hello friends, see me again at gogori fishing channel this time I made a video topwater lure wtd brutal splash This is the first time I made this lure, hopefully in accordance with what I expect keep following this video until it’s finished okay here I have a block of wood with dimensions, length 6.5cm height 1.5cm and width 1.2cm ok buddy so this is a lure design, I’m thinking of how to make this lure splash I’m just dizzy must make coffee to refresh my brain sometimes inspiration comes from a glass of coffee this is a mollar mini drill, I bought this for 15 dollars This is useful for making holes like the mouth of a popper This body is ready the body has a straight shape look at the lure’s abdomen and back and the head has been made a hole in the bottom lure has been given a hook hanger to determine the position of the middle wire the way I calculate, 2/3 of the body length for example, 2/3 of the length of 6cm is 4cm calculated from the tail for the weight I try first 1 gram now we try the action, but I’m not sure this lure will immediately run perfectly if it fails, I’ll try again that’s the action video although not in accordance with what I expected because the splashes didn’t fit what I wanted I’ll try to think about the design later the result is like this to be honest, I’m not very good at painting lure using a stencil okay that’s all for the video this time don’t forget to subscribe to this channel, thank you

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  1. Sekedar masukan dri pemula om
    Cb kawat depan letak tepat posisi tengah,dri sudut pandang kamera saya liat dia terlalu keatas
    🙏🙏Maaf klo slah

  2. geolanya aduhai, mantap om,
    lure edisi ini tmben ga pakai pemberat tengah.

    skalian nanya ….
    beberapa hari kmaren saya buat lure wtd nyelem. wkt di tarik dan nyelem. actionya malang muter di bawah air 😂😂😂😂
    itu knapa ya om

  3. Bagi bagi dong rahasia geolannya bang, soalnya setiap sy bikin rata rata kalau nggak lurus ketika di retrive lurenya malah rolling😓

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