulled out of the Style
Pile box today was… Lol, joke, this second pile over here is the
REST of the Style Pile, an extension of the box that’s flowed out into the corner of
my studio. Anyway, the item that I pulled out of the
depths of this mess is… this dress! This dress is originally from a store called
Mod Dolly from about 2012, HOWEVER I don’t really wear short dresses right now, they’re
a little bit too cutesy for me – so, I thought that I would turn this dress into a ROMPER! By the way, thank you to all of the people
who suggested that I do this DIY! And just so you all know I have an older video
on doing exact the opposite, which is turning a jumpsuit into a dress. ANYWAY back to the project at hand, you need
to cut your dress to the length that you want your romper to be FIRST. My dress didn’t need any cutting because
it’s already short enough and I wanted the romper to be about this length, but if you
have a longer dress and you want to make it in a shorter romper, then cut it to the desired
length with a pair of scissors FIRST. Next I turned my dress inside out and I laid
it down flat so that the front of the dress was facing up. Then I folded the dress in half, down the
middle of the front, like this, making sure that that side seams of the dress matched
up here, and that THIS fold was EXACTLY at the centre front of the dress. Next, I put pins into the centre-front fold
to make sure all 4 layers of fabric – the front and the back of the dress – were going
to stay in the same place. Then, I drew a little curved line like this
onto the inside of the fabric, that was about 1 and a half inches high and ¾ of an inch
wide, and then I cut on this line through all 4 layers of fabric. Then I unfolded the dress and I ended up with
this. The next thing I did was to simply sew along
this new “crotch” part like this. I used a straight stitch and I sewed along
the seam twice for extra reinforcement around the crotch. I finished off the seam by clipping the raw
edge with a pair of pinking shears to prevent fraying, you could also serge this seam to
finish it off neatly OR you can just leave it as it is. Now, this is the basic romper DONE but you’ll
notice that if you leave it here, and depending on the fabric and width of your original skirt,
you’ll probably get a lot of “bunching” at the crotch area… which doesn’t look
so good. SO, to get rid of that, I folded my new romper
back into this position. Then, I grabbed a pair of slightly loose-fitting
shorts that I already owned, and I folded them in half the same way I did for the dress,
so that they looked like this. I then placed the shorts on top of the romper,
matching up the crotch seams. You can see that the front panel of the pair
of shorts goes inwards like this, which reduces the “crotchal-bulk” (that’s not a term)
– anyway I traced this shape onto my own romper using a fabric pen. The pen is kinda
hard to see on the video but the line is HERE. Next, I pulled the back of the romper away
from the front – because I only want to sew through 2 layers of fabric here, through
the FRONT of the romper only. And then, I sewed straight up this line using
a straight stitch. To finish this seam off, and get rid of that
extra fabric at the crotch, I cut away the excess fabric from the seam using some pinking
shears so that the fabric wouldn’t fray. Now, you’ll also notice that when I placed
the shorts onto the romper, the bottoms of the shorts curved upwards away from the crotch
like this. So if you don’t do this next step, your
romper’s shorts will curve down from the crotch like this. What I want to do is make the legholes more
“straight” across my legs. So to do this, I traced around the bottom of the pair of
shorts, adding about 1 inch hemming allowance, and then I cut along this line through ALL
4 layers of fabric – so through both the front and the back of the romper. I unfolded this and then I serged around the
bottom of both leg holes – this step is optional, it just stops fraying, you can also
cut it with pinking shears – and then, with the romper still inside-out, I made a hem
around the leg holes by folding the fabric up, about a half an inch, like this, and sewing
all the way around the leg. AND…. This is my finished romper! [Music plays] It worked out so well and it looks fantastic
– I love it! Here are the before and the afters! NOW, before I go, it’s worth mentioning
that you can only use this method on a dress that you can pull up over your hips and waist
– so on a dress that has a zipper or buttons or a tie-up front like mine. But next episode, I’ll be showing you how
you can use this method on a dress that you pull on over your head, so… a dress without
zippers [or other ways to get it on]. I hope you guys are having a great week, thanks
for watching, and I’ll see you all next time. Bye! Thank to all of my supporters on Patreon for
making these videos possible! To become my Patreon supporter, go to patreon.com/annikavictoria.

