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  1. I actually use a tool called a "skinner". It's used to remove the skin on fish such as catfish but it also works to remove the membrane on ribs easier than this video. So if you have the tool handy in your kitchen already then try it. 🙂

  2. great video!!! it's a life saver lol .. I had such a hard time getting that membrane off! Now, after watching your video it's soooo easy! Thanks for sharing….

  3. christ, i just tried this on 3 racks and it didn't work worth a shit. not saying the technique is wrong, my ribs were just a massive pain. ended up scraping it off rib by goddamn rib…

  4. I just use a very old pair of standard pliers (been tossed in the toolbox so many times that all edges are nicely rounded but the jaw "gripiness" is still there). When done, rinse under hot water, air dry, drop of mineral oil (same stuff I use on my wood and bamboo cutting boards) into the pivot point and back into the junk drawer, good to go for next time. Been using the same pair of pliers for this for over 15 years.

  5. Thanks for posting how to remove the white skin. I have been doing this for years now and my ribs always turn out great. I cross referenced your YouTube video in my Food Blog. Click here to see it:

  6. Thank you! My son and his 2 sons are coming for dinner tomorrow. Baby back ribs is what i will be making. Timing of this video is perfect.

  7. Any easire way to do it is steam the ribs for 5 minutes, back only. Then take a spoon and peel away the membrane. its a lot quicker and easier than this method.

  8. Whatever? I leave the skin on because it holds flavor, tender, moisture, flavor, and one of the best part of ribs, if you city stickers had any clue about smoking you would know! But I guess it's just a champion smoker thing???

  9. Just use a rusty pair of pliers and git er dun, the tetanus burns away with the heat anyways, fuck!

  10. I guess I don't have it.. because it NEVER works like that for me. I constantly breaks and tears and comes off in little 1/2" strips.

  11. Very nice! Thank you for only taking 60 seconds to show us how to do something other videos need three or four minutes for. You are a true good teacher!

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