I am Zindagi Sultan and you? okay please come, please come have a seat please
how may I help you what happened? are you okay? you are looking so tensed is everything okay? you are hurt by someone very close to you you are weeping crying
tears coming it’s good sometimes to weep I know, it’s difficult i can understand okay lets weep together I’m with you because i can relate with you I can understand i can understand that when your won people when your loved ones hurt you what you go through you know dea hurting always make you feel like crying hurting always make you feel crying so I will not stop you from crying instead want you to release all your burden i think I try to give you some tingles meanwhile you try to release all burden you can share your story with me I will write down your main concerns your main problems they said this to you? I am so sad to hear what you
are going through in your life and still your family
cannot empathize with you You feel down you feel like crying just remember somebody can cry with you somebody can cry with you from now onward never cry alone never forget some one can feel your pain I can feel your pain I can cry with you Research has found that in addition to being self soothing Shedding tears releases endorphins releases oxytocin these chemicals make you feel good and ease both physical and emotional pain in this way crying can help you reduce pain and promote a feeling of well being a sense of well being so let’s continue with crying has s soothing effect gets support from others Shedding tears helps to relieve pain it not only helps to relieve pain but also enhances mood Releases toxins and relieves stress aids sleep fights bacteria and finally what is # 8 benefit benefit of shedding tears It improves vision Your eyes are so beautiful so by shedding tears together we get so many benefits so now now we have shed enough tears Now its time for us to smile

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