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  1. Make. Thrift. Buy suggestion <3 <3 <3 please do. I want to make it but i dont have a ton of good sewing talent and would love to see you try. <3 sending love from canada

  2. I need help! I shrunk my fave dress and now it doesn't fit! I've only warn it once!

    It's a zipper dress so I was thinking of just making it a corset backed dress but nowhere can I find a decent vid on how to do it! Please help me save this dress! Love u

  3. Hi Annika! Been a fan of you since I found the pineneedle collective back in '12. I found this online but it doesn't have a clear source. http://pbs.twimg.com/media/CkJ9a33UYAAu2HC.jpg It's clear its a sailor collar/hoodie hybrid button up jacket. I'm really interested in the iron on transfer and making an attachable sailor collar, if it's even possible. Thanks for your awesome vids!

  4. I was wondering if you'd be able to do this since the skirt didn't look like it'd give enough fabric.

    ❥❥❥FASHION | DIY | Come visit me. 🙂

  5. Please please please, try to create something like these!!
    Love ya!

  6. could you make a hoodie with horns? i can't find anything online but i would like to try making this myself for Halloween and since you are so talented at sewing and stuff i thought maybe i could watch you attempt it :3 the most i have seen online are hoodies with cat ears or horns but with lots of added things i personally don't like :T thank you if you read this (^3^)

  7. Spanish and Dutch subtitles are now available! Thanks to +Marieke Verstappen and +Alma González for providing the translations!

  8. can you do some halloween diy?? i would love to get into sewing but i have no clue where to even start lol. you inspire me so much and i love your show.

  9. im so glad you've done this tutorial!! there are a few dresses i've picked up from thrifting that i've been wanting to do this too ?
    also as a request, would love to see you make something like this shirt https://www.depop.com/en-us/olarson03/vintage-turtle-neck-with-faux

  10. could you do this next please…

  11. So cute!! I have been thinking about doing something like this, but was afraid they would turn out wonky. Now I'll have to give it a try 🙂

  12. Anika, Do you know how to make Anime-like Stockings? I tried to make somethin similar to this http://g02.a.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1reUcJVXXXXawXFXXq6xXFXXXk/Princess-lolita-font-b-stockings-b-font-super-long-font-b-stockings-b-font-cotton-knitted.jpg With the sock tutorial (but longer) but they just keep Falling down and they are suppose to stay up… also my tights are really Thick so i can't just buy some online…

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    It is a skirt Selena Gome wore two years ago in the videos of her walmart soundcheck

  14. I think this dress would be perfect for #MakeThriftBuy!

  15. I have a lot of baggy t-shirts because the humane society only sells shirts in like extra large could you make a video on how to make a shirt smaller?

  16. Haha, i was thinking of this video because I thrifted pants with quite bad "crotchal bulk" issues xD
    At first I thought I could just downsize them by taking the sides in, but after identifying the real problem I realize that I have to seam-rip the front zipper and modify the crotch line, this is going to be a challenge!

  17. https://www.etsy.com/listing/268193380/mermaid-tights-with-handmade-silicone
    could you try these mermaid tights. They are soooo cool but I want to know how to make them.

  18. https://madegold.com/products/betty-lace-up-jean-vinyl?variant=11919352449 These are a pair of jeans that I really like but the are super expensive and sold out. I was wondering if to try and make them if you would get a normal pair of jeans and cut along the side seem, hem the edges, insert lots of eyelets either side and then lace them up. Do you think that would work ??

  19. if too tight around the legs (for dresses that are tight fitting) – open the seams on the side of each leg and sew the sides in and down to hem them- creating side slits

  20. I know it's not really your style but you should try to recreate one of these!



  21. please anika! do this! I need this in my Life! , but is way to expensive for me! 🙁 http://inuinu.com/products/bee-embroidery-back-pack

  22. hi! so i don't know if this is common or just like my body, but crotch-bunching happens for me on every romper i have ever worn- and many pairs pants and shorts, too. i have no idea what the cause is and how to fix it. is it just something that happens with rompers and i have to deal with it? or is there some sort of way i could customize my romper to make it not crotch-bunchy? my pairs of jeans that don't bunch at the crotch have much more in the back than the front, so that might be the key, but i don't know how i would translate that to when making the romper. thanks!

  23. would this work on a dress made of stretchy fabric? I have ones that's made of a pretty sturdy jersey, which I bought from a school fair but ended up being too short. I either want to turn it into a two piece or a romper, but I just wanted to make sure that this would work before I go ahead and try it!

  24. Wow this is perfect! I love rompers but can never wear store bought ones because I have a tall body, so they feel like they're cutting me in half!

  25. I have a long jean dress that has a zipper on the back and i want to turn into a romper but it seems alot of work if i have to take the whole thing off to go to the bathroom so i want to add snaps in the crotch like the toddler rompers…any ideas?

  26. i'm excited to try this but also kind of nervous bc i've never really tried sewing clothing before, but it seems easy enough. i just have to figure out how to do this with a dress that has a 2 layered skirt

  27. I wanted to do this hut the dress i want to change has the cutest lace that goes goes into triangles at the bottom so i would have to cut it off , any ideas?

  28. haha I made a romper today just like this video lool I saw this video before and thought of it as I was making my romper today it saved my life cheers lol

  29. can you please make fingerless leather gloves? please please please!!!! it would match my leather jacket and I want to see how to make it…. please

  30. honestly I don't even have a sewing machine but I binge watch videos like these for hours. I have an interesting in sewing but I definitely can't afford a sewing machine.

  31. Just used your tutorial to change my own dress into a jumpsuit, I'm much happier with it now and have a cute but simple outfit for summer? thank you for uploading every video, it's inspired me to diy my clothes instead of just getting rid of them ?

  32. Can you maybe do a video on how to make a dress with a tie up keyhole thing like that/do that to an old dress? :3

  33. I transformed my floor length, mormon-style dress into a romper and i love it so much!! thank you!!!

  34. What do i do if my dress has a second layer/ petticoat? should i sew that too or just seam rip it out, it kinda serves no purpose other than to make the dress flare out, but its attached to the zipper so I'm scared if i seam rip it it will make the zipper detach in the back.

  35. Great video!!!
    Highly recommend you on Koocam.com
    They are looking for people who do DIY,craft, tips etc
    (especially if you do it as a hobby)

  36. Could you turn a dress into a pinafore?
    I have a cute camisole that can't see the light of day because it's meant for pijamas. Upcycling it into a pinafore yould breathe life back into it

  37. Wait this is really fairly easy
    I guess it is time to turn this lovely dress I bought into a romper!! (:

  38. I tried this yesterday 🙁 Mine did not turn out. The dress had an elastic top, which could be worn on or off the shoulder. However, due to me wanting the legs to be about 6 inches in length and the fact I am plus size; the garment pulled from the crotch, and the legs ended up not being full enough. I used a dress that was A lined I guess I needed a half or full skirt dress.

  39. I have a friend who said she wished she could make her own rompers. I linked her this video and said “I believe in you.”

  40. how can you make a regular dress/romper have the little slit in the middle like yours??? also is there any way to make a long skirt into baggy pants?

  41. i absolutely love this!! would this method work if i wanted to turn a maxi dress into a jumpsuit as well? i can't imagine it would be too different.

  42. super cute and helpful but im trying to do a jumpsuit so idk if i would do my initial crotch stitch all the way down so i might need to find another video lol

  43. I messed up bc I didn’t know how you pulled the back from the front ? now I’m trying to unstitch the threading but it’s hard kinda ?

